El Origen de Halloween | Destripando la Historia | CANCIÓN Parodia

Hello terror fellows Welcome to “GUT THE STORY” with Pascu and Rodri Today we’re here to tell you the origin of Halloween! It was a long time ago the Celts celebrated a singular feast it was called Samhain and it marked then end of their year It was thought that the dead wandered around That their magic Kept growing those days The deads, that were evil Were expelled using bonfires and turnips And the children collected All the presents that the house owners offered They took them to the druids for divination but before they had to make some sacrifices of humans, animals and a variety of vegetables LARALAILA LA When the Romans found out they thought that so much sacrifice was barbaric and tried to forbid it The feast slowly faded until Pope Gregory IV changed its name to “All Saints’ Day” But in the XIX century, Irish immigrants took it away with them to America And made it popular again with stories like Jack O’ Lantern’s (Revelry clearly Irish or Hobbit) Stingy Jack was a rascal mean, astute and drunkard so much he even FOOLED the Devil THen one day he appeared but Jack trapped him using his pocket crucifix “I want that you give me ten more years…” When he came back to charge he fooled him again he locked him in a tree with crucifix “You won again, live all you want” “You will never touch my soul ever again” LARAILA LA When the drunkard died and was refused to entry in Heaven He ran down to Hell, but Satan remembered… “That YOUR soul is only YOURS and I CAN’T take it So if you want to rest, go search it by yourself” He threw him an ember with a turnip he made a lantern to light his way He roams without stop nobody can touch him he is the errant Jack O’ Lantern And since there was a surplus of pumpkins in the US, they decided to used them as lanterns instead of turnips to repel the Devil in Halloween If you celebrate Halloween, do it carefully Don’t go sacrificing peeps And if you want to scare away fast the Devil Put a jack-o’-lantern at your door LARAILA LA

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