Dating by Zodiac Sign : How to Date a Libra Woman

Hi, I’m the Star Goddess, and here are some
tips for dating a Libra female. The thing
you have to understand about Libra women is
first of all they are beautiful. These are
drop dead good looking women, and they are
looking for somebody who is worthy of them.
That means you have to have enough money.
That means you have to provide a fabulous
ride, and an elegant, upscale destination,
because Libras don’t slum it. Libras even
if they start out life in a trailer, they’re
going to end up in a stone castle on Bay Shore
because where it is you take them to matters
so much more than what it is you do when you’re
there. So if you really want to date a Libra
female you have to show up impeccably dressed,
but not better dressed than she is, or she’ll
resent you for it. And you have to be prepared
to spend a ton of money, to wine, dine her,
and most importantly, treat her like a lady,
because Libra women like to be ladies in the
living room and sluts in the bedroom. And
as long as you are aware to keep the two things
separate and you treat her like a lady, you
will be in for the ride of your life. So that’s
a tip for dating the Libra female. I’m Janet
Sciales, the Star Goddess, and that’s better
living through astrology.

  • my friend (which use to be my girl) is the sign libra.

    she likes expensive things..

    but I think for any woman.. does'nt matter the sign man.. ANY woman should be satisfied with a man that treats her fair, and is good to her..

    none of this other BULLSHIT should matter..
    case closed.. signs don't have ANYTHING to do with compatibility..

    The personality traits are true, and accurate, I will give them that..
    this does sound like her..
    but the compatibility shit.. I don't believe..

  • yeah i am a libra woman and i dont agree with the money part but i totally agree with lady in the living room and slut in the bedroom part!! 😀

  • honey u r telling the truth. i'm a september libra. everything u said is right on. keep up the work

  • u must b a october libra. there is a diffrence in september libra and october libra. but we all ladies but sumthing nortorious in tha bedroom. lol

  • hey yeah!! i am an october libra :))) hehe yeah, we libran ladies are all attractive and beautiful and aware of this qualitiess ;))

  • I'm not too sure of this. I'm a Libra man and all the Libra women that I've dated weren't really materialistic. She was right about the looks though. Libra women are very attractive.

  • i totally agree with u.. although i havent grown up in a poor family i dont mind if he is got money or not, all i want is romance 😉

  • im a libra and i love nice beautiful things, but i would date someone just beacuse they have that, and they dont have to have fancey things to date me…. they just have to bee sweet, funny honest and careing

  • Im an Aquarius and I had a relationship with a libra, and wow it was amazing, I think thats why I always look for libra women now it works so well.

  • libra girls are materialstic.. and yeah gorgeous too.. i am leo.. so high quality stuff matches but she always expect me to compliment her, and i am like "whatever"

  • i'm a libra female and i agree. to be honest though, my date does not have to take me to a fancy resturant, for me i am romantic not really super expensive type so a well planned out picnic or dinner cooked in the house is very appricated. tip: make sure the place is not over cluttered and messy. efforted is what makes a libra , atleast myself really happy. peace

  • i had relationship …… i no doubt say they very beautiful
    but u hav to give her smthing whn evr u met …. u hav to compliment n show how special she is …..
    beside frm tht they r very hot head.. we broke up 3 times now
    n they believe wat evr other ppl has to say abut u ( anything bad ) n break up

  • Oh and we are often very observant and tend to have a natural ability to psycho analyze people without even meaning too. I know personally, I can usually see right through a person. It's really hard for somebody to hide something from me because I will pick up on it through their little ticks. I think this is why we may seem like gossipers because we love observing people!

  • I agree I thought this was pretty inaccurate… it seems pretty stereotypical and not very well thought out. First of all, I know a couple libra's aside from myself and I know that from reading several comments and observing other libra's myself we are NOT all about luxury. That to me is complete BS.. although some might be, what we are about is the beauty of the world. That to us is luxurious enough. We have a way of spotting out beauty and it drives us.

  • Beauty does not equal expensive items my dear. Beauty can come in the most finest and simplest forms. Yes we have the ability to pick up on fine detail that would seem minuscule to most… to say that we love fancy restaurants and expensive designer clothes is crap. That is a completely wrong interpretation of the libra if you ask me. I for one am totally not into that. I like to live simple. I have a pretty hippie out look on the world.

