ESCORPIO Predicciones 2020 Enero, Febrero, Marzo y Abril 2020 Tarot Año Nuevo 2020

escorpio welcome to your reading for 2020 greets you jot and are here in I jot my channel tarot invite subscribe to activate the bell you reach all my notifications in the comments and let me your name Tell me how you want to hear from you Also let your country to have you present when I’m doing my meditations before starting these readings remember to leave your fingers to up and share this video for invites reach 400 thousand subscribers your friends and family that sign and once we have the 400,000 subscribers in 30 days I will return to this video to respond to some of the questions you leave here to the questions of whether or not random What is the message from your angels to 2020 this something you have to have into account all year leaves you letter asking for help from others people is something you have to keep always with you during this year any difficulty any situation of conflict that can not be resolved escorpio warrior not afraid not you cling to the ego for help that people who are your around they will be more than willing to shake your hand so you go to ahead to remember that people who are your side are not guess and you have always express then had need for help and once you do it your spirit guides you placed the right people in your way so they can get you out of the difficult situation in which you I also find they are saying you’re telling me that you ask guide Spiritual your spiritual guides despite the redundancy or your loved since the beyond your heavenly angels that they put you in charge of that It helps in your way so you do not have concern when you find during the month of January February March April or round in difficulty ask for help because you see how that way the universe God responds and talking about how wonderful it starts the year with the letter of the source or as well as it could be this energy It represents the sun and see what extra card beautiful this letter is saying that it will be the beginning of the year for you too Positive full of very bright joy where you are connecting to with that source from beyond going to to connect with God with the universe depends on what you think your spiritual beliefs and that will be very important for your growth to progress to start the year with green light and that you He is saying that it will be a year of many changes far forward where escorpio this January will be situations that will be highlighted in your life could also be receiving illumination compared great ideas to generate new projects new answers new results tarot cards sa leaving you here with 5 bastos tells you about possibilities have conflicts or difficulties if you are presented with a situation in this January where people your around may not have the same opinion or where you generate jealousy that triumph that’ll be having that because I see light as if you were getting notoriety for half of the people who are your around via public through of people who could be that you are a celebrity you’re talking to the audience or just could be that would project in your community but I see many people trying to destroy you trying to destroy your reputation You have to be careful with these I see energy they succeed in doing so because you with this letter font you can get ahead of these things but does not allow is that these energies affect you arrive emotionally the message of love for you leaves you the retirement letter that speaks to you in either love a person you have at this moment or if you Single need to sign out of the world and you’re not running on the networks Knowing if you are social with someone new if you’re coming to a new place you disconnect by full of the internet network societal spheres so that then the relationship that you may be having is not I judged because I could see people be criticized about the person with which you are criticizing about happy are you and they are not there envy and you can not be telling these things This can also work on your work you’re getting recognition and then you come You start posting on your networks social how happy you are at work you got a raise they gave you these other opportunities and people around you have a lot of envy and will They are trying to attack you and harm you talk about that you keep silent with your dreams and accomplishments that manage to get the purpose of life in January or your best task that for the month of January out of your angels you the letter read study says research and education will help gain confidence and clarity you want about your career talk that some of you during this month might be taking some course returning to study at the college or returning to study school or take some kind of time course diploma or tell me about languages ​​can also be thinking about studying some different language Portuguese comes to mind may be any other language but also You have those energies where you want study something but I see it’s going to be something Short mostly as a graduate one something cut a graduate course languages ​​and those are positive energies for you so your task in the month of January is register for these courses I keep leaving me on both your comments or you can do it in my Jota instagram account arroba tarot 7 February You power play and this tells you that you are starting this February with enough energy positive pretty relaxed where conflicts or difficulties which could having in January but will not go to let ruin your day I see raising expropriate you with an attitude positive and look at this reminds me of something the joker action with an attitude not like the prankster who turned end or anything like that but with an energy and like to talk if they want to talk they say what they will not bother me absolutely nothing around me all slides the bad and everything negative that comes if I slip me and it will not affect my energy’ll be more positive than Warriors never escorpio and that will can be a good thing because it could have fallen in some stage of a bassoon during the month of January after these attacks were you doing that month but I see that you’re going to get ahead that and you’ll be with that attitude and that bothers me anything to make me what they please say what you want I’m happy because no You are doing nothing wrong tarot cards with the letter carriage forward speaks to you that you go to achieve leapfrog situations difficult situations were you doing much damage also talk about an energy in which you are thinking in make some kind of change in your vehicle your car your car seems to you need like how to change color or You need some paint can be had as a ray in one of the corners is what you’re going to be repaired This situation also with the car Some of you I see unemployed as a platform stage or You could be attending a work of theater might be attending a race cars could be having this invitation or hearing about important news in a race cars at a theater That will be very very very interesting when you experience it kept me on so much love in February looks have the letter of the game here and again salirte another card of the game from here you can recapture the romance one Once you allow yourself to relive and experience that that game that the tranquility and to allow your spirit shine again you talk about that love which take things so to heart do not take things so what staff so seriously that you enjoy more of life to be like when they were children and went to the park to jump to jump to play have that power have fun and have fun that’s what recapturing have to go back to the love that might have to do it with a partner or it may be that You have to do it for yourself not need someone by your side to enjoy life and be happy You talk about you do if you are alone If you’re alone and you will see that way in which you begin to vibrate much higher in love you will attract the indicated person Your task as a part of the archangels for this month so you can heal your soul and You can elevate and make the Charter of crystals that tell you that you You have a very strong connection with crystals and precious stones as They help you channel your energy Look how beautiful these crystals they’re here so is it