[EN/FR w/ EN SUB] Astrology S2 | #1 | Yo c’est moi

Well hello there !
Welcome to…
Welcome to Astrology season 2.
So yeah, let’s go.
Uuh, i’m freezing a bit though.
But whatever.
I hope it will get better because i usually have more fps even in full screen mode.
So yeah. [I’m gonna repeat this a lot during the season so i’m not going to translate it everytime]
Well i hope that you’re all doing fine cause…
You’re currently watching a video on a YT channel which is…
currently dead LOL.
Cause i stopped makin-
I don’t have any fps at all though, this is annoying.
Cause… i kinda left the channel on a state of neglect, you know.
I really don’t have any fps at all though ! So… this is a bit annoying.
I hope it will get better throughout the time cause…
I’m not playing with 30 fps !
Wait, actually, 20 fps !
So yeah, i hope that… you are…
“excited” as we say in English !
For this season of Astrology !
Well i’m still going to explain the gamemodes for those who don’t understand English and who didn’t see the intro.
So first it is LAFS, or Love At First Sight in which basically…
the beginning of the game starts as a FFA, then when we meet someone, well, this person becomes our teammate.
Then, we have Experimental Cooking
So basically we have less saturation and…
and basically when we eat something…
We… how can i say this ? We have a random effect.
And finally, the last gamemode is Blood Diamonds.
Well, i think you know Blood Diamonds, no need to explain.
At worst, if you don’t know what it is, well you will see it when i will mine diamonds !
And so…
Yeah so toda-
Wait “today” what no, this season is…
this season is about Taurus’s myth [i mean astrological sign].
Cause Astrology is…
is… how can i say this ?
It’s a Recorded Round based on astrological signs.
Uuh, this is going to piss me off though.
The fact that i have like, 0 fps.
This, however, is going to be… very annoying.
But whatever.
We will deal with it.
Well i don’t know… if it will be interesting, if i’m going to find a teammate or not.
Yeah because now, the objective,
the objective now for this first episode,
well… even during all the… i’d even say the main objective of this season is to find a teammate.
Well, i’d like to have…
some sugar cane [with a weird accent].
Cause i still haven’t found any.
Uuuh, yeah so…
This is my first ever Recorded Round by the way.
I was invited by… well the organizers who are Fancyyy, BaneOfSmite.
and Top, Topspinpiggles who i know a bit less but…
I mainly know Bane and… Fancyyy.
Bane because i’m a former 2Donkeys Staff
And Fancyyy…
I met Fancyyy afterwards
And Top… i didn’t talked to him a lot.
So yeah, there are a lot of people that i know.
There are some of them that i know or that i already played with or…
Or some of them that only know from their names.
But in every cases…
I know… a certain amount of persons here.
No it’s not lagging… who says that ? It’s Fancyyy, no it’s not lagging Fancyyy.
I have to admit, however, that we don’t have…
we don’t have the world’s best biomes
I’m…I… I’m having so much trouble moving around. I don’t know if you noticed…
I’m having a lot of trouble moving around, so yeah.
Oh yeah, also…
For those who are watching my perspective, if you don’t understand anything…
I mean if you don’t understand French at all well… you have subtitles.
If there are subtitles, it will be displayed in the title of the video anyway.
Cause… there will be subtitles for English people though, those who don’t understand French-
For those who don’t understand French, there will be…
There will be… well subtitles if you don’t understand French.
Oh well okay, sugar cane + leather, that’s cool.
However, there won’t be the opposite, that is to say English… i mean French subtitles for English,
cause… oh, Wodonga and Bla, okay !
Cause… how can i say this ?
There are not… i mean [hesitating a lot]
Well, this is mainly broadcasted on…
the subreddit r/ultrahardcore
So… [still hesitating]
In fact, the thing is that this rr is more reserved for English people rather than for French people.
So i hope that you will understand, my french friendos !
Oh Fancyyy is also First Damage
Oh, BaneOfSmite and Crafters, alright.
I’d like to have a teammate- oh ! Oh, well !
What do i see there ? A village !
So the village is hopefully the moment where i will find someone
That would be cool to find someone in the village.
Clay and ImHungry… damn, teams are being created really quickly !
Teams are getting created really quickly ! Some of them are… finding each other quickly !
[Arguing about fps, as usual]
I don’t know why though, when i did… when i tested…
Oh there are books, nice.
