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well welcome
everybody and welcome eddie and Felicity
thanks so much for joining us
and they just came from a cocktail party
for them I give it Basel
the Baan keep things flowing smoothly
I am so I’m gonna start of the both in
both been doing a lot of a lot of
talking for two months about the area
everything and so any must know a lot
about string theory
your didn’t I star heck yeah
and why don’t we start off with how you
came about into the roles have seen
interviews refused people asking
you know did you just were you
approached with the role may understand
it took a bit of
an addition perhaps to yes
though I’m think back to the very
beginning and well
it started I’m I’m send the script
from my agent and and and faster exit
a little bit cautious I’m because
sometimes the word biopic
doesn’t always bode well for the female
character she can be a little
and there’s not much to get your teeth
into an often it will be she
she smiles or she cries I’m moving
between those two nations though it was
wonderful to
to read the script and see and a nuanced
complex very strong woman I
and the love story between two to
extraordinary individuals
and that the film the film in many ways
was it with an exploration have
have love in in all its guises
am not just the fast love in which can
sometimes be a superficial love but a
a marriage and then also I was really
struck by
three cause the way through the film is
exploration in this very unconventional
relationship between
between three people with me with
Jonathan Stephen Jane
and I really love that the film wasn’t
afraid to you to deal with some more
more difficult subject matter and what
about you
how did how did it come about for you
for me it came by with I was
s very old fashion house in script and
I suddenly thought it was going to be a
a biopic Stevens life
I was completely blown away arm by this
incredibly sad intricate and complicated
love story
arm and when I need James Marsh was
nights in his film man on wire arm which
I’m really thought was a breathtaking
piece of work and
and again was a film which cosmetically
was about one thing but but but actually
ended up being about something
other um I thought that the idea the
subject matter
and the script and James been the
director was a
was a riveting kinda combination so I E
basically you I think managed to
persuade James speaking on the phone he
gets in Copenhagen we had a long
conversation and I did I’m that thing
you do in job interviews are pretending
we confident he was a howdy got how
would you go about it want this is our
not a clue how to random and
bait basically he then came over to
london and um
we went to a pub and it’s about two
o’clock in the afternoon
and he said what John drink I have some
extent a crisis about this
push for SA like alcohol or non alcohol
is gonna judge me for Latin tackle have
a beer
and he said okay who have a beer have a
coffee arm
passion sorry at that point we then
he proceeded to have several cups of
coffee got very caffeinated
wide and I had her I had several months
and and and basically what what was
amazing about that moment is
is we both expressed or
he showed his vulnerabilities and they
have the fear and
and the responsibility and and I’ve felt
his spear
is fair responsibility and I thought the
same I think it’s lovely
I think this to you we all had that same
feeling it’s a very very unique
circumstance and special to all of us
that the when you’re playing people who
are living
who were extraordinary and who are gonna
see the film on
you know that the stakes a pretty high
so so we all kind of help and
together and in preparing for
you know what it’s called motor neurone
disease which is similar to a less I and
in preparing for that role Anderson you
both when and
spent time with people who have the
disease just tryin
get inside what it feels like what it
looks like yes we
I’m idea and I both works in the theater
with it
director Michael Grandage at the Donmar
Warehouse and
and and it’s very common practice in
their 22 acted
non about the subject to either for the
their players about and that includes
meeting experts and I’m really
the material love at the story so it
with great we had lots of time to
prepare before and
and part about in that preparation with
you know with understanding
left motor neurone disease I passing the
haven’t had any
direct contact with me with 91 what that
and so we were both let in the very
intimate way
enter into people’s lives who are going
through then goes on with Lee
without discussions with Stephen and
Jane with very different because they’re
their looking at them relationship
very useful just spend time with with
going to that situation and finding
their fortitude in these people and
people always finding
and humor in the situation and and
finding moments have
just a family behaving in a in a very
real way and and and that’s again what
we found containing Stephen
you talking to 10 youngest son he would
he with
I’m tell us that he would put swear
words into Stevens
machine book I’m and and ride on Stevens
hair and things like that which helped
to take away from a farm apheresis in in
understanding the disease and and its
and its effect on the family
and you obviously when really deep and
understand what it felt like as well I’m
that whole to
the it was interesting stay with various
sides to it
to the you had to understand when
approaching playing Stephen and
one of which was obvious he is what he’s
achieved as far as the strong is
and arm but also the disease and
and when we met as we began to meet
people and it was maybe thirty or forty
people as a clinic in London at the
Queen Square
urology clinic we went every week or two
we were introduced to you to people
suffering from the disease
in various stages in various stages and
and generosity across the board by
those people suffering but also their
