Elder Dice: The Colors Out of Space Kickstarter Trailer

Elder Dice: The Colors Out of Space are the perfect dice for fans of fantasy RPGs and boardgames with horrific eldritch twists. We’ve designed these sets of dice around three new arcane symbols. First, the Eye of Chaos, also called the Three Lobed Eye of Nyarlathotep, is a symbol of disarray, primordial havoc, and tumult. Second, the Seal of Yog-Sothoth. Through the ages, librarians have found this seal stamped in the margins of books by passages that deal with particularly esoteric subjects. Finally, the Star of Azathoth. This symbol suggests the outward expansion of the universe from a central source. The symbols replace the highest value on each die. Each set comes with nine polyhedral dice in its own matching spellbook box with a magnetic clasp that keeps your dice safe and secure. Whether you are playing a Cthulhu-themed game, want to bring the your love of the Elder Gods to other games, or just want to add unique and beautiful dice to your collection, Elder Dice are ready to help you drive those at your gaming table to the brink of insanity. Get your Elder Dice in the Ultimate Doom Collection, which includes the Doom Edition playmat, a dice rolling tray featuring arcane symbols, and more. Join us today, to help bring Elder Dice: The Colors Out of Space to gaming tables around the world.


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