I did tests… fuck. I did tests to see…
well… recording tests. And it was alright.
Okay this is cool.
So, i’m going to show you Experimental Cooking…
Oh, i have speed, so that’s nice.
This is cool.
Uuh, this was the only thing in the village, but it is largely enough for me.
So i think we can start… [hesitating]
start finding… chopping down trees, then…
Not those one, though there are not a lot of them. Like…
Chopping down trees then going to a cave.
Although i’d really like to find a teammate, like…
That would be really cool to find a teammate…
I’m approaching 0-0 by going in this direction.
I don’t know if going to 0-0 is a good idea..
I don’t know if it’s a good idea in order to find people or not…
I prefer finding them like that [i meant like what i’m doing currently, that is to say without going to 0-0]
There are actually a lot of teams that have been created with LAFS.
I mean thanks to LAFS.
I’m also taking chickens, that’s cool. Oh, there’s a forest over there. This one is bigger.
[arguing about fps :)))) ]
[talking about the fact that f3 +a won’t change anything to my fps]
[“hope it will get better” CLASSIC]
Well, we are going to chop down trees and then…
Listen, we will…
We will… [hesitating] go caving soon…
Even if i’d have love to have a teammate but you know…
I don’t think this is going to happen…
Fuck i forgot the wood over there.
Yeah so…
I’m a bit putting the channel on a state of neglect…
Therefore, for those who are watching this channel…
I think that it will now be only rrs and only…
I mean… rrs if i have more of them
and… and only like rr montages… like i use to make sometimes.
Other than that, i’m really lazy recording my UHCs.
I’ve played a lot of them, i’ve made a lot of good games but…
I was not necessarily recording them cause honestly, i was a bit lazy.
And then… yeah… there are packs.
Other than that, there were all the small things that i was doing like… packs… i mean everything that were related to packs.
I stopped making these so…
I don’t think there will be more packs…
The only thing that i’m sure of is that there will still be rr montages. That’s for sure guys.
Oh, there’s Joshhh, SiahStone…
and Frozen… FrozenSpikes, and… 4EyedSlime.
We will take these… i hope there will be more… apple rates are normally at 1% so…
I hope that… [hesitating]
I hope they [=apples] will drop, cause i already have one of them.
I don’t know if shears are on, for real, i don’t think so…
For real, for real.
How many ap-… uuuh…
Uuuh… Oh yeah i don’t have, wait what.
Okay, i didn’t get any… well fortunately i didn’t.
I apparently didn’t get any leather from the cows. Well fortunately i picked the books.
Fortunately i got the books from the village.
Oh yeah, i forgot that you couldn’t have anything in Experimental Cooking
I forgot that too.
Yeah cause it’s not broken, it’s just that sometimes… it is random, sometimes you have an effect, sometimes you have nothing.
Sometimes it can also heal you, i think.
And that’s cool. Uuuh, for apples though…
Besides, it’s already night time so i’m a bit lazy about…
I don’t have a crazy amount of food… wait actually nevermind i have 15 chickens. Well…
Too bad for apples, we will farm those later, at worst, that’s okay.
Digdude and Fancyyy, wow
Bradzi and Flouzemaker ! damn, what are these teams ?
I won’t have anybody left !
I won’t have anybody left to team with !
The objective now is to find a cave.
and to find a teammate even if now, this is going to be close now. Besides, we are not a lot of solos anymore…
Well, no skeleton, let’s not do that.
I’d really like to find, like, a cave
Like… is that a cave ?
Uuuh, nope.
I thought so.
I thought it was a cave but nevermind.
I was wrong, friends ! [reference to a french humourist]
Everyone is finding each other at episode 1.
I’m feeling lonely…
I’m feeling lonely.
Cause you know.
Being lonely is sad, loneliness is sad.
I honestly don’t know if i want to kill this enderman or not…
You know what ? There’s a cave just here. We are near 0-0 though so that is not…
this is not great though… I think that if i had to rollercoaster, i’d go away from…
i’d go away from 0-0 if i had… if i had to rollercoaster.
Top and Summer, there we go, there’s nobody left lol.
There is one person that is convicted to be solo, and that person will be me lol.
I think i will be the one to be convicted to be solo.
I mean, i hope not. But, honestly, there are chances that it will happen.
Where is the zombie ? Oh, he’s here.
There we go.
We will take that…
Meanwhile, we are going to mine the coal there.