families and that was what was searching
wasn’t just about learning
the specific so up what what the disease
is an extension he said
much in your own disease and I somewhat
one up
huge complications with this disease
it’s been around for over 100 years and
the basic struggling to get any closer
to finding
what causes it arm and how to cure it
and that’s a lot to do with investment
but also I think there is sensitive
confusion because we call it and Mandy
motor neurone disease in the UK here
it’s called
and less arm and Lou Gehrig’s disease in
this is a bit since as
has many many different names but one of
the problems is this just
really mean very least we can do
to to to prevent it and be many of the
patients that we met
would would literally allow me to feel
their hands and to feel their bodies and
and and
tell me specifics about their
experiences but also we got to meet
families and their carers and and see
the emotional
cost which was very helpful for you see
I guess ther fortitude and also their
struggle you hand and absolutely and
that’s what
on was so important to 9 the Stephen on
Jane are things
you know they are and they’re dealing
with a very difficult situation but that
there barry
do both very driven people and and what
was interesting is that how first even
at that
illness is the least interesting thing
hey you know that it’s always about
on something else in and and so we we
wanted to capture that is very much
trying to show these people you know
having their own drives and desires and
and actually that
that ultimately it’s not a story and
love story in the conventional way I
these people find happiness
happiness with other people I’m and and
that’s what I found in
in meeting my spend time with them will
Caracol Divino who is
incredibly candid about her experience
in and a lot to the discussions were
about how that relationship shift
between being a
husband and wife and then you become
nothin patient and how you know that
Harry complicated for for everyone
involved but it
it was we were so lucky there with them
such openness and
willingness to to support a one thing
that struck me was
and I guess anyone has seen the film
your your character Stephen Hawking was
initially given a two-year
you have two years to live and to
to Stephen urging think that it can’t I
think it from the film it looks like
chains 42 and her stanch character she’s
you know every step of the way do you
think that that’s what helped extend his
life or is that too
some on I would never want to claim
I mean the answer is no one is steven
has broken all the odds and has
I’m was given TR Sullivan has is now
seventy two-years-old
and on whether it’s the specific strain
of the illness
arm what you know whether it’s to do
as you say his passion and his on
Jane support I mean I’m sure it’s a a
a combination of all of those things but
I’d be very wary saying it was just you
what one specific thing I’m as I said
it’s a disease that pain
still no quite little bows and that with
the whole
the LSI spike challenge this year I i
feel like it is something that is
but people are becoming more aware of
but it is a really
was one patient I’m he described as
being in a it’s like being in a prison
with the prison walls being get just
getting closer every day and it’s it’s a
horrific thing to live with why do we
look at
one of the first click free her its when
Stephen third start seducing Jane with
his knowledge about
laundry detergent or back
im really got going you yes hickory
we think that first clip the men’s
she the present school United
when they died
see the night sky help
primitive yeah
lovely though and
you know there’s that obvious chemistry
between the characters but I also
with Stephen on fat for that theme that
they would let
so he would leave their own I decided us
and treatment that they were just
walking away in
we had each Avaya and I had to be
perspective character
his weekly main characters get there and
people over yeah I’m on either side over
the intimidating I I would say so and I
understand when you first met Steven Rea
you treat did you say something about a
I’m sorry I studied art history and you
try to connect the but I’m
have the same astrological sign good for
bringing up when I was oh my god you’re
or aqui all the time as the coming out
tonight Senate
a no surveys we’ll both the bus had
spent four months researching
um Stephen and Jane and and
I’m but Stephen at the time was
promoting a
his documentary called hawking and was
also busy
you know he’s solving some quite hard
core problems out universe
and so is quite a busy man and I’m so we
can only meet him just before we started
and it was complicated because you by
that point because we weren’t shooting
the film chronologically we had to you
we had to sit in some ways map out the
the archive the peace
and I’m and the fear was what if we need
Stephen and Jane and we realize all the
work we’ve done is completely wrong
lazy so by that point the stakes were
hi I felt very nervous and I walked in
to meet him and he now
since his truck hit me has 24-hour care
and has a team of nurses
and I was introduced to Stephen and now
he just uses this muscle
I’m beneath his hi to communicate so he
has a screen
with the alphabet and a curse that goes
across the alphabet and when he moves
this muscle
it stops on one letter
so so that the the rhythm when you
meeting when you speak to me so unique
and and their long pauses
and home Christie who have a hatred of
so on my iPad the arm
just started feeling the silence I’m
with just with information about him his
and and I’m skeptics was really bad i
mean rather cassava and just
genuinely telling him information about
at and I anyway so just got to really
particularly awful moment
in which that here just published a arm
an autobiography in which he described
talked about how he was born three
hundred years to the day
of the Galleria and arm and that date
was the 8th January
