Dating by Zodiac Sign : How to Date a Pisces Female

Hi I’m the Star Goddess and here are some
keys for dating a Pisces female. The first
thing you have to understand about Pisces
is they are ruled by the planet Neptune. Their
glyph is or their symbol is a fish. Two fish
with their tails tied together swimming in
opposite directions. Pisces face the constant
conflict between what they think they should
do and what they feel you should do. And those
are always at odds so they try and get both
of their needs met and end up doing nothing.
The hardest thing about dating a Pisces is
when you show up making sure she’s not crying,
she’s not weeping and she’s ready to actually
go out of the house. Pisces are, they would
like to help people out given the opportunities
if you want to drag one out of their house.
Make sure you take him to something like a
charity benefit or something for helping Jerry’s
kids, but the key to getting a Pisces to go
out on a date and to have a good time is to
make sure that there’s some redeeming social
value inside of the date. If that fails and
the best thing to do is grab a bottle of wine,
a loaf of bread, a handful of drugs and find
a nice couch in a nice quiet room to veg on.
So that’s the key to dating a Pisces, that’s
better living with your astrology. I’m Janet
Sciales the Star Goddess.

  • Apparently, we're supposed to be so depressed and emotionally unstable that we need drugs and alchohol to escape.
    =_=…no, not true for me.

  • i have just watched and heard a load of bullshit, i am a pisces female and have never touched a drug in my life.and as for sitting in a dark corner!!!
    goddess my ass,get a grip on yourself. you do not have a clue,

  • WTF!!!!!!
    HEy, I'm a pisces! i'm sensitive, and i'm creative, and yes i do like to help people when i feel like it
    but to say we all do drugs…bullshit
    i DO NOT take drugs, im not even INTERESTED!!!!!! I know this should not apply to ALL pisces but still…
    I'm not emotionally unstable to the point where i would endanger myself… *rolls eyes*

  • I'm a TAURUS male and I think PISCES females are so sexy. I just love there personality and they are so cute….. but, I don't like the drug thing though….

  • lol imagine that, hey babe i made you a cake for our date 🙂 it's topped with hundreds & thousands, desiccated coconut and a sprinkle of COCAINE!

  • I thought the whole drug thing was just so funny. She thinks we're weak, but whatever. Wine will be nice for dinner. Gotta have some class

  • hey miss, you got your signs screwed up! I was shy in 7th grade, but i grew out of it, and aparently so have some others, i am also a big astrolocal follower, and i like to compare my personnality to other's opinions. I have taken drugs, but im sure as hell not addicted to it. And you may think that we are sad people, but truth is, once you get over that hill, a field of endless happiness awaits, all my friends think im the most sociable person around!

  • Drugs? ARE YOU SERIOUS? I happen to be a female pisces and I hate dark quiet rooms, and DO NOT take drugs (wine? dont drink alcohol)actually I tend to prefer rooms with a LOT of people during a party(WOOHOO! :3)

  • I Don't do drugs, I don't drink. So I don't know what this lady talking about. I don't like sitting in a house….or in a dark quiet room. Thats some BS

  • yeah im a pisces… of corse i would love to go out and drink and do drugs and help the needy kids who are suffering threw drugs and alcohol abuse all at the same time… yeah right!

  • You know what, all of my Pisces friends are like this. Smoking, drinking, hiding at home, always unsure of what to say. Hell, I know an alcoholic MORMON, if that's not astrology going against how you were raised I don't know what is.

  • Well, this advice didn't work. I brought a loaf of bread, bottle of wine, and a bag of pot and she slapped me.

    Thanks alot.

  • Pisces like to get lost in their deepest of feelings, so yes… a lot of them can fall into drug or alcohol abuse… (Liza Minelli, Johnny Cash). but not always. If they learn how to control those deep emotions they can be some of the most brilliant people on the zodiac… (Albert Einstein). They may also be very good at practicing reiki, or accupuncture. Pisces can also go far in the medical world.


  • i'm pisces and this is crazy,, sure i'm sensitive but i absolutely dont like to get high unless depressed.. a date in front of the tv sounds boring. prefers to be taken out to exciting places.. dancing.. and eating out.. maybe this lady is the pisces who drowns in drugs. LOLOLOL

  • what the hell??? pisces are the weeping crying hermits of the zodiac, that won't get out of the house unless we're helping a charity..umm

  • nah i am piesces and though i am sensitive and overemotional sometimes but i dont to get high and i am not an alcoholic
    and well we are not that boring sitting all day in front of a tv ;s

  • I think she needs to keep studding the sign lol! Drugs ? No not me at all! Half a star for you! I'm experimental with life, but far from a hand full of drugs!

  • @PandaOtaku You honestly should watch all of her videos; she is overly extensive with every all so common placed stereotypes pertaining to just about every single sign out there! I am not bluffing I assure you. I do admit that I was indeed offended at first, but after viewing her remaining videos I found that she in fact labels not only Pisces, but also Aries, Taurus, and Leo to name only a few. Listen closely to what she says and you will surely find that many of her claims are ……………

  • @PandaOtaku in fact so farfetched and blown out of proportion that you just may find the humor in it! You really should try it! She should be a stand up comedian! Classic, absolutely hilarious! There absolutely is no need to waste precious energy brewing over every last comment she makes; rather than allowing these things to ruffle your feathers, simply try to brighten your day by making the attempt to find the humor in them. You in turn will be glad that you did ^-^!

