Dynasty 1×18 Promo “Don’t Con a Con Artist” (HD) Season 1 Episode 18 Promo

  • I wish for an episode of Dynasty to be titled, ‘Moms Go Bad!’ It’s about an evil stepmother and a devilishly clever mother who fight off against a raging alcoholic husband!😂🤣😂

  • I so can't wait for morw hell Alexis is going to bring. It will be big BIG MISTAKE for Blake to fire Anders. But I kinda have the same feeling as Cristal that Blake still has feelings for Alexis especially after he saw that tape.

  • Is Blake a complete DUMBASS ?? .he can't fire Anders because not only has Anders been working with the family since forever, but he also knows EVERY secret that the Carringtons has tried to bury over the years. So if Blake was really smart, he would show Anders a little more respect.

  • I miss Blake and Cristal. I loved their relationship. Also I dont think Blake cud fire Anders. He'll probably take him back. Hopefully

  • Alexis is pure evil genius that it is just hilarious.
    Will we be getting more team up of Fallon and Cristal ?
    I do love their little moments together.
    But I do wonder where the dog is.
    She seemed to really care about it and it is really funny.

  • The producers / writers better not let Alexis loose we all know she is a winner and a fighter! ALEXIS CANT GET PUSHED DOWN BUT SHE WILL ALWAYS FIND A WAY BACK TO THE TOP

  • I'm just hoping Steven and Fallon patch things up. She did kinda slap the shit out of him and he didn't deserve it.

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