and I was telling him this about himself
nah I’m and and islands said dumb
actually its foundation
because actually or born on the 8th
January I’m 16 so
with both capital
I’m and it was as I said it this is sad
remove swept stupid with my friends and
he took about six or seven minutes to
to price his response and he said it was
the second thing he said to me
was I’m in astronomy not astrology
and my hand and we had a longer ok what
spend a couple hours ago I i haven’t
seen him since yeah
but i mean he he saw the film and length
then lent his voice
to the film right yes he’s been there
has been a huge supportive it actually
which I’m
which you don’t always expect in in it
it is their responsibility taking on
their lives that
Stephen Hawking is he um he never comes
out with with what you
with what you expect and I’m apparently
ask him what Stephen Hawking what is the
greatest mystery in the world
and he just paused in here a women wits
menses went to third faith even I’m so
at first it quite intimidating meeting
him you know he is he always
with language and he had with miss
manner in the stone see you really do
feel like you
you’re trying to get his good books per
those in the fact that
he then saw the film later in and
responded very emotionally to it
is is is means so much from from someone
like him
and it didn’t he just started a Facebook
account and posted this wonderful
comment right that he said he looking up
at the you know he
he thought your for him I mean that’s
the greatest am i yeah my mom know he’s
been citing
he’s been so generous the interesting
thing is when first in line that both
jane and Stephen for some filming
of course only in we we did have that
know you really want his approval right
but they’re not
that brilliant strong
sensationally bright people who in who
are not going to just
hand that out willy-nilly and issues
yeah but bottle for violin
home but but besides so that was awake
but we’ve
with hope we saw the pope’s about to
begin with but actually it was only
after seeing the film
they were they gave the PO and they get
and it’s been up here
they’re very there’s an unsentimental
ality to be them and that’s what struck
us when we met them you know
and that some there’s a this you know
there’s that sort of thing that you
think that’s a very English in and
proper and and then there’s this there
is something very rock n roll about both
of them in
and they are people that you want to you
want them to respect you I think that’s
why we both became so obsessed with even
and you know wanted to to to play them
honestly because they are extraordinary
then no the complicated and nuanced and
and its yeah it was a pleasant plane and
you have the book rate we had chain
Hawking’s book
I mean with that too the a constant
resource in terms of
figuring out your character absolutely
will M dana has she season
academic and has a very amazing memory
literally we could look back in the book
in it be like what was happening on
Monday the 30th July
and then be a very furtive and in-depth
description of what was going on in
their relationship where they were
traveling to day
them constantly I’m traveling around the
world is
as Stevens fame was growing in they were
touring in and getting fights and
and it’s and it’s but it’s also detailed
about a hard mental and emotional stay
as she and she was feeling throughout
the relationship so
I mean it with an actor’s dream because
it was almost like a stream of
consciousness and constantly said to be
on the lining things and
and reading it and getting all the
details before in my trailer before
going out to set but actually meeting
that you have an idea of someone when
you’re prepping but meeting both of them
was when it
it really started to grow in and with
just obsessed with the way she she moved
in pension
denied that she had beautiful the way
she moves her hands is incredible and
and there is a there that there was
something very down for like which was a
which was away
to playing did she ever despair I mean I
haven’t read the books but whether this
are definitely definitely am very very
moments have a feeling numb feeling
hand desperation but you know is he as
you would in in that situation for both
of them but it was always about
there was it no it wasn’t a self-pitying
thing for either them is how do we keep
this relationship surviving and I’m
and that’s when the film is a in many
ways is is its goes beyond the
superficial love it
how do we get through this next things
and we can stay together in
an interesting it was a very unusual
situation to be in a three
you know this 3 part in relationship but
that was another method to to help them
that them to stay together even that
with unconventional
right and for you when you’re preparing
for the role when we met in Toronto
you were saying how a you needed to see
some specialist after different days
your body was in so much pain we started
I’m I so I dis work but so too what with
the dancer
one call Alex Reynolds whose a used to
be contempt dancer and
is a choreographer and has worked on
film as well on
and she and I went to a lot of the
clinics together to
and really try to track the specifics of
what seems to climb was
and the first one the first thing she
said when I met her she was you should
start seeing
osteopath now and in that four-month
period as
as we receive training mime because when
you issue films
you doing or lots more to take so a lot
of the positions are sustaining for
um extended periods it was about
T Bay CT as as he would if you’re an
teaching those muscles to I’m to get
used to those positions
and and so this arm one for technical
made in Austria
he said basically tracking my and
throughout the process he became
what’s interesting your spine stink
weird and wonderful things I think I
think and write an essay on different
a second to someone as much as I not
what you want to hear from you purposes
but we want to hear from you justified
