False Prophets – Teal Swan-

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Hello everyone …
Welcome to the Information Age.
With so many people at your fingertips,
providing so much information,
how do you know what’s true
and what’s not-true?
Not a week goes by
that I don’t get a question
about how to tell who is telling the truth,
and who is not telling the truth
about Spiritual Information.
Most weeks,
I get questions about False Prophets.
So for that reason alone,
I’m gonna do this video
on False Prophets.
A False Prophet is one who
‘falsely’ claims the Gift of Prophecy or Divine Inspiration,
or who uses that Gift for ‘evil’ ends.
Here we run into our very first problem.
When it comes to Spiritual Teachers,
or people who claim to be Prophets,
oftentimes a whole group of people
claim that they are a false prophet,
at the same time as a whole other group of people
claim that they are the very truest prophet
that exists.
I am no exception to this rule.
In fact there people who will think
that just my stance
on this particular subject alone,
is more proof that I’m a False Prophet.
So what exactly is my stance on False Prophets?
There is … no such thing … as a False Prophet …
The united Consciousness
that people call God or Source or The Universe –
you cannot be separate from it,
because you ‘are’ it.
Every Being on Earth is an extension
of what you are calling God.
Therefore, everyone is a prophet
whether they know it or not.
God is not being selective
about who It inspires or who It talks to.
What language does this God/Consciousness speak in?
A great many languages …
But most often it speaks through the language of Synchronicity
… and Reflection.
What you are hearing from all people
who profess to have the ability
to convey Source Consciousness to you directly,
or speak from-God,
is a translation.
And all translations are an interpretation.
Interpretation is subject to perspective.
And all perspectives are different.
Perspective does not equal Truth.
No teacher that says they represent the Absolute Truth
is helping you,
because, in asking you to adopt their truth,
they cause you to stray from your own Truth.
They wrap up Truth for you in a tidy little box
and hand it to you
so you will never have to feel confused or uncertain enough
to think for yourself.
I can do no other than any other Spiritual Teacher
or Prophet does –
which is to offer you my perspective.
Try that perspective on and wear it around …
If it doesn’t fit well, take it off.
If it fits well, keep it on.
Or else, take only parts of that perspective
which I’m offering you,
or which anyone is offering you.
If parts suit you, keep them.
If parts don’t suit you, discard them.
If I was the only God there is,
I would send down many false prophets
to confuse people.
I would send down false prophets by the thousands
so that people would become so disillusioned by ‘Teachers’
that they would begin to look for their answers
within themselves …
It is the False Prophets that cause us
to set ourselves free from the powerlessness
of having to go to church to access God,
or having to talk to a priest to access God,
or from having to get our answers from someone else.
All prophets are true and cannot be false
because they give us
the opportunity to know ourselves
and know our Truth completely.
And that is the doorway to Self-Trust.
If a prophet does not teach self-trust,
you can be sure that they are coloring
the information they are receiving,
with their own Shadows,
which drive them, currently, towards Control.
But that does teaching in and of itself.
All prophets teach self-trust
whether they are directly teaching it,
or whether they are indirectly teaching it
by providing you
so much Contrast
that you are the only thing
that you have to hold onto.
It is not your job to find a static Truth
that everyone is going to conform to
and agree upon.
You’re never going to accomplish that particular goal.
And if it is your goal
to get everybody to conform, and agree to, one perspective,
it’s because you need Validation.
The only reason we need validation
for something that we believe,
is because we don’t believe it’s true, yet …
Your job is find,
and to own your own Truth.
Your job is to know your own Truth.
Nothing more, and nothing less …
As Humans, we need Truth.
We desperately seek it out.
We need it for our sense of safety,
our sense of security,
in the same way that a small child
clings to their blanket at night time
to keep themselves warm.
We are ‘out there’ in a sea in this world,
convinced that the only way
that we’re going to be safe and happy, long-term,
is if we know the absolute truth.
We can’t stand the idea of being wrong.
We are convinced that there is no difference
between being wrong and being forsaken.
We are convinced that there is no difference
between being right and being loved.
Right and Wrong will only ever be a matter of perspective.
A person who once said that the Earth was flat
was correct from their perspective.
Standing on Earth, the horizon looks flat
and so, from that perspective
the Earth is in fact, flat.
But when you change perspectives,
the Earth is not flat – it is round.
And so, only when you change perspectives,
does the previous Truth become ‘wrong’.
The person who thought the Earth was flat
will only change their Truth
if they change their perspective.
We are all searching for the Ultimate Perspective,
which is in fact, the Collection of All Perspectives.
