[Eng subs] Epi.02 the Art of Being Invisible 奇门遁甲Qi Men Dun Jia

Translator:子玖 Email: [email protected] (Writing content:
Nine Stars:
蓬peng, 任ren, 冲chong, 辅fu, 英ying 芮rui(禽qin), 柱zhu, 心xin )
Note: they’re the names of the nine stars. Now, let me introduce the Nine Stars. They’re all the materials of the QMDJ system
that would be needed when composing patterns. The nine starts are:
蓬peng, 任ren, 冲chong, 辅fu, 英ying 芮rui(禽qin), 柱zhu, 心xin. These 9 starts are used in turnplate style QMDJ,
and the order of them is also constant. Thus, they and the order of them all need to be recited. The direction information of these 9 stars will be introduced later. Finish writing? (Writing content:
The revised Ba Gua, or Eight Diagrams)
The nine-grid pattern is filled with the eight diagrams’ names,
and the central grid is filled with “中(centre)”.
The nine-grid pattern:
巽xun 离li 坤kun
震zhen 中centre 兑dui
艮gen 坎kan 乾qian
Note: it you dont undertand the eight diagrams’ names, please refer
to my vedios named “wisdom of I Ching”. The divination system of QMDJ is based
on the revised Eight Diagrams(Ba Gua). I believe that you guy all have learned about it.
It’s all in this pattern. 乾qian, 坎kan, 艮gen, 震zhen, 巽xun, 离li, 坤kun, 兑dui, 中zhong(centre).
(NOTE:In Eight Diagrams, 乾qian is heaven; 坎kan is water; 艮gen is mountain;
震zhen is thunder; 巽xun is wind; 离li is fire; 坤kun is earth; 兑dui is pond) In the revised eight diagrams,
离li stands for the south; 坎kan stands for the north; 震zhen stands for the east; 兑dui stands for the west; The 4 corners left,
you guys calculate it, I wont write them down to save time. The divination system of QMDJ is based
on this revised Eight Diagrams(Ba Gua). So, if you wanna master QMDJ, you have to study the revised eight diagrams deeply, to see how the right diagrams works, and how the “air” flows. Do you know how the “air” of revised eight diagrams flows?
(NOTE: Qi(气) literally means air. It’s like a kind of spirit, or a form of soul.
It’s a very important concept in Chinese phylosophy, medicine, and martial arts.) Nowadays,
few people are willing to spend time on study this kind of problems. If you wanna study something,
you have to study it through. For instance, if you wanna study Chinese nedicine you must have a thorough understanding ofandfirst. Otherwise, the learning process is like a castle in the air. Look, The rivised eight diagrams have a close relationship with
and the Nine-Girds. As we know, the nine-girds are filled with
“9 on the head, 1 as the shoes; 3 the left; 7 the right;
2 & 4 are the shoulders; 6 & 8 are the foots”
(NOTE: 4 9 2
3 5 7
8 1 6 ) The corresponding numbers to the 8 diagrams in the girds must be recited. These numbers are the same as they’re in. You won’t be unfamiliar with these numbers,
if you have studied theand. If you have not studied them,
you have to recite these numbers from now on. And find yourself some books about it to catch up. Many numbers will be involved in when divining with QMDJ. For example, the height of the person; the amount of a fund… Those numbers are from these numbers. Without these 9 numbers, you won’t be able to divine. Thus, please recite these 9 numbers. Well,
atfer introducing these 9 numbers, let’s see how the “air” of revised eight diagrams flows? Look, where is the starting point? It’s the 坎Kan grid.
(Reminder: 坎Kan means water in 8 diagrams.) Why? One the heaven generates the water;
six the earth completes the process.
(NOTE: This is knowledge from, the source of Chinese Taoism.)
(NOTE: all the odd numbers are Yang, and belong to the heaven;
all the even numbers are Yin, and belong to the earth.) What’s this sentence talking about? The origin of lifes. In other words, everything originates from water. No matter it’s human being, animals, or plants. Water is the source of life. How are human beings and animals born? Man’s seminal; Woman’s blood. Right? Are they are forms of water? After they mingle, the embryo will be generated. Right? The 坎Kan, the water. Tell me, in,
what is 坎Kan representative in human body? Kidney and genital system. Right? Are they the source of life? That’s why we say the “air” starts here. In other words,
when using QMDJ to divine, and 坎Kan gird is involved,
you can conclude that something is abuliding. Understand?