is that you’re totally normal
a reason may be aligned you’re gonna be
absolutely fine
um but it was helpful and through to
through the filming as well
I’m but and but the most important thing
was every day
if you’re in the wheelchair you got to
get up and you got to leave again today
and through the
many of the people we met couldn’t do
that so you the other thing about making
this film is your sconce
me aware love how lucky you are
new we kept saying it would get into the
shooting in black we thoroughly
calmly with so tired and then you think
movies people living this
every day would end is not something
anything is not what you can just
to leave behind at the end of the day
and they were both pioneers in doing
this and chain
you know slapping around that wheelchair
I mean it was just this huge amount of
work but she had also
she was a scholar and she kind of gave
some about upgrade to
to care for her husband yeah I think um
I think she was very much on
woman of the if the fifties where there
with still a mentality that love
harmed responsibilities were to be a
good wife and mother
but what I thought with her is that she
was almost and
the forefront if the the sexual
revolution in a way that she’s starting
to find
I’m you know that she has her own
desires and needs in and that it has an
need to balance that number balance
those different roles
but but but it was it’s a difficult one
want to achieve Daphne
but in times I’ve I’m yeah I hate going
to the gym but I finally realized when
we started
working in three live nifty need
wheelchairs and
and moving anything to nothing I need to
start working at home
the third but it is right heavy lifting
it’d it was the combination if her an
enormous physical strength you
need in that situation and and emotional
strain but also that the
I think that has been what was there was
a tiny little scene in the film
that isn’t in didn’t make it and film
but in which
what jane did for disabled rights and
was was arm pretty extraordinary I mean
she was really because Stephen became
famous he was an icon
and it was also a period in which you
know she did extraordinary things
well that’s well and I think with with
disability there’s a lot
have and there’s a lot of fear around it
and people can be
can be very patronizing and I D feel
like that that’s something that
that Stephen Anjana a both forties is
is it is is to be that’s never the thing
that should dictate your response you
know they’ve always just been from first
about it and very much in that vein
am just came just at the time was not
built from wheelchair any
any description you know is particularly
like winding staircases
that they seem to be an often in
Cambridge in tho
so yeah she was always trying to to get
things changed and
you don’t get ramps built in in very
soon activist mentality
and going back to
a the physicality of the role James
Marsh said
you did a chart that was like a sacred
text to him teen
yeah new flick because he didn’t they
didn’t shoot the film in order
right and so a different you might do
one thing one day and the next day at
ten years ago so you have to change
physically according to wear stephen was
right now from day to day that is true
but James on foot is so difficult now to
nowadays to make films chronologically
really doesn’t happen I’m because if
you’re shooting in Cambridge
exteriors in Cambridge cost quite a lot
of money to
shutdown Cambridge for a day and um so
we love that stuff is she can actually
our first week
shooting was was in Cambridge and I’ll
of first day filming was for both of us
a trial by fire
because we had to play each rock art is
that completely different ages within
within the same day we’ve been told that
by James and I was bought a band we’ve
been given
time which is really rare I’m and arm
but yes in the end through working with
the specialist
she by taking all photos of Stephen
to she could work out which muscles
stopped working when
and we would then I’m right to sort of
thing each the scenes and
and which muscle was time when which
glasses he was wearing them which
which um whether he was on one walking
stick or two of which are staying with
historically have here yeah actor
different Helen
hood I’m and India became assertive
it was our way and with who how many
children we had an hidden things like
that I know
they don’t be a different baby me but
I’m still run hope you’re always happy
when stronger
plagued other managed to shoot but
her yeah edwin van was like every day
with no
relay there the day we ride sure which
10 my children at work
review but hmm so method
yeah hand but it
yeah with well it just comes from II
love the idea back in the day that you
films over three to five months but but
often it is compressed with this kind of
film which is a
you know and drama right there isn’t
with them the times they women
year would be dumping between being an
hour mid-forty’s to then suddenly
being innocent and naive
even in starting off when they first
meet when they’re 18 and 20
yeah they fled good
and then coupled with these these big
you know challenges there’s also he’s
he’s Stephen Hawking
so how did you begin both a view to try
and understand
theoretical physics haha a long beard
my well well James anyon I will study
literature art subjects university so
they’ve been really
comical attend trying to discuss
black hole theory with each other which
would stall with of the best intense
with releases
yeah I’m like though is that there’s a
and then and then and quickly
and and realized we had to resort to
other means understanding physics
Richard usually be physics for dummies
have no or for eleven-year-old I’m
yeah know there was a that with our way
into a conversation
all of them would start with one another
basically hmm location yes
with China me realize that you can’t do
that with the strong there is
there is no basically is that you either
have to you have to understand all the
intricacies no