If you want to know the Truth,
the Truth is more close to what I’ve just said –
that all perpectives are true,
and that if you put them all together,
you end up with the Ultimate Perspective or the Ultimate Truth.
The perspective that Teal is a fraud,
is as true,
from the perspectives that certain people hold,
as the perspective that Teal is a true prophet.
You need to treat all things on Earth
including Teachers
and the things that specific Teachers teach,
as ‘ingredients’.
Ingredients, that together,
form the perfect cocktail of your specific life.
Allow yourself to become flexible
and change over time,
because your perspective, and therefore, your Truth,
will change over time.
If you do not want Mint in your cocktail,
don’t put it in your cocktail …
If you do not like Affirmations,
don’t put them in your cocktail …
If you like Lemon, put it in your cocktail …
If you like the idea that you are part of God,
put it in your cocktail …
I want to you to start to think of Life
like an enormous game of “Go Fish”.
For those of you who’ve never played “Go Fish” before,
basically your prerogative
is to collect from the other players,
a group of specific cards
(containing fish on them)
so that you make a perfect match.
Start to treat every Being you encounter,
Human or non-Human,
as if they are holding a deck of cards,
cards which will add
to your particular ‘hand’.
Be on the lookout
for what cards
these Beings have to offer.
It is your prerogative
to collect from them
the cards that make your deck more complete.
Knowing that one day,
you may let go of cards that you once treasured
because they no longer make your deck complete.
Your prerogative is to remain open
to recognizing those cards
that are meant for you.
Now, I can’t stress this enough –
Every single person
that you come into contact with,
or non-person that you come into contact with,
does have a card for you.
The trick is – to recognize it.
Uh, sometimes it’s difficult
to recognize the card that somebody is giving us
because it’s what I call a ‘Not’ card,
or a ‘Surety’ card.
What that means is,
by interacting with somebody,
you may be more acutely aware
of what you do not want,
and therefore, more sure of what you do want.
That means you’ve been handed
a ‘Surety’ card (or, a ‘Not’ Card).
People who fear False Prophets
distrust themselves.
But more than that,
they fear Malevolence.
For that reason alone,
it’s important to understand that
Evil does not exist within this Universe.
There has not ever been
one malevolent intention
on the planet Earth.
Let me show you why …
The person who murders is not evil.
The person who murders,
murdered somebody because they thought
that the murdering of someone
would make them feel better.
So, the ultimate desire,
the motivation behind that murder,
was to feel good.
Sounds mighty malevolent, doesn’t it?
“Behind every single Action “
“lies a Positive Intention.”
“That doesn’t make the acts Wrong or Right, “
“but all hateful acts are misguided attempts “
“to carry out a Positive Intention” – Teal Swan
The ultimate example
of what people consider to be a False Prophet
may be Jim Jones, leader of the “People’s Temple”.
Long-story short,
plastic cups, Flavor-Aid packets and syringes
littered the area where 909 bodies were found
at the largest revolutionary suicide
in modern history.
After Jones urged his followers to die
in support of ???-listic Communism.
Don’t believe for a second that Jim Jones
thought that he was causing people harm.
He thought that he was helping people.
He thought that the only way for them to be free,
was to die.
This example does not show us
just ‘how evil people can be’ –
it shows us just how dangerous
perspectives can be.
It shows us how crucial deep-questioning is,
and it shows us how important it is
to remain flexible so we do not get hurt
as the result of fixating on a specific Truth.
It shows us,
above all,
how important it is to put your trust in yourself,
and not in a Teacher or Leader.
To use an aggressive metaphor:
By taking all that a person says as Truth,
and abandoning your own discernment,
in favor of any prophet,
you may end up swallowing
the poison with the Kool-Aid.
If you are concerned with False Prophets,
it has nothing to do
with the prophets themselves.
What is has to do with
is the fact that you distrust your own discernment.
Because Distrust, Self-Distrust (to be specific),
is such an issue for people who worry about False Prophets,
I want you to watch my YouTube video titled
“How To Trust Yourself”
People who fear False Prophets
don’t trust their own ability to discern.
Because of this,
I’m gonna focus for a time on Tips
which will help you get in touch
with your own ability to discern.
of course,
the first Tip is going to come in the form of a question.
– “Why don’t I trust my ability to know True from False, for me?”
– “Or Right from Wrong, for me?”
Tip #2 is to get in-touch with what is True for you.
Now this begins
with a step of bravery
because, in order to ascertain what is True to us
we have to be willing to be
incredibly brutally, honest about what’s true for us.
Now keep in mind,
that what is actually True for us,
we may not want to be True for us.
We may not think it is True for us.
So …
first, I want you to get into a space of openness –
openness to the idea that
you may not know anything about yourself right now.