  • thank god libra men arent spoiled like she said about libra women, wait a minute, fudge, im spoiled, dammit

  • I'm a libran, but I'm not a high maintenance kind of gal…i love simple ways, yet sweet and romantic….:)

  • Yup…It is true…My ex-gf is like that..Exactly same..She loves money and she is really looking for somebody who is worthy of her… But not all libra girls are like her I think..Lol

  • Wtf? I'm a libra and I don't need something expensive, just thoughtful. But we love elegance and have a beautiful perspective. Libras are great at manipulating and interrogation too. Elegance is EVERYTHING. 😀

  • This is kind of not true. I'm a Libra and I'm not high maintence at all…. and I'm not all that good looking either 😛

  • Libran women love balance. That’s why the scales represent them. Not scales on their skin.
    But they love balance. Which is why I was so surprised and shocked to be dating a Libran woman who had one eye higher up her face than the other.
    I couldn’t stop staring at those eyes. Which she mistook for flattery.
    She asked me who I reminded her of.
    I was about to say Quasimodo, but I changed it to “a work of art”.
    Which made her smile.
    “By Picasso.” I added.
    Which made her stop smiling.

  • @kaymarie888 I think I can agree with you about that -I'm libra too- but I don't think I avoid confrontation, just sound waaaay much kinder than I would. Another thing that I hate about my sign is the capability of being good friend with two mortal enemies. After a while they start feeling betrayed and both people will start treating me as a spy or something. Eventually they could become good friends and yet leave be behind.

  • I do have expensive taste…BUT money can't buy me love. I don't want a poor man with only 5 bucks on our date. But I don't I want a rich man with horrible personality. I'm very picky I can't help it. 🙂

  • I'd prioritize romance before money. If the date is romantic, I don't care how much he spends on me. He needs to be dressed in a way that makes other girls jealous of me, but not enough to attract a huge crowd of women. If he does, then he needs to push them away, and show them that I'm his girl <3

  • I don't agree completely with the to be rich and ritzy. Libran males and females both love to be viewed as intellectuals. They also both love to be treated like a lady or gentleman, whether you're going out to eat at a 5 star $100 entree restaurant, or you're just taking them out to a fast food place.

    Libra loves to be lavished, but not all Libra are automatically searching for the exquisite lifestyle. However, yes, they tend to ruminate about their appearance.

  • @siesiek123 are u really that stupid or what .. put this on google search 'No, your zodiac has not changed' and read some articles !

  • well to be honest….not ALL libras are like that…. example me no i dont like getting gifts and money. well of course its nice to get gifts but being a gold-digger or materialistic. no! personality, love, humor and of cousre being unique is whats best. and that be many people!

  • @geishathor I did, and even going by that logic, my sign DID change according to the Babylonian zodiac, so your calling me stupid really depends on what type of astrology I believe in. And it just so happens that I don't believe in any at all, although I still find it fun to look at horoscopes and stuff. But in all honesty, if I were to believe in astrology, I would believe in the Babylonian kind. Because that's actually based on the STARS as astrology implies, not Earth's seasons.

  • @siesiek123 your sign DOES change once in every few years under the sidereal/babylonian astrology and is NO big news. it happens coz of the 13th sign. so if you really believe in sidereal astrology, you should ve known it before you commented here ! it is because this time, the zodiac change got some unnecessary hype coz of some lame tabloid. and please dont mind my words, i m a Libran and very soft spoken, but expect people to have a better or at least equal intellect about things as me. 😀

  • @geishathor I guess you missed the part where I said I don't believe in astrology at all. I was just saying that sidereal astrology makes more sense, if any at all.
    Anyway, I see now that this change isn't really a change at all, I but I would hope that you wouldn't expect EVERYBODY to know about it. While I totally understand your frustration when fallacies are spread so easily, the nature of astrology isn't common knowledge, even to those who believe in it.

  • @siesiek123 exactly.. its really frustrating when such fallacies spread like wildfire and people are asking about it all over the internet. anyways, has someone ever told you that you have a pleasant nature. I bet you are a girl.. pm me anytime u re free. i like talking to people like you.

  • I'm a Libra woman, and I could care less about money. I will say tho, whenever I shop, the first thing that catches my attention also happens to be pretty expensive. Whenever my mom (also a Libra) and I go shopping, we both end picking up the most expensive things without knowing the price tag. Then we realize, and place it back lol.

  • @Ocean3589 That's the thing I find funny too. I always shy away from attention, and hate being in the spotlight. I do think to a certain degree we are vain tho. Just in a different way. We have a balance between being vain and being aloof. At least that's how I am lol.

  • Pretty? [ I'm not pretty much] a CASTLE? [ ????"] Rich? Are you serious??? I'm nice. I hate um you know that kind of err nasty things and yeah… sounds more like a diva? I'm nice, polite, and not a diva or like a wanting kind of matter. Life is Life you know… Lol I watched this and I'm a girl =p I have less of things and I guess Less is more….

  • @lovelee182 Listen braah u didnt have to take all that in offence lol i was just saying my eperience with libra but if u want to take that in offence its totally fine… i cant talk also about ur scorpio ex bec i honostly dont know anything about it.

  • Libra woman, Virgo ascendant here. I'm probably going to sound like a textbook woman of the Scales in saying this, but I don't believe it's fair to paint this superficial picture of Libran women. Sure, we like to be aesthetically pleased, but as an air sign, we'vealso got to be given credit as intellectuals. Here's some REAL advice for the man interested in dating the Libra woman — spend MORE time picking apart her brain than trying to impress her solely with silly, materialistic things.