in order to understand particularly with
Steven I mean what
what we want the complexities why think
antennae the right to manage to the
beach playing in the script is the
you know Stephen didn’t discover the
black hole he didn’t know what there
wasn’t one
a pic free to those people like are
super lame and
you know can you can instantly latch
onto it was the
what he did was incredibly profound an
extraordinary but it involves having a
certain amount of
knowledge to begin with and and
and so how anti was added to the script
I thought was pretty
or certainly I think James ended up as
issue saying being
was like nowhere we are all art students
we don’t have a clue
real game up science from children
that’s if we understand it and
maybe that’s the sentiment did you get
to them
understood her intimately
hmm there was a very embarrassing moment
when I’m
Stevens old student is now professor at
Imperial College in London
I’m he was helping me he was on one of
us have experts and he
use talking to me about the intricacies
of string theory and
and said wormholes which how to help you
then to Stella
have haven’t seen yet comfort me a favor
for that
that for the reasons you you’re sort of
putting it off because your word that
people ask if people think I want you to
explain in to sell it to me you know
okay yeah it’s time for the moment I
haven’t seen it yet so I’m just going to
I will once I’ve seen it effect here I
think I might leave no but this
this gentleman ended up you know trying
it be with
teach me all the details I had to say
like its let’s go back to what an atom
I’m what when and how does it start
right am
why don’t we look at there’s another
33 clip that sort of when you Jane
basically you received the diagnosis
and you basically say I’m gonna stay
with him
leave me now you going to talk about
this one disco
we will tested once
please if you care about me at all
entrances go comment
I have to be used I need to work nephew
you but Euclid suppose conclusion I
wanted to be together
numbers Scotland that’s not very long
and that’s just how it is
he’d have to do was coming it a perfect
glass week
yes did they talk to you about that
scene with that theme
in engine them
that’s a good question I mean it
it was a very much she talks about when
they first meet
and and there was this this tension is
when stephen was diagnosed that he you
know didn’t want I was
was worried about burning Jane and two
wanted to deal with it on his own and
listen to a lot about he didn’t yeah and
got quite suited
and depressed and he said in his is
the Stephen made a comment about his
life markan he said how I’m
how it be together they had to do with
lifted him out of this at a out to this
depression so I
it is it is definitely rooted in the
reality of what was going on at that
that was inching watching a scene is
that was a
amazing James Marshall direct was
extraordinary that they were it was one
there are various scenes often in a film
script you read that a
the kind of things a lot of the other
stuff is pegged on
and and that was one that we knew was
and we couldn’t get it and we did it for
the first half a day and time is so
awful it was really bad
happening but was histrionic I think
we’re being which we were so where is
that it had to be a big scene that we
would perhaps going at it too hard
you I’m you know you have to certain
scenes in the screenplay that your
you through would have a little bit
nervous about a new
you you keep thinking about it and then
you’re just slightly dreading the day
when they come
and there were a few moments I think
that bed timing point moments and and
and that was one of them
in and then this the moment when so did
the twin moment is when they split up
when Stephen goes to
I’m to America with with Elaine answer I
think we were just a bit cautious about
we both have a tendency to overthink and
drama and
and now we’ve got Oxford and Cambridge
right here
it might be it though very distorted
took a few takes to
to loosen up by thing and me for the
what was lovely is that because time is
a real thing on film I
before I saw working from I was too have
always says you got more takes
you can have more takes but the reality
is is that you always under the gun
on a film set there’s never enough time
it’s where you and what was extolling
about what James did that days he
stopped us
as we had we’ve gone in with our
instincts and gone it was quite a fiery
said hardcore passionate seen
but we’ve got it all wrong many came in
the mail today and we just totally
we stopped all that started all over
again it was very it sounds silly but it
takes great bravery to do that when you
actually realize you have to start the
whole thing again and you don’t have
time to do you know when the produces so
direct tapping them hatchett carrying
time is money time though I’m sorry for
them but quite a bit
james was always am he’s very good he’s
very sensitive director in
he he he won’t him lets you let you play
without having to actually a man let you
get on with it
I’m but he’s amazing it when he needs to
heal common in Fay
mess let’s just say I go back let’s
start again
go back to the drawing board had few to
met before
or worked before together we had
we never were together but we we we we
first met when
I was auditioning for film list is
casted about ten years ago
which which on never happened I didn’t
get cast
in film and was for their non didn’t
happen the film the film never happened
was a long line Ave denied is being
turned down for the flight
for anything considered as an okay yeah
working here I’m and you know to find
someone else right
was not in the same theater as well in
in london is a plate no
as listens to what I did on my house
peaceful Theatre in London
and best director Michael Grandage was
great supporters by the powers and
and so we’ve been friends and the the
wonderful thing about this
film is that it involves such a sort of
intimacy and on
