Dating by Zodiac Sign : How to Date a Leo Woman

Hi I’m the Star Goddess and here are some
tips for dating a Leo female. The most important
thing to realize about dating a Leo female
is that you have to think you are the luckiest
man on the planet to even think you have a
chance with taking her out. Leos are the most
expensive girls in the Zodiac and it is a
good idea to show up with a gift and you better
make sure it is jewelry, fur, or lingerie
because Leos don’t consider toasters an appropriate
gift. Leos are the most dramatic. They are
the most firey and outgoing of the signs and
if you want to impress a Leo you have to take
them to something that nobody else gets to
go to because they like the air of exclusivity.
They like to think that they are the Queens
of the Zodiac and you need to sit at their
feet, be their adoring audience and think
that you are the luckiest man on the planet
and that they have given you their smile and
their shine on you. Leos are impressed with
high class restaurants, first class rides,
first class tickets and anything that has
an air of exclusivity is going to make the
Leo purr with pleasure so those are the dating
tips for a Leo female. I’m Janet Sciales the
Star Goddess and that’s better living through

  • I fear Taurian women. I dated a few and they all needed to be handled with "Kid Gloves". Happy with my Leo!

  • hmm what is this lady smoking … im an Aquarius and im soon to be dating a leo and i dont have to do anything special…….

  • Ironicly i have 2 female friends who are both best friends an leo's as well and what she says in away describes them cause the do want to be part of exclucive things.

  • Jesus, sounds like a financial succubus!!!
    jk….I think giving them lingerie (as a first or second date) would be a really, really bad idea.

  • What she saying is the truth though. No one can step outside themselves and make an accurate evaluation. Leo's do infact have a very expensive taste. They love luxury, they are very aroused when you try to have authority over them. Leo's bow their head to no one! Leo's are good people person but it is a deeply spiritual reason why all the signs are the way they are, but what she said was for the most part correct. Leo's have many lovers.

  • Nootttt evennn… well, then again im just less prideful : i need to start acting wayyyy more confident cuz i like this potential now >:D

  • im 17 and born on july 23 o.0 didn't think this stuff was real and i've always been a name brand kinda gal..just thoght their was something wrong with me.

  • Im a Leo & hate expensive restaurants, getting gifts & being the center of attention Im a spend thrift always looking for a deal – I expect loyalty (who doesn't) – First class would be great but its expensive and would rather have lawn seats under the stairs anyway – I don't know too many leos who are this way – We are though perfectionists who are insecure and proud – this tends to play as arrogance and aloofness. What we need to do is not be so critical of ourselves and others

  • I don't expect it like she says omg I don't even hope for it but if they do treat me like a queen I do admit i get all bashful but still maintain my composure lol somewhat XD could you just brush it off if someone was like I'll do anything for you my queen/king? seriously.

  • As a leo this Janet woman should write a book about her vivid imagination beacuse she makes me laugh…

    …and laugh

    …and laugh


  • Wilt Chamberlain has been with women of every sign countless times, even those who he supposedly is not compatible with. Could it be that these types of conversations are totally irrelevent?

  • That is all you have to say about the Leo woman????? What about our loyalty? Our compassion? Our endless search for truth and love??? I am a Leo woman and this tuturial is shitty!!! We have many great qualities and we are not gold digging beasts. I am appalled Star Godess

  • '..They like to think that they are the queens of the zodiac and .. ' HOLD UP STAR GODDESS, WE DONT THINK, WE KNOW.

  • I'm a Virgo and I really like this beautiful Leo. I don't believe they are gold digging beasts or stuck up. I heard they are warm-hearted, generous, kind, and creative, and loyal and free-spirited. And I also heard they love attention and compliments, or at least appreciate them. But what else do leo's like?

  • I could listen to her and give her attention, or I could write her a poem or make something since I heard some Leo's like art and poetry.

    Would a Leo like that?

    Btw, some say Virgos are very critical, but not me. I'm a real easy going and laid back Virgo.

  • That s not true at all. I m an lioness I cant care less about type of car, first class ticket or etc. I care about personality. I was told many times that i have a great personality and v faithful so that s why i think the guy that i go out with is the LUCKIEST on planet of earth!

    So moral of story for 'Janet" ? is ur name—- get ur fact straight,,,,U r absolutely wrong about leos!

  • Would a Leo like it or at least appreciate it if I were to say she's beautiful and extravagant and better than any other girl around?

  • i a leo and love aquarius ,sagg and aries, i get along best with them even thow aquariuse is my opposite ..2 opposites make a positivee

  • i think a toaster is a great gift! I'm a Leo and I hate expensive things I'm actually pretty cheap lol I think its more of attