Divination With Runes: Drawing and Casting | Ami Melaine

today we’re casting rooms or drawing
rooms both hey everybody welcome back my name is Ami if you’re new here I am
which a spiritual guide and an energy healer that’s a mouthful if you’re not
new here you already know what I do and you’re back for more which is great
welcome back today I want to actually this video is a requested video from one
of you thank you for the request today we are going to talk about rune casting
or drawing rooms what is it is useful and how to do it so first I want to talk
about what it is used for runes first of all we’re talking about the futhark
runes the Elder Futhark which are an ancient system of divination there are
twenty-four rune stones that have symbols carved into the top and then
there are and then there is one that is blank usually so 25 total each room has
its own meaning and I highly suggest if you’re interested in studying runes
getting a book about runes the one that I have currently is this one it is
called explore your destiny with runes I love this one because it is it’s very
beautifully illustrated and the sections are divided very nicely it’s extremely
informative and it’s not too dense of a read so highly recommend the rooms are
an ancient system of divination which means that Vikings and northern people such as the Druids and the Norse and in
a lot of pathologic losers all right there were also a lot of people that
would carve runes into their weapons into items that they were giving people
as gifts onto shields and various other things for well for good luck for
protection for power for love whatever are a powerful system of symbolism that it’s I mean it kind of its kind of like
a sigil except that each of them means something specific and when you put that
rune on something and give it power then it now has the power of the room and
you’d in it I have a lot of experience doing spell work including runes if
you’d be interested in room spells and not just room casting and drawing let me
know leave a comment in the comment box down below this is just a basic overview
so I use these personally a lot like I use the Tarot I don’t use it to like
tell my future tell my fortune but I do use them as a system to help me
understand my current situation if I have a specific question ask a specific
question it gives me a good perspective outside of myself and outside of my body
of what is actually going on and what will happen if I continue down the path
that I’m currently on without making any other choices or decisions or changing
my path so there’s two ways that you can use a room or runes you can either cast
rooms which is where you put them all in a cup or in your hands my hands are not
they have to hold all of my rune stones but you can put them in a cup or
something shake them around kind of like you would dice and then cast them out
the ones that are face-up would be the ones that you would then read the second
method is drawing rooms and it’s very similar to doing a tarot reading you
would do a blue decide on a spread ahead of time and then you will just pull a
rune out one at a time and place it in the position of the spread and the room
to go a specific direction so you can tell if they’re inverted or if they’re
upright for the purposes of this video I’m just placing them up right on my
counter so a rune spread is very similar to a tarot spread in that you put each
rune stone in a specific position and then you either read it intuitively
based on your knowledge and based on whether or not you’re an intuitive
reader or then you would check the definitions in the book to get a good
idea of what your runes are trying to tell you and again the third way that
you can use this in your actual spell work you can use them when you’re
cleansing your house you can use them when you’re casting your circle you can
carve them into candles again they’re very very very multifaceted and
extremely powerful the symbols just on their own have a lot of power in them so
that’s the difference between drawing rooms and casting rooms it is important
to note that your runes are just like any other tool that you have a pendulum
or a wand or a crystal and you do want to cleanse them when you first get them
but you also want to make sure that they can bond with you it’s a good idea to
keep them nearby or on your person if you can keep
in a pouch or in your pocket if you put them like in your bed while you’re
sleeping or just get them out sometimes and play with that hold them in your
hands let them absorb your energy and vice versa and just get familiar with
your rooms to bond with them it’s really important that you would bond with your
rooms similarly to how you would part with a tarot deck if you’re not bonding
with your rooms then they are not going to be in sync with your personal energy
and you might not get the most accurate readings so that’s all I have for you
today casting and drawing rooms for the purpose of divination let me know if you
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