Abuliding, growing. People ask me why 坎Kan grid means growing? Those people didn’t understand this whole system thoroughly. As I said,
this is the source, origin, or starting point of everything. If you have some medicial background, you must know that the fetus is a lump of blood when pregnancy starts. 坎Kan, the water, the blood. After 2 to 3 months’ growing,
the “air” flows from “1” to “2”. Right? What diagram is there at the position of “2”? 坤Kun Diagram. As we know, 坤Kun stands for abdomen. In human body, it also stands for muscle, or flesh. Right? From a lump of blood, the fetus gradually turns to a form of flesh. This is “1”; this is “2”. During this process, the fetus grows little by little. That’s why we say the revised eight diagrams and
descrips the source of lifes. Everything conforms to this theory. Look at the numbers. From Kan the “1” to Kun the “2”, and then move to the “3” grid, then the “4”… This is the flowing “air” we’re talking about. Understand?
This is the flowing route of the “air”. Or the moving course of events. In other words,
this’s the first step of events. Second step is here; Third here; Forth here; Fifth here… It seems the moving course is disordered, right? seems disordered, right? The Steps of Triones in Taoism are performed in this order. Clear? Many other divination arts are performed with treading at this order;
with the order of The steps of Triones. Treading at this order, after hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, even millions of times, you can reach the state of syncretism between heaven and man. Ok? In Taoism, there’s a practice called
practicing the body that is outside of your body(the soul). In summary,
if you wanna practice out your Yang soul,
you should keep treading at this order. At the beginning, you tread with your physical power; After you reach certain degree, there will be a power
that pushes you to tread. Reaching certain degree that’s high enough,
you will find that you’re unable to stop treading. Like being charged with electricity, things become automatic and smooth. Since the steps you tread are in a frequence same with the universe, the current of power will take you to tread. And you won’t feel tired at all. Understand? But you won’t reach this realm, if you haven’t treaded long enough
to reach the frequence of university. (Repeating the step things again…) From 1 to 2, 2 to 3, 3 to 4…. This disordered process shows the theory of collision. It’s called Brownian Movement in physics. Under the microscope, you can observe the particles moving disorderedly. Despite that it seems disordered,
in fact it’s not. It’s following this order. Clear? In other words.
Universe is on the pace of this order, so is everything in universe. Under this order,
the universe moves forward with no stop. This order, or energy is the internal natural energy
that makes human beings, and universe eternally immutable. Understand? In physics, we know that 70%-80% of mechanical efficiency is very high,
not to mention 90%. This is 100%. Never stops. Clear? Mystery of mysteries. Why did Newton turn to the metaphysics? He was thinking
why the life of human beings is eternally immutable?
why the planets rotate around the sun with non-stop? What’s the source of their energy? In terms of mechanical efficiency,
they should stop after the loss of their energy. But they never stop.
So, Newton believed that there must be a unknown energy source. And the unknown energy source is this. That’s why Newton gave up physics, and turned to theology. So, this power is successive and eternally immutable. Or, it can be regarded as a perpetual motion machine. We, human beings, are studying and understanding
to cultivate ourselves all day long. What are we trying to understand? This, the nature’s mystery. When your word and action are following this, the nature’s law, you will be able to understand the nature’s mystery. We call it “behaving with nature’s law”. If you behave with nature’s law, you will be supported by the power of the nature. Behaving with nature’s law,
yield twice the result with half the effort. On the contrary, if you behave against nature’s law, insisting on go “3”, instead of “2”, after finish “1”, you will get half the result with twice the effort. Learning I Ching and QMDJ, it’s about being smart.
It’s all about being smart. Learn to take adventage of the power that nature offers us to achieve your goal, your career. That’s why great achievements don’t depends on personal efforts. Only when your personal efforts are with this pace, you can succeed. Otherwise, no matter how glorious your bussiness looks, it is a nine days’ wonder. Why so many major companys go bankrupt suddenly? Why so many high-ranking officials fall from power with a blink? Because they’re behaving against the nature. Learning I Ching and QMDJ, it’s about following the nature. Those who submit will prosper;
those who resist shall perish. This is so true. Follow the nature’s law. Well, now you all have a good understanding of this revised eight diagrams. And for the Five Natures, I will mention it berifly.
(NOTE: Five Natures: metal; wood; water; fire; soil.) As some of you have already known that, 坎Kan is water nature; 艮Gen is soil nature; 震Zhen & 巽Xun are all wood nature; However, there’s a difference between them. 震Zhen is Yang wood; while 巽Xun is Yin wood. 离Li is fire nature; 坤Kun is soil nature; 兑Dui is metal nature; 乾Qian is also metal nature. 乾Qian is Yang metal; while 兑Dui is Yin metal. To save time, I won’t write this down. You guys just write them down. Next, we’re going to talk about the ralationship between the eight gates, nine stars and this eight diagrams. (Wiriting Content:
The relationship between the eight gates and the eight diagrams:
杜Jam 景Sunlight 死Dead
伤Harm 中Centre 惊Frightening
生Vitality 休Cease 开Start ) Heads up. This is the correspondence of the eight gates and the eight diagrams. Specifically. Which diagram was occupying this grid that now is
occupied by 休Cease gate? It was 坎Kan diagram, right? 坎Kan stands for water. Thus 休Cease gate also stands for water. All the other things that 坎Kan stands for also works for 休Cease gate. Clear? In other words.
