Dating by Zodiac Sign : How to Date an Aries

Hi, I’m the Star Goddess, and here is some
tips for dating an Aries. Aries are a cardinal
fire sign of the very first sign of the Zodiac,
and they rule by the planet Mars. As such,
whatever it is they’re doing, they want to
be the first person to do it. These are the
first guys to try a new restaurant, a new
club, a new adventure, because Aries are the
go see and doers. So if you want to go out
with an Aries, the most important thing to
do is don’t plan a boring, mundane, dull evening.
Roll up in a really hot car, bright red really
attracts their attention. Pull up on a motorcycle,
take them skydiving, take them rock climbing,
and since they’re very competitive, the best
things to do is to take them out and beat
them at their own sport. Because if you do
that, you’ll find that you’ve stirred their
passion, because not only have you beaten
them, but you have proved you are worthy of
them. So the best thing to do with an Aries
is provide a fun filled, action packed evening,
and the more things you try and cram into
that given time span, the more the Aries is
going to like it. That’s better living through
astrology. That’s how you date an Aries. I’m
Janet Sciales, the Star Goddess.

  • haha.. true yes.. competitve.. and if some1.. a girl.. beats me at my own game.. i kindoff get attracted by that indeed.. for some reason..
    and about the color red its also true..

  • i hate nothing more then walking behind someone who walks REALLLY SLOW or waiting for my cup of water to be filled to the top, as it gets slower and slower as it reach the top!!! it justs makes me go insane inside… while on the outside i look calm..

  • "Beat them at their own sport" haha I'm an Aries, but have a Leo moon so that would piss me off. Aries: Compete! Leo: Must win!

  • naww u see scorpios do rule the sex organs but still that doesnt mean theyre the best at sex, aries is lustful n we represent FIRE! c'mon cant go wrong with dat.

  • my rising sign is in aries.. and so is my mars
    and I've always liked the color red.. alot of people don't believe in astrology, but alot of it is very accurate..

    I don't see why people don't believe in it..

  • So true. I'm an Arian and my absolute favorite color is red. I'm incredibly impatient and I hate being bored.

  • I'm a female…a true Arian….I also dislike being bored unless I want to be, I am very impatient, hate any kind of long line waiting..(So guys, no 1st date with an Aries if it has to do with a long, slow-moving line and for some damn reason I always wind up in one 🙁 …. I'm a sucker for a guy riding a motorcycle, luv a guy to say "this is what I have planned for us" to me that's sexy…..but definitely NO Jealous/Controlling behavior from a guy, we ARIES women hate that shit.

  • it is not really a lie. it is a generalization. Alot of other factors in astrology effect the spefic kind of sign you are. The science astrology is often misunderstood, it does not really tell you who somone is or predict your future. It simply is a measure of the vibration which you carry with you, and you do not have to play along with these vibrations and there for the general characteristics of your sun sign do not always accuratly describe your personnality.

  • I am an aries myself, and have done alot of research into my birthchart recently. it is accurate to the t's. but i have not always been the same person. i have been granted the oppertunitie to do alot of 'soal searching' in my life and as i have learned to let go of my conditioning and be more of who i feel i am, i find that i fall more and more into the characteristics of what an aries is. esspecially when i look at who i was as a small child.

  • I agree with the aries description. I wouldn't say that they're promiscuous, cuz if we find somebody really worthy of us, we'll stick up for them no matter what. But if you're boring, we have no problem cutting you off cuz we're brutally honest.

  • @xdirtyretro


    I love me an Aries, boy oh boy >;) They are omega hot

  • @Caedus46 I couldn't agree with you more XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Nobody can ever see me being angry to anyone or anything, but on the inside I'm raging with fire <3

  • @KittieLunacy
    ur right, we aries happy people not doin much,
    BUT if u heard correctly, she said to take THEM skydivin, hopem in a motorcycle, rock climbin ect… dont ask us to do them, cuz we hate to do stuff.. challenge us 😉

  • @AzzyLeaf you need to obtain time you were born to add the other signs that are apart of what makes you. I have Taurus as my Moon sign so I'm a tad calmer then your average Aries. I can be lazy as heck! There's no place like home 😀

  • @MsxParamorexfreak
    you don't say it weird, you just say it wrong. as an aries to another aries, i can tell you that much. if that's the casethen you are as you say, a ries.

  • This is so silly; I hope no one takes this vid seriously.
    I know aries people who are the complete antithesis of this

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