ESCORPIO AMOR NOVIEMBRE 2019 Características Físicas y Emocionales Tarot

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whether or not the energies that you have for
this month in general for you in love
you talk about a person who is
focused right now on
Routine tells you about a person who is
constantly doing the same thing and
again or you’ve been doing this
all year speaks of a person
the hermit who is in the
Darkness still is trying to
find their purpose in love your
life to do and maybe even
even it not found itself and
you talk about that before you can
make the pursuit of love in your life you
They are indicating here that has not arrived
because you still need to work first
you need to know you need
identify what you like
and what you are looking at someone you have you or
if you are looking for someone who makes you
needed to supplement then you are
at that stage or you should enter
this stage for this month to analyze
you well
You’ll find light at the end of
tunnel about love going to
find clarity to this clarity
you will not fall from the sky will get you
you through effort you
perform to straighten again
your life
energy here see a person
It feels like feels frustrated
far off the world or the
people you have around you
suit you if you are with a partner
you feel disconnected from your partner
You feel that you are not in the same
situation seems that someone
You need to learn their lessons because
constantly make the same mistake in
this reading we will know the
physical and emotional characteristics
the men and women you’ll meet
later so that stay here
you suggest me a person who
It seems to make the same mistakes and
It is provided as the air stays
as long as you now what happened
Deliveries give too much of yourself or
it may be the other end that hidden you
you hide and give absolutely nothing
you with people who are
interested in knowing you and at the end of
away from you so you are
making an invitation for you to do
an analysis of your feelings your
remember life lessons
this year has given you remember me
for example, your birthday is
a very special day because it is the day
when you initiate your year is again
when you were born when you came to this
Earth on December 31 when
celebrates the new year as well as
welcome but for me the most important
day you were born because that is the day
you first light dress or dresses
the moon or the energy of this dress
planet then uses this time
to make that analysis of everything
this year you have lived experiences
you’ve had that’s your task to
you can then learn from them and not
to repeat the same mistakes
because the universe will mark you
placed in a position of living in these
again moments where if you do not apply
lessons learned could fall into
a vicious circle
let’s see the energies of man
you will be knowing how long they
I say, no matter what your preference
sexual if you are expecting to meet a
man because they will be their
physical and emotional characteristics is
an older man than you a man
Beard lets a man who has a
tone white skin can use the
which it is known as a lock I see
It can be a man who has little
hair or virtually cut the
Hair flush or cocobolo as stated
He is an older man than you Delgado
man who on some occasions
presented as someone very sweet very
very friendly but within himself in
sometimes could not give
100% know their feelings and
emotions and seems to be someone with
whom you have had some experience
previous previous
you can be meeting at a trade show
some kind of party if you go to some
kind of circus without animals could you
I know being in any of these
activities or somewhere where
tents there because I mark that
you’re definitely going to look at the green
outdoors in the mountains near a
home if for example you go to some sort of
farm or going to any activity whatsoever
show some activity to be held in
a ranch outside
you will definitely be knowing
this person and the letter from six of
glasses tells me that it might be a
do what this man hides this
man has dif have children could
two children are still small
this man some of you already have
I have known this gentleman others
You know what might be
during the month of November and when
you know you will not say it has
children going to remain silent and that it
I saw at the beginning of this man
It was like hiding something you do not
He said something with that mischievous smile and
something you will also call
your teeth seems to have a
well arranged teeth and a
Very cute smile
when you meet him course by
Please comment me there let me read
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Jota arroba tarot 7 is the same in all
sides in the description is the
Information and seems to definitely
It’s a very interesting man if you have
planned or receive some kind of
invitation this month to attend a
circuses without animals such attend
some activity on a farm
in a field on a mountain where there
lots of green overgrown lot
plants trees depends on the country
where you are attending because
this will definitely be something
important to you some of you
you may have to travel some
countries you receive any invitation
you receive a wedding invitation
a commitment to attend another country
You attend because you will be knowing
this gentleman just remember that he
She has children and do not it will say
what are the energies of women are that
You’ll be meeting this month my
escorpio warriors and do not go
because this woman may be you
here they are same as giving the
description watch
comes a woman who is quite
passionate woman who has a
very strong connection with the sea a woman
which it is always connected with
stars could have some sort of
work or energy with respect to its
Intuition could work with letters
Tarot could be a woman who is
quite intuitive
and is a woman who is leaving behind
something in his past a woman who is
changing your lifestyle completely
to head towards better waters to
Best places as I indicated some
of you might be doing a
this woman definitely is
embarking on a new path speaks
you could meet a means of
transport either in a taxi on a plane
They share a share some über
such seats on the plane and
definitely mark that she is
moving and you know it at that
movement and karma letter looks like
brand is definitely a woman
spirituality connected with it
it could also be someone who has
some work in
spirituality perhaps manages
tarot cards maybe has a great
Intuition is a woman who is very
and is connected overcoming all
I see it as fears alone in a place but
more than all the reference to your
Spiritual guides you might be
the knowing in some kind of in the
night maybe walking through a nearby bar
a bar or a restaurant near
and you are walking alone with his bags
could you do as I indicated to you
You find yourself in a situation like this
during the month of November is the
who you will meet and it seems that
It will be part of your tribe and you are
perhaps you are going from one place to another
It can be a city of a state
to another looking for a better future and
so that you will meet if
convenient and definitely will be
for thy life appearance
this girl in some cases as they
indicate can be yourself if you are
woman you find yourself in this
An additional tip for those who
They are in a relationship and then see a
advice for those who are single the
they are in a relationship children look there
Children here strongly marking this
regardless of whether you read
unmarried couple but you’re with children
here they are strong for you during this
month they are indicating that these are your life
love will definitely see
affected in some way or another by
children who are former partners and have
I have been waiting for news
children here are giving you information
you are warning of a future pregnancy
or you could be giving birth during this
November and I see that it will be if
give birth to something you were not advance
hoping to give birth yet for this
month will forward the dates
If you are single what message to
out the letter of trust you are
indicating here that the situation in
where you are right now
It requires you to have faith and hope
you trust if you’re going through this
situation in which you feel in
darkness you feel lost not
You find the light does not know the way
take then you suggest that what
make it easy that you’re going to be able
then go ahead and find the
way you deserve or are
looking to find the light but
You have to trust you and especially
your instinct because it is what best you
guide through your spiritual beings
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