Dating by Zodiac Sign : How to End a Relationship With an Aquarius

Hi, I’m the Star Goddess, and here’s how you
end a relationship with an Aquarius. First,
and foremost, you never really end a relationship
with an Aquarius, because they’re the only
sign in the Zodiac that remain friends with
their exes and ill marry an ex, not just once,
but often twice. Aquarius are the most social
people in the zodiac, and they value their
friends and their communications with their
friends above everything else. So if you truly
want to end your relationship with an Aquarian,
cut them off from their friends, take away
their communication devices, and make them
stay at home on the couch gazing into your
eyes all day long. Sooner or later, it will
drive the Aquarian crazy and they’ll have
to leave just because they need the socialization.
So the key to getting rid of an Aquarian is
to draw them closer and be more needy, and
that very fact will make them the anti sign,
turn on their heels, and run as far away from
you as you can. So that’s how you get rid
of an Aquarian. I’m Janet Sciales, the Star
Goddess, and that’s better living through

  • I dumped an Aquarius… but it took 2 months to do it, lol. He got a bit needy toward me, not the other way around… it took 2 months because he kept trying to get me back… pretty damn annoying. I should have just done what she said.

  • Getting rid of anyone like this is so underhanded. It's like trying to dump someone without coming across as the bad guy. I'm Aquarius and I'd prefer someone told me straight up.

  • Careful xD I think that's the only way to get rid of an aquarian. Taking away his freedom…completely!
    If you do something else…like telling him directly "get lost" you might get killed lol xD no, rly…we can be your best friends…or ur worst nightmare >:)

  • lol to funny i'm aquarius and thats far from the truth i married an aquarius and we are still married and we have the best realtionship ever

  • What kind of advice is this, why would anyone be so cruel as to lock up an Aquarian in a room? Air signs can't be restricted, I'm a Libra and I know this.

  • You know what, I actually did run as fast as I could when my past relationships got too clingy to me :L
    I guess they saw this video before me 😉

  • @impamiizgraa I didn't assume anything at all, and I didn't say you wanted him to dump you. I said that you did exactly what the video, titled "How to End a Relationship with an Aquarius", says to do, and then got mad when the relationship ended. Kinda dumb, don't ya think?
    The seriousness of the relationship is completely irrelevant.

  • @impamiizgraa And my "question" was more about you, specifically, rather than women in general, and I certainly wasn't asking you for advice of any kind, but if you think your problem is simply that you're a "creature of mystery", then you're worse off than I suspected.

  • @impamiizgraa Everything I've said is based on the information you provided. I'm really curious as to which part of what I said makes you think that I don't know what I'm talking about. Please enlighten me.

  • This is preposterous; I'm an Aquarian and all I do is spend time with my husband at home, and I am the most needy person ever. Maybe I'm a broken one 🙂

  • you don't have to really get rid of an aquarius most likely they will know we are pretty intuitive, although we are stubborn so we may not necessarily be ready for you to leave us. I think the best thing is to be upfront and stern.

  • I am an Aquarius. You don't need to get rid of me. The moment I sense things don't work out and already pack up and leave. Yeah, I detest pettiness and cheapskates so that could be a real turn off. Being cheap to get rid of me may work.

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