  • Libra woman, here. I must say, I am rather surpeised that this union only received a 4 out of 5. I've been involved with my Aquarius man for a little over a year, now, and aside from his occasional aloofness and our tendency to avoid uncomfortable expressions of emotion, I have absolutely no real complaints. He suits me perfectly. 🙂

  • I'm a libra woman and half of this does not even fit me. XD I could care less about money and if my man comes better dressed then me or if they do everything fancy I'm more into knowing them and spending time with them then anything, plus I'm more of a nerd then drop dead sexy. XDD I do want respect though but i don't need to be treated like a lady.

  • im a libra women, but money isn't everything but I do look for a hard working guy that can provide for me but also want to provide for myself. This is pretty accurate though, I must say because I love being respected and knowing you will be there for me no matter what. If you really want a libra to love you compliment them all the time and do stuff with them it doesn't have to be expensive just romantic and you will have her

  • @sherebrum
    Owh, actually 'money' makes us feel more safe… but never mind too much about it… make her feel safe by being honest and show her that you work hard to earn her love .. Then you'll be surprized by a volcano of emotions and fun ^_~ because at the end of the day money is easy come easy go.. but love is too hard to be found, right? … I'm curious, what's your Zodiac?

  • Jeez, I'm a Libra, but expensive stuff isn't important to me (especially for a date). In fact, I always feel GUILTY when a guy spends money on me. I'm much more focused on what we do and how well the date goes. I have specific tastes and I know what I like, but that doesn't mean they're expensive and extravagant.

    I do agree about the whole "being treated like a lady" thing though. So true. If a guy says as much as a crude joke in front of me too soon, I immediately lose interest.

  • Just got done, with a Libra relationship. I am a Scorpio male. They are very lady like in the streets and YES very much little sex kittens. They love music and fantasy like experiences. The $ varies per person. But, they are very much into externals of people more than the internals.

  • Im a libra and this is pretty true. The things at stores that always catch my attention are the most expensive things. And i do like nice cars and the houses i like are huge and expensive.

  • Agree 100% ladies in the living room.. Sluts in the bedroom.. I am a libra.. Only a special man can get this though..

  • At gabbo 2010.. Libra woman always want a long term relationship.. She was letting you down politely… Iibra woman are all about manners

  • I don't eat fast food when I'm alone unless its an emergency food stop like on a road trip.. We treat ourselves well and we expect nothing less from our partners because we will treat them well as too.. Out mates are an extension of ourselves

  • I'm a libra woman and my sag ex boyfriend loved it in the bedroom. He bought out my inner sex kitten. Well if only he stayed 🙁 left me for a Virgo for no reason. Go figure

  • So fucking true. I've just started dating a Libra, and she EXPECTS to be wined, dined and "taken care of" all the time. She's shockingly beautiful but she's just as demanding. She flirts with everyone, but hates it when other gilrs even just look at me. She's loyal though. I try to take her to nice places and she appreciates it, but its never enough. I don't think we'll last beacuse I'm a jelous guy too – Aries. But I am enjoying the relationship for now.

  • I scanned some of the responses. I feel that this is a useful video. My cousin would like to become astounding with girls. He came to understand a shit load from Master Attraction. (Google it if you want pretty good emails on picking up girls.) The strategies relating to seducing girls at nightclubs from Master Attraction got him his first fucks in over a few years. I was really bothered however considering that I heard them all. Grrrr.

  • All I heard in this video is money money money! Yes, libras have connections to material things. So we may be more susceptible to material gifts than other signs. But that doesn't mean the whole world revolves around money! #1 rule for libras is DONT FIGHT! To give real advice, I would say just make it worth her time (mentally, emotionally, monetarily, sexually, etc). Libras are deal makers. Give a good deal and you can do business!

  • I'm bothered. My nephew resides in the next room and he just lately turned fantastic at picking up a lot of women. The guy found the Master Attraction website (Search in Google) by Jake Ayres. All he's doing now is fucking women. He's always having the ladies back and I hear it. It's disgusting and I wish he had not discovered that site. My best friend just signed up and got a blowjob a week later.

  • She must not see me in my sweatpants and tshirt. But fine dining, and you can't look crazy going out is right.

  • be clean clean clean..we Libra women aren't sluts..just for that one guy we love!  We like the finer things in life, but not more than we love your intelligence, wit, loyalty and compassion.   I really detest generalizations.. 

  • Sluts?? Wow i dont like this astrologer she needa go back n read her junk again on libras. First off yeah we are attractive n like to look nice ima libra woman i can speak on my behalf but the way she puts it out there like we're gold diggers or something. Never have i been one i just get offered money know who aint gone turn down some money???lol come on now. She got her info wrong on us need to go back n redo it.

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