You are a blank slate.
Now, what you do is
you imagine that through the center of your body,
is, like, a rod … that is your Core.
(it’s running straight through the middle of your body)
Now, when you ask yourself a question,
your Truth will show up, the closest, to that particular ‘rod’.
So, in essence,
all we need to do is to ‘feel’ for the Truth
or the Emotion,
or the Answer,
that is ‘closest’ to this ‘rod’.
For example:
If I were to ask you
– “Do you love the person you are married to?”
You might automatically want to say “Yes”.
After all, this has to be the Truth – if you are married.
But if you check-in with the answer,
and the feeling that is closest to
this internal core ‘rod’,
the answer might be “No”.
You can practice on yourself.
Collect a bunch of questions and ask yourself,
or have someone else ask you the questions
that you’ve collected.
And in order to answer those questions,
you have to go to that space, mentally,
where you’re thinking about that internal ‘rod’
and answer from that space.
Instead of the space out here
which is a mental-construct.
Tip #3: Stay open when it comes to Truth,
especially ‘your’ Truth.
And also,
stay open enough to Truth
that you can consider the counter-argument.
New perspectives,
which are even more comprehensive
than the ones available today,
are coming to fruition every day.
Next time you see a group of little kids pass you,
let yourself smile and know that
the Perspectives and Truths
that they might offer one day
are going to be more amazing
than the one you can possibly imagine today.
Science reveals new things every year
that revolutionize our understanding of the world.
If we stay committed to the ‘truth’ of one religion,
or one teacher,
or one scientist,
we will miss the opportunity to expand further.
If we stay committed to the ‘truth’
that the world is flat,
we have no room
for the Truth that the world is round.
It is best to hold firmly
to your Trust and your ability to Discern,
and hold very softly to any and all ‘specific’ truths
that you currently hold.
Be open to your opinion changing tomorrow.
Tip #4: When it comes to our logical processes,
use Inductive and Deductive Reasoning together.
Work from the bottom-up AND the top, down to test Truths.
An example of Deductive Reasoning
(which is working from the top-down) is:
Where we begin, usually,
with a general idea or hypothesis
such as “I create my Reality with my thoughts”.
We then narrow it down to even smaller things
that can be tested, like “I can manifest $100 this week”.
And then we work on that,
and find the proof of that,
and the outcome either proves or disproves
the original theory.
An example of Inductive Reasoning would be:
“I found $100 – therefore, I create my own Reality”
We need to use both styles of logical reasoning
when it comes to mentally aligning with our Truth.
Tip #5: The very best Teachers will always turn you
back towards yourself.
They will be the very most concerned with
helping you develop self-trust
and helping you develop discernment.
They will also be open, completely,
and welcoming-of, Questioning.
They will not punish you for questioning them.
They will welcome any kind of thinking
which progresses your life.
They will not expect you to take their word for it.
Tip #6: Test things out for yourself.
If something appeals to you,
try it on,
and try it out,
and see if it works.
Don’t consider anything True
unless it has proven true for you specifically.
For example:
Don’t take someone’s word for it
that doing Inner Child work
is the way to solve emotional wounds.
Try Inner Child work out.
See if it heals something inside of you.
Work with it for a while,
asking questions that may come up during the process.
And get second opinions.
And decide for yourself
if it solves emotional wounds or not.
Tip #6: Develop your Intuition and trust your gut.
When it comes to developing your intuition,
getting in-touch with your feelings
and your emotions,
is perhaps, the most important step that you can take.
It’s also, really important,
that you’re doing an ample amount of Shadow Work.
your suppressed Fears and suppressed Negative Emotions
will cloud your Intuition.
For example:
We could have an intuition
that someone is unsafe to be around
and on one hand, that could be true,
but on the other hand,
we could also be reacting to them
because they smell,
or look like someone who hurt us once.
So, it has nothing to do with intuition,
and it has everything to do
with unhealed aspects within ourselves.
That being said,
when in doubt, when you’re in the heat of the moment,
always trust your intuition and your gut, no matter what,
because you can always question it later.
Most often you will find
that when you trusted your intuition,
and you followed your gut-instinct,
you were right, upon reflection.
There is no such thing as a False Prophet
because all people are ‘prophets’.
All people have different perspectives,
and all people who claim to be prophets
are interpreting the information
which they’re receiving from the Universe.
Information which you either resonate with,
or you don’t.
Because all people are prophets,
the most important thing for you to do
in your day-to-day life,
is to get in-touch with your Internal Prophet
and to make the voice of that Internal Prophet
the most important one that, you, live by.
Have a good week …
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