Emma Roberts Has Guilty Pleasures, Too | Under the Covers

– Hey everyone,
I’m Emma Roberts,
and today I’m getting Under
the Covers with Cosmopolitan.
(gentle music)
The last time I stayed up all night,
well anytime I have girlfriends come over
we obviously stay up all night.
Most recently it was binging The Bachelor.
I’m obsessed.
I thought he was picking
Cassie from day one, though.
I was devastated when she left
and I couldn’t believe it,
so I’m really happy that
they ended up together.
And so my girlfriends came over,
and we all got into bed and
stayed up probably ’til like,
four or something finishing it. (laughs)
Running on only a few hours of sleep
is something I’ve had to
learn to do well very quickly,
because shooting a TV show,
it’s just constant,
constant, constant running.
Set, home, set home,
and you never have time
to get all the sleep you want.
So, I drink a lot of coffee,
I meditate, which definitely helps,
it’s kind of like resting your brain,
which is good,
and then I just nap.
I’ve gotten really good at
the cat nap in my trailer.
What helps me fall
asleep at night, well I,
for Christmas I got a weighted blanket,
and I was very skeptical about it,
and let me tell you it definitely works.
But otherwise I like to
watch TV or read before bed.
I feel like that’s the only time
I can catch up on my TV shows,
and I need to get my
Housewives and my Vanderpump.
My friends and I always text each other
at the beginning of each season,
we’re like okay, who’s who this season?
‘Cause it changes every
season who you are.
I don’t know who I am this season yet.
This season for Beverly Hills is like,
it’s weird, It’s sad.
Everyone’s facade’s are coming down.
I don’t know if I like it.
My weird sleeping habits?
I mean, I definitely feel like
I’ve been told that I talk in my sleep,
or I hit people in my sleep.
But other than that, not really.
I used to sleepwalk as a kid,
but luckily grew out of it.
I never got nightmares from
American Horror Story, shooting.
But watching the show I get nightmares.
Even though I’m on it,
I can only watch it in the day.
The second the sun goes down
I’m like looking behind doors,
checking under the bed, double locking.
I get very scared watching that show
because so much happens
in the editing room there,
with like the sounds effects
and the special effects
and editing it together.
When we’re there we’re all just laughing
and kind of having a good time,
and then you watch it and
it’s absolutely terrifying.
The season Roanoke really freaked me out.
That one really kept me
up at night , for sure.
For bed,
I actually collect vintage nightgowns.
Some of them get more laughs than others,
some of them look very old-timey,
which I very much like.
And then some of them are much cooler.
But yeah, I have a very big selection.
I always try to find
them at vintage stores
when I’m in a new city.
People give them to me as
gifts now that they know,
’cause sometimes I’ll just
wear them in the day as well.
(laughs) As a dress with
tights, and a leather jacket.
But, yeah.
Vintage nightgowns, kinda my thing.
I’ve always had a weird
time with that word,
I thought sexy meant like,
you know, having big boobs
and dressing a certain way
and this and that.
And that was never me,
so I’ve definitely had to
find my own way to feel sexy,
which is usually, just,
I don’t know, you wake up some days
and you’re like you know what?
I’m feelin’ good today.
And you have to ride that wave. (laughs)
I just started reading a book called
The Anatomy of Dreams by Chloe Benjamin,
and I’m so obsessed with it,
I cannot put it down.
Chloe Benjamin actually wrote
our Belletrist January pick of last year,
called The Immortalists.
Which is one of my,
literally top five favorite
books I’ve ever read.
So this is her first book,
which I somehow missed,
and it is just so good.
It’s like romantic and it
just has all the feels.
I highly recommend it.
No one’s ever texted me you up.
Except for maybe like my mom.
And it’s like, are you awake?
Well I always make sure
I take off my makeup,
even if I’m so tired,
it doesn’t matter.
I always take off my makeup,
and I use the blue Neutrogena wipes,
’cause they’re the easiest.
And then I’m really into
AmorePacific for facewash,
and Barbara Sturm for all the serums,
but my new obsession lately is,
the KORA Organics turmeric mask.
So I’ve been doing that,
and that’s absolutely my favorite,
’cause it’s a mask that I
actually notice a difference
after I do it,
but also, who am I kidding.
I’ll literally try any sheet mask.
Like someone could bring over anything,
and it could have anything
in it and I’d be like
alright I’ll try it, ’cause
I just love doing masks.
So, those are probably
my favorite thing to do.
Thanks for getting in bed with me,
sweet dreams.


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