and trust that it was great and we both
worked in London
in the UK but also over here in film
with different directors had
different practices and we will both
so aware not just going back into
stay over my state way of working but
but shaking each other
of a bit amusing techniques we learn
from other directors and
72 that involves trust so real great
you know we were keen to I’m we don’t
want it to feel in any way with
a stuffy costume drama that it that it
constantly fell
you know I’m time lesson for me because
the emotions the time this
I’m and and actually we both were
fans have the film Splendor in the Grass
which was a huge influence on these
early scenes on
I’m on getting this which give you know
that power
love and that the infatuation and the
but it was it that was always from the
very beginning it was a very
open process and I am because the evenin
jane were very reliant on each other
we needed to build that trust between us
and did you have a lot of time before
production began to serve work on that
figure out how is this gonna work
between us we both worked
room for a few months by ourselves but
we only had a week or two together
that became I’m really interesting
that relationship has Steven loses I’m
was the illness takes hold he become so
reliant on Jan
that it becomes like a dance between its
she becomes an extension of his body
interpreting everything right exactly
that and not not only the
but also that not only the I’m spoken
word which she literally interprets but
but also the physical
is one beautiful but a documentary in
which Stephen engender in the garden
with the case
and he’s in his chair I’m and his head
and Jane is having a conversation and
almost without looking she just gently
places his head back onto the
and its there’s a sixth sense quality
and james was so keen
directed to to shoot us in almost like a
documentary fashion
moments that we needed to have that that
sixth sense quality and that was
something that we worked on for those
you hoes building that term that
intuitions are you not
guy or anything okay fine if you arm
here you know you want it to be totally
totally automatic her
exactly as as it as it was for them the
doctor but watching a documentary
footage was amazing
resource all the way through would come
back in it’s interesting how
in reality you find so many interesting
things which are then great
to put in in the film and I’m and there
were moments have an
Stephen I’m but love love
the taster alcohol and there was a scene
where um
he with I’m had champagne on the spoon
and being fed and I remember eddie
coming in the next they having seen if
nething we should put that into the film
you know in
and how can we get all those days that
texture in that reality into
into I into playing
we were constantly trying to 10 rooted
in what we’ve seen in the document chief
judge one thing that
you mentioned earlier that I didn’t with
that he said
Stephen Hawking was a bit of a womanizer
person was Roman
not sure I did baby out and that the FAA
and women Iran that definitely isn’t he
and when you meet him now and there for
a full circle thing because he was
Italy in love with Marilyn Monroe and as
I have seen my Week With Marilyn
Eddie in maryland who gathered
know that there’s definitely a I mean
when you meet steven he has a lot of
women as he’s as
missed you saying is you know his great
confusion in the world has always been
into the great on self area as well as
women and the enemy team now and he has
an electric
personality and Anna and and a vicious
one incredibly attractive one
and but he was always obsessive Marilyn
anyway said that if he could
travel back in time he was gone meet
Marilyn Monroe
and and to the extent that he has about
his desk in Cambridge
on a photograph or ham
with a Marilyn Monroe look-alike behind
him and
and I kept seeing in all the documentary
that was always there in the background
as I said to James’s baby is a slightly
pathetic in joke to myself
I mean could we have moments in which we
that photograph and them basic i watch
the film I like
hood no one else finds in any way it’s
time to get a good mood yeah
his you he’s a very is such a
charismatic man
he is yeah he I mean being with him how
to see transmit that
you how do you feel that thing that he’s
you know he’s obviously brilliant
yeah but obvious is like you describe
the prisoner
affords what’s amazing its like every
the where described
is every facility that we have to
communicate whether it’s gesture
or tone of voice or I’m
be even choices were
is I love those those attributes
or energies taken to those few muscles
that you can use
and so even though he can use very few
muscles on his face
he has by far and away the most
charismatic face servicing
and and arm and has this amazing green
yeah amazing smile that just like them
but his whole face the you know he said
something funny when you on
when you’re on the ground it’s the
greatest feeling yeah with it only
happened to me once
but but after you both discovered your
something I’m hand and I thought to when
you were
practicing for the role he said you were
working with your eyebrows a lot is that
can yeah what was that is so sad that
was because Jane and and actually
Stevens mom
had always described how he had
incredibly expressive eyebrows
had helped him as the disease too cold
his I’m and so a lot of people who
suffer from address when they use those
what’s called the key transport this
board that he uses to communicate just
after his
tracheotomy they would they would blink
Stephen would always uses
is his eyebrow I’m and even now
again such such expression well in that
that was a
and the very much at the move the film
is is communication
and how and how they constantly have
having to adapt to you to the changes in
Stevens physicality and on both sides
this if it even the frustration
sometimes I’m having someone else have
to be his voice in the world
and and we’re constantly trying to
trying to explore that that
you know there’s a scene when I am Jane
is describing Stevens theory
and and and it suited to use I did
Jane is is enjoying being able to say
how you know happy
how much she appreciates his work in and
and explain
the science behind it but also there’s
an element to
Stevenson going but having to trust
someone else to be your voice in the
world is is that causes a complicated
am the book I want everything that was
talking to you about before two
you back inventor so many questions over
and over again
that would have been like Mathew but
when you’re speaking about it how do you
keep it
you know your you’re promoting with
wonderful film how do you keep it for
like Press and terms of describing
is Ralph book because it said because
it’s a continuing thing
I’m because not only to spend those for
five months researching
and and you’re lucky enough to be given
introduced to not only
Stephen J in the family but also to
people extraordinary people who are
suffering from this illness and hearing
their stories
arm you then have the world signs you
then even go through the process of
making the film and we do that in them
almost the myopia love what your
character is going to rain just see it
in that and then you eventually see the
as a a whole it’s like you you read it
as a script you then went into your own
journey through it and then you see it
as a
as a whole again and the really takes on
a whole new life in retrospect I’m
and I’m what’s been amazing for us about
this film is there are so many
elements to whether it is the signs all
the love story or the family
all the specifics for the disease there
is so much color
arm that actually certainly for me above
and beyond any film
actually it does stay fresh and and
I’m an amazing things I got to go to
Intel the other day
with the guys who sponsor Stephen a
working on his
arm on this technology because as his
muscles stopping to work how does he
keep communicating
and these guys specialists and not
technology world meeting
I’m you know somthing its ok its he’s a
fastener their
fascinating people and the story remains
its what still
so is he with his continuing to what
does he have
left to communicate with to justice I
so at the moment he has glasses from
with a sense and then this could be
screaming the alphabet
and when the customers across he just
moves this muscle and it stops on a
but then he hasn’t interface almost like
predicting text but what’s really
complicated is that
it’s a bit like to know if you guys find
whenever you get a new fun right
you like I’m not 2001 World like I don’t
understand how to navigate this thing
& Poor’s you know Stevens had to
negotiate so many different
moments have technologies how much more
can and
on that %uh they’ve been doing such
interesting work but um
and and they continue to have an amazing
relationship and
I’m I’m but that yes so
I in the sticks to the old technology as
he’s you know he could have liked them
very latest in
in them in this speech technology but
he’s very used to the system is it is in
the in here and
he liked it very much and that’s part of
his identity is
is that voice in and that machine is
almost become part iv:
part of his physicality and 3 you for
have gotten validation from Steven have
the highest order the compliment
what have you had chains feedback yes
well I’m
to how filming I would I’m
headin I both went and met Jane and
had very English Way them had cup 50 in
and had dinner with them in
and and became very close in and it
actually taken a years before Jane
to have the film a diff a book so she
was very very protective material in
and who was involved why arm because
she because of the sensitive nature of
it because it is a very intimate
portrayal live
above their lives and she wanted to make
sure it was in the right hands than that
and that was very important to her tho
I’m she felt confident when working
title in with with Anthony
McCartan and and and so
we we definitely was about getting her
blessing with very very important and
and and throughout the process I would
so did get tech for a moment Jane thing
hello jane this wanted to see how your
day getting on today
in her in on I had a thought that this
outfit love you too
love you to see it was what I was
wearing when Stephen I first met him
notice issued very very both actually
know the moment when she ran into Eddie
I’m when should come to set in restyled
his hands on his head
even have wouldn’t be like that no tho
literally hands-on
I’m and then throughout North with the
hair yeah it was very messy it was it
was a ganar secrecy recycling because it
was the most wonderful
so quintessentially Cambridge Mass
Effect man
will be much message harris is the most
amazing thing to get your hair styled by
and she was issued a little bout that
the Jonathan has appeared in real life
and in the film he doesn’t and
that with CT with very you know who they
liked it to be:
and she had quite a pedantic mind and in
in Menlo it was at least she said
only see thorough and because I am
really difficult for the family to see
you know many ways to see this film
being made if their lives in
and but but luckily we had a really if
you see the email from really see the
youngest daughter who’s very very
and sweet but how one criticism with
them I actually was a little bit more
punk rock
then you could trade mean his in the
film season is very conservative outfit
Minnesota might fail address thought
they were happy that that was the only
but know jane’s been very I’m very I
Spit on the telephone and and she
with very very supportive in love the
performances and
an emotional truth that the film it’s
one of these
amazing coincidence to that justice and
the ice bucket challenge
sweep America these and Britain
you know that the film comes out at the
at the same time with this is happening
have you had responses from people in
them you know
in them esmine a less community more