Yeah, so no teammate, but whatever.
That’s okay… i hope that…hey imagine if i find a teammate at, like, the last episode or something,
Like when it will be Meetup or… something like that.
When there won’t be anyone left.
I hope that it won’t happen.
There are actually some nice teams, like Bradzi-Flouze, Summer-Top…
Joshhh-SiahStone, BaneOfSmite-Crafters…
Clay and Hungry, honestly, there are some…
there are some really not bad teams !
Other than that…
Life is interesting when… when we’re playing vanilla games…
I would need to cook chicken when i will not have steaks anymore.
I will cook THE chicken !
I will make some KFC LOL LMAO
Like if that joke havn’t been done enough times.
There’s more co-… oh yeah, there’s more coal here, there’s even more iron.
I also hear water.
That will be interesting to take afterwards…
Let’s pick a stack of coal, as usual.
I mean, like i do usually.
We also have Cheetah who’s speccing. Because why not, it’s cool to have a spec for ourself.
So i’m just trying to see where’s the water… is it like… oh it’s here… okay.
Well i can take water if i want to.
Also, if you see me lagging a bit, that’s normal, we are playing on…
This season is being hosted on 2Donkeys NA so…
I will lag a bit. Although, it’s at least okay.
It’s not like if we were playing on an asian server, cause the first season was… on 2Donkeys AS.
Therefore an asian server, so i would have constantly been at 300ms and that would clearly not have been fun at all lol.
Well i took this thing.
Okay so… We will now start going down.
That was close !
I was bound to take a little half a heart of damage !
Nobody took damage yet besides…
Wait, nevermind, there is actually AJ, Drafty,
Bane and Fancyyy i think, isn’t it ?
Where is Fancyyy ? Oh he healed.
Cause i think Fancyyy is First Damage so…
I can already put myself in full iron now if i want to.
I think this is even what we are going to do now.
Fuck, i’m gonna put that back though…
Well too bad for that, it’s okay.
At worst, we will do like that
This is where it goes down afterwards, isn’t it ? Yeah, it’s like over there.
Frankly, it looks not bad.
It looks not bad at all, really honestly.
Let’s make some boots. Some iron NIKEs
LOL i’m so funny !
We will also start tossing the shit that we have.
Even if we honestly don’t currently have a lot…
I’m gonna keep the stone things if by chance i have the enchants and that i have to…
enchant useless things.
Bane is only the one who’s low on health…
There’s almost nobody, for real, who lost health, that’s alright.
We are skilled players !
Oh speed again ? Nice.
Horses are ON, okay.
So i’m full iron now, we’re good.
We’re going to make blocks just for… just like that and if we need more furnaces… for the future.
Well i think that the other solos that are with me, i mean the other solos that are…
well the other persons that are also solos with me also went caving, looking for a teammate for 1000 years is pointless… if at the end, we don’t find anyone.
How many coal do i have ?… Oh okay we’re fine.
LOL it rhymes [French play on word with charbon=coal + bon=fine=rhyme with bon]
Well, frankly, it doesn’t look bad here
We are already at y28, so that’s cool.
Oh there’s gold here, nice.
There is gold… here.
Heeere, hellooo ! [reference to a French UHC meme]
So yeah, we will go down.
Cause, in Minecraft, we have to do this at any cases, we need to go down in caves LOL.
If you still haven’t understood.
But i don’t think you are Minecraft noobs.
For those who are watching this here anyway.
Those who watches my perspective.
This looks interesting though.
Interesting, interesting… well at the end, i don’t have any fps but…
actually… i’m getting used to it, it’s kinda alright, i just hope that it won’t fuck me up.
During a fight or something like that.
I just hope that it will not harm me.
What is OFF ?
I didn’t get it.
We are at y17, it’s okay… and there’s gold and iron here.
We are slowly going down in caves.
Fuck… that’s kinda dumb.
Well that’s only half a heart but… whatever.
We won’t be the Ironman anymore.
As planned.
That would actually be cool if i was Ironman but whatever.
We can’t have everything in daily life.
We can’t be a guzzler in life either.
That would be a bit sad, however, if i’m First Death.
Let’s be honest.
I’m progressively starting to have gold, that’s cool.
The episode is already finishing in 10 seconds.
Wow, my mouse !
Why am i taking that ? I have enough coal !
Damn, i forgot it was that.
Well bye then, see you next episode !


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