Edinburgh Air Show 2019 – Astro-STEM Zone

Today has been Air Force’s contribution
to the national effort to build
enthusiasm and inspire our young people
to be the next generation of high tech
and STEM success stories.
We’re here today because we want to
inspire them in their classrooms to stay
on and study maths, and study physics
and do coding, and do programming. So here
we’ve had fun activities, and we’ve also
then tried to connect it to the real world defence application.
We’ve taught kids about lift and drag. It tilts
forward and it flies like this and that’s
how it moves. But when it wants to hover
it tilts back and it sits like this.
It was a fun way of showing how like
helicopters actually work. As like
a small paper and elastic way. So yeah it was pretty enjoyable.
Every one of the our eleven prime
defence companies that are here today
have designed a specific activity for this event.
We’ve had roughly seven hundred and
thirty students go through the program.
Very hands-off, there’s like fifty buttons you can use. Reckon you can remember all of those?
We even had a lot of noise as well in
the middle which always makes everybody excited.


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