could be a month where your task is simply to have crystals always with you as well as I have I I have several glasses so that they always help you channel your energy help you stay quiet you balance and various crystals offer or have different some features to help you energy balance for other help you other cleaning help you to recharge This is using the necessary for you could be investigating About crystals remember to subscribe and share this video and back again when We are closer to the following months we will see now March and April March the letter out control and here you are talking during this March you could be taking taking control of your life control a property tells me you’re assuming control of a property of an inheritance from a grain house escorpio so it looks like you’re going to being in front of something you’re going to be the illegal’ll be representative in front of a business can be very It can be a family business can It is touching you receive a property but your name will be there you’ll have that control can be something you You have been waiting for a long time and will give you if your family It has some sort of business it may be an important business a business that It generates enough money seems you staying in charge as would be the president of the company or position a position of vice important whether a family business or in the business in which you will you can find at the moment but I see that you’re going to be like the face you You are going to represent that place you go have control and decisions there you could also become head of a family tarot cards out you the letter of Asia drinks this letter speaks of abundance that comes to you that you have to prepare tablet looks inheritance stable to assume control of something and this letter speaks to you in abundance a lot of money very successful much win a lot of emotions are going to gain control and tells me about energies where money multiplies in excess wealth that’s one thing as amazing where you will have those great news and that power that you have wow been waiting is a great opportunity that comes to you in the March they have to take advantage a growth opportunity that comes with such control that are going to give you love leaves you in the letter that the March is a month to maintain a open mind to remember that soul mate that person who is dedicated the universe by God to be with you no necessarily have to fulfill your expectation or the usual type man or woman you like it it seems that your soul mate is someone completely different tastes that you have and then that’s where the universe will test recalls you speak here also that your relationship in January could be judged or criticized may be because just these people with you they fail to meet standards stereotype of who the people think you should already be who are you you saying that maybe you have a doubts and do not know that person is You should have a relationship or not and here you are saying they do not have doubts because that person even though does not comply with these stereotypes may physicists is your soul mate because your soul twin is completely different from what you have imagined the task that you indicate your archangels for this March I invite you to that to do with that you can heal your energy and you can be routed towards a brighter future that’s something you rises spirit to be the letter the author and says you have a book within you and this book wants to be expressed is the time to start writing seems that some of you watching them talk about celebrities or people who could become recognized seems that some of you have the ability to write what you are inviting here that you do to write that book you start to express your opinion and It may be simply that start write on a sheet of paper start writing in a journal starts counting your story that this story will be could be heard and then that what that gives you control of your life and that If financial wealth whether in March because you’re not a writer you do not want to write a book that does not you happen not want to write songs has nothing to do with it begin to notice your story in a newspaper your situation you are living That will help you relax release energy that is in your body negative because the express on paper loose of your life and that helps you then your spiritual growth April arrived at the end of 4 months leaves you letter and this letter lightning also it represents the letter of the tower I speak here of ideas and situations crumble speaks of situations conflict of difficulty and a imbalance in your body that is finally behind this is positive because you are indicating that in the month of April you will achieve rid of energy situations and people who do not They are convenient for you escorpio situations that do not suited people they were not in your favor people Elin did not want to give you the best interest or support you deserve will stay back and you will be released from all these negative energies crumble lies far behind people who have simply been taking advantage of you and you’re free start from scratch You have the opportunity to return to build your life and your future tarot cards out you 12 Golds talk about energy in the month April in which you feel you have as many responsibilities that fall upon you and you will not know how to balance all your professional life your life your individual emotional life of your life with the group of people and speaks of you’re going to try to juggle try to find a solution and that moment you say your guides relaxed You have to calm yourself have to leave your stress and energy concerns Scorpios have to focus on side one task at a time pon begins to prioritize your priorities in your work life during the month of April to that way then you can balance your energy again and take control because re wanted and I could be pregnant losing these important changes in your life during the month of April no Control miss not miss approach your life the message of love for April you chart out the flirt and says that you keep an energy around you with people who are your around and even yourself Pretty coquettish light enough quite positive pretty romantic you speaks of the love that in time You could be with people who feel a great attraction to you could be with people who are very escorpio interested in connecting with you to give you much love I see you’re going to have invitations attend a park to be one could be attending a picnic Lake Beach invitations to dinner romantic candlelit wine and could be in the beach is someone who is you courting strongly during escorpio this April a person who will make you see things from another point someone completely different view who will be willing to give you much more than what you expect or what you thought as to deserve love Let us see what is the message you from your archangels your freedom is the message that comes out in these moments for you and you get the letter you deserve to be free you’re the person who chooses what is you need your way to where you have to go your message archangels and your task is to break free go forward not allow anything or anyone take advantage of you that be free to expand your wings and fly again April will be a month ago to leave situations With this letter of lightning situations where you do not feel 100% where no are you happy with what you have at your escorpio around where you have to free from bondage of evil thoughts of people who are not your side to support you and that’s the important message during this month Free yourself from negative energies April salt forward escorpio tie at this moment you appear the following videos you I recommend of this side is the link so you can visit my page web you know what the different private consultations offer in the comments recalls leave me your name and your country to have you present when I’m doing my meditations and whether your question or not I’ll be the response to the Random once we get to 400,000 subscribers in 30 days remember to leave your fingers up and Share this video so that we to many more warriors I decree, a 2020 full of lots of light much love much progress and successes


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