murder and we have actually we we had
I’m a lot of people that I work with
specifically a coming to the London
haven’t seen a pic with in New York and
Los Angeles that so many people who were
yeah Mia and and but there were people
who were suffering from LSU
who came to the premiers and they’ve
been incredibly generous I mean I think
for them for see steven is a great
bastion of hope
because he’s defied all expectations arm
but but also it’s about awareness
and I feel like wow saying for but the
ice bucket challenges brought the term
lesson to the to the public
consciousness but some people don’t know
the reality of what the diseases and
really what the consequences are on on
the people suffering and also the people
caring I’m and the fam and
and I i and and again it’s been around
for a long long time
struggling to get any closer so I really
do hope that the awareness will
I’m encourage people to
nothing donate but also to for that the
back for the medical community to it
doing good work and you to have to do it
and I’m the I’m I’m
yet to be challenged to say why
hopefully biting
challenged united I did it I did do it
I was challenged by London Dejan some
and home and I challenged
my and it was very cold but there was
this extraordinary moment in which you
realize because it’s being filmed
no one can tell whether the water’s cold
so you had this sort of huge moral
dilemma about money like
iraqis ice keeps infrared light warm
water but now
but I was doing with the but a powerful
and we tweeter it was very cold
I was it would not have incredible
don’t have a whole time we revealed
I not mine the greatest one was for the
greatest swimmers Stevens
if you see not only it’s worth going in
going looking up Stevens let’s work it
it’s pretty pretty I think we have one
more clip
I think it’s when you’re getting your
PHD like you do in real life right
have that on time whatever
third clip and of course
we have chapter for this black home
at the beginning of time space-time
in the really billions
soup up
therefore the all there is to say as
well done perhaps I should say to be
more precise
well done top robbers extraordinary
so what next
prove it mu
with this in the equation time
when United
in and waited
it would indeed
thank you
so it is face time think
the victim really know pick a tipping
happened I when I met you in Toronto
when you what struck me went to finish
we finished about this time last year
needed the end of November
has been very quick coming to you 2012
you had developed I think
you had built different muscles in your
face and I remember it when you’re
speaking about
Stephen this is only two months ago your
mouth with
changing on this is if you’re going into
the brawl did
Brady did you build like muscle someone
thought it was awaiting because as
exes like that’s just the beginning a
bit in that in that but he does
talk he did talk from that right side of
his face and
that because you’d for and also a lot of
20 even when he can’t talk
Communications these muscles move up
here so that was a weird
it was a moment in which John Sewell are
amazing makeup design it was like
things get were lined and Mike muscles
on this site finish on your face
and so it’s been numb have nothing on
the fish
I couple night but it’s been
um and what is interesting is is also
through this process both of us we were
looking at some much documentary
and because we want shooting
chronologically we austat James
we could see the day’s I’m so you see
all the footage you did each day and
that’s really rare
like and most directors would say no and
James loudest that
and what happened was you would then
have one iPad filled with
or documentary material and then the
truth I’m in your
your dailies Noosa so hoping these two
things would
get close together and what’s weird is
even now when I see the film
you’re still seeing things you like and
that’s why the why this is muscle start
going to try to sleep
perfect what it is he didn’t quite get
it right but
um but yes and I was
that wasn’t extraordinary partner
mister replicate I did when I revisit
you thought about the woman who became
your sec
Stephen second wife the actress who
played her
yeah and and that your mom was so more
on the stick more excited than you even
have the rule yeah how much is Chris at
the actress who plays
mmm elaine is a woman called Maxine
with his caretaker who went on to be his
second second wife and she and
electing is is the most amazing
brilliant actors and scummy playing
in Manchester i think im and in my mom
so thrilled when she she she does
extraordinary I’m
mainly television work and here to work
in the UK my mom was like
so elated about mom came to set
especially to its
see how one badly you it’s because she
plays this amazing formidable
I’m female barrister in this room so
among the serbs
group B with it’s one of the best
characters created on TV
really really where watching and she’s
pipetted she’s play and her she’s such a
first taxes on what she had to do in the
film was and Charlie had to do is a
who plays john married Louis as well
they had to come in with
beats very little material really create
the balance that the film was so
important that you you believed that the
love between Jan and Stephen but also
the complications if these other
dynamics in
and certainly for Charlie and maxine
they had so little
in which they had to create so much well
it’s with it actually
it’s much harder in a sense to just come
in and do an all day here in there
you know when you’re in everyday use it
to you relaxing you leave
usual self consciousness but they had a
really difficult time coming in and
doing these parts but they
they bring such such new ones even to
to the smallest moments actually some
way payments in with
with Harry Lloyd he he shows how
protective he is a
have his friend in a very very soft way
thank you all and thank you


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