It makes it easier for you the memorize. As some of you may know that
坎Kan stands for water, robbers, furrows, danger, low-lying land,
kidney, blood… Thus, 休Cease gate also stands for these things. Of course, besides those, 休Cease gate also stands for something
that exists in QMDJ only. And by superimposing them,
we get a well-integrated information system, that can help us to judge later. Remember the order I wrote them? It is in this order. To save time here, I omitted the character “门(gate)”. Did you notice that the central grid have no gate? Several years ago, I was attending a conference, and met a professor
who is also studying QDMJ. In his flyplate style QMDJ,
he introduced a concept of “central gate”. Then I asked him… If you look at a house, gates can be built anywhere as long as they’re around the wall. But how could you build a gate at the centre of the house? He took a throught about it… and admitted that he was wrong. So, obviously the concept of “central gate” doesn’t make any sense. Gate just simplely cannot be built at the centre position. Gates have to be around the wall. Thus, no matter it’s flyplate style or turnplate style, gates are always eight. And the central grid never has any gate. Say when you’re divining for a job transfer,

and find yourself at the central grid. It means “no way”
(NOTE: Literally, “no way” and “no gate” have the same meaning in Chinese.) And nobody can help you for the job transfer. Understand? Well, to save time,
I won’t write down the five natures of the other gates. Let’s see,
the 休Cease gate, as mentioned before, is located at the 坎Kan grid. Since 坎Kan is water nature, 休Cease gate is water nature as well. And the 生Vitality gate is located at 艮Gen grid, right? Since the 艮Gen is soil nature, the 生Vitality gate is soil nature as well. And the other gates’ natures are all the same
as the corresponding diagrams’. So, you can understand them, instead of reciting them. Note, this chart is called
“The chart of the original positions of the eight gates.” Since in QMDJ, the position of them is rotating, the original position of 杜Jam gate is here, but after rotating, it also could be at here, or here. Just remember, no matter where it goes, its original position is here. Clear? For example, you, Sherard Wall, now are at Toronto, but your native place is at Texas,
and it never changes. This is called The chart of the original positions, It’s very important,
so you have to recite it. (Writing content:
The chart of the original positions of nine stars:
辅Fu 英Ying 芮Rui(禽Qin)
冲Chong 禽Qin 柱Zhu
任Ren 蓬Peng 心Xin ) We have now done the eight gates’ part, and now, we’re going to look at the nine stars’ original positions. Heads up, and look at the order I wrote them. 蓬peng→任ren→冲chong→辅fu→英ying→芮rui(禽qin)→柱zhu→心xin. The theory is same as the eight gates. 蓬peng star sits at the 坎Kan gird. Since 坎Kan is water nature,
蓬peng star is water nature as well. 任ren star sits at the 艮Gen grid. Since 艮Gen is soil nature,
任Ren star is soil nature as well. And so forth… This is the chart of original positions of the nine stars. There’s one thing needs to be mentioned, the 禽Qin Star. The 禽Qin Star is soil nature, since it’s at the central grid. As we know that the central grid is soil nature,
so is the 坤Kun gird. Therefore, the 禽Qin Star is often consigned at the 坤Kun grid. In other words,
Its native place is here, but usually, it lives here. This is the rules of our traditional QMDJ. In fact, the 禽Qin star has another home(the 艮Gen grid). As we know, things with same natures attract each other. Central grid is soil nature, so is the 艮Gen grid. They have the same nature. Thus, the 禽Qin Star sometimes is consigned at 艮Gen grid. Well, before 1999,
when I was learning from Sir Zhang, for convenience of teaching, Sir Zhang stipulated that no matter it’s Yin hiding or Yang hiding, the 禽Qin Star lives at 坤Kun grid.
(NOTE: the concept of Yin hiding or Yang hiding will
be mentioned in coming episodes) Even some trational literatures have this same rule as well. But, another opinion is that When it’s Yang hiding, the central grid lives at 艮Gen grid; When it’s Yin hiding, the central grid lives at 坤Kun grid. I think this opinion makes more sence in terms of calendar. And the QMDJ I’m teaching you is depending on this opinion. Remember,
when it’s Yang hiding, the central grid always lives at 艮Gen grid; When it’s Yin hiding, the central grid always lives at 坤Kun grid. It’s not my personal opinion; It has been there for thousands of years, if you do your research. Actually, Sir Zhang turned to this opinion later, after I suggested.

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