  • Whats with her and mentioning we just want a handful of drugs in every video about Pisces?? I'm alittle offended joke or not

  • @PossitivelyNegative Agreed. I'm a pisces and all I care about if being with and making my significant other happy. A charity on a first date wouldn't be the ideal, but if i care about the charity or the person I'm with doese sure. Not right off or I'm going to think the person doesn't have a life outside of that.

  • She, like so many others, has an incredibly difficult time summarizing Pisces. Truth is, she doesn't have Pisces any more "figured out" than anyone else does. My theory is most astrology-columnists bag on Pisces because they probably had their heart broken by one in the past – and that was probably because they tried to "figure them out" and learned that they went about it all wrong.

    And what's up with the drug thing? Pisces are no more inclined to be "escapists" than anyone else.

  • I know im an escapist but i have never thought of using drugs. I have a hard time confronting people so i try to avoid them.

  • Oh no. That wasn't very nice 🙁 You could have said Take them to the ocean for a relaxing evening, read them poetry, walk through a rainstorm holding hands at night in Paris.. anything but what you actually did say. But you're a Virgo. Should have guessed. No hard feelings, but what you said was rude. I'm a Pisces and now I feel like I want to cry. (Just kidding! – sort of…)

  • I'm a Taurus male and I personally find Pisces females to be the sexiest signs of the zodiac… next would be Cancer, then Virgo females….

  • she just generalized it. Kurt Cobain was a druggie for example. not saying pisces is druggy anyone can be one. Some of the things she said was true about pisces. I am a pisces. I am more of the surviving fish, not the other escaping fish.

  • I am a Pisces woman and I am quite offended by your generalizations. I have never been addicted to drugs or anything of the sort. I do understand that some Pisces do have addictive behaviors, but to say that we all do is a big stretch!

  • Drugs? What a stupid bitter old women and Im a Pisces and I hav no problem exiting my House Door!!! This Women is a fake pshcologist or sumething

  • I seriously can't see myself in what she is saying.
    Yes I'm a Pisces.
    No I don't cry or whine, and I don't take drugs:
    whats the point in doing so when you can get high on life itself?
    Yes, I feel bad for people when they're in pain or in need, but I don't throw myself to the "sharks" so to speak! Yeah sure I like to know what I get myself into, but who wouldn't?
    My fellow Pisces don't believe a word this woman is saying!

  • In the last 3 videos I watched with this bitch, she always fail to say something nice. And again, I hate drugs and I could be in a world with only drugs and still wouldn't be tempted.

  • ima pisces an drugs ewwl i hate when i see pple around smokin like its the end of the world yo ass is trippin and i love helping out but if on a datw why go to a charity were not that stuck up only way we come out is to help il go fun places too

  • I think if someone suggested sitting on a sofa with a bunch of drugs, a loaf of bread and a bottle of wine – I wouldn't know them much longer.

  • hahahha what the actual hell???!! firstly lady no I do not want to go to a charity event on a first date… I agree with the post under me, I would like to go to an amusement park!! and no we're not druggies and that last 20 seconds was horrible!!

    lol at my fellow fishies attacking you!!

  • No one will ever figure us out, that's our secret .. not even this so called astrologer … I say "so called" because she has absolutely no idea what she's talking about. "A bottle of wine, and a handful of pills"??? REALLY!? …. that could be anyone! An I sure as hell don't wanna spend my nights out at charity events! Anyone looking for astrology advice needs to run from this chick.

  • @Delphi333 Nice try. 😉 Your reaction is how she describes Pisceans…super-sensitive. Nut up, fish! 🙂 No offense btw.

    You probably disagree simply because you read something else first…and etched it into your mind as being right cuz most of it applied to your view of yourself at the time.

    The truth is we're all individuals; we take what we like and fuck all the rest, whether it be astrology, religion, politics, etc. You're more unique than any astrologist would imply. It's a good thing!

  • "Grab a bottle of wine, a loaf of bread, a handful of drugs, and find a nice couch in a dark, quiet room to veg on." hahaha I'm a pisces and if a chick ever set this up as a date I'd fucking love her.

  • Lol. What the hell is this. Everything she said is literally everything i dislike and.. i'm quite a pisces.I'll probably defriend the person if they dragged me to a charity place. I'm against drugs. And i don't want my date to be just.. sitting on couch ; drinking. This vid is.. so off.

  • i think there was a typo in this video title i think they meant how NOT to date a pisces female.
    because i vowed never to drink or do drugs

  • What tha??? Am a pisces and if she gave a guy those kind of tips to date me, I would whack him with a baseball bat. She is sooo off. Yes charity is important to me but thats not i want on a date. What happened to a nice romantic picnic by the lake or something on a sunny 70degrees day.

  • ……this is so insulting…a pisces is way more then a shut in druggie who likes fuckin charity! …i dont even like drugs! if i do them i might DIE cuz i have sum fuked up asthma! if ur taking me on a date and dragin me out the house you better take me to the aquarium oooor sky zone! dont make me slap a bitch! lol jk but seriously!

  • I'm a Pisces female and NONE of this is true about me. I am actually offended this is a professional dating advice channel.

  • She is bring nasty…I watched other videos for my moon and ascendant sign. She only gives the negative sides of the signs… if gnats all there is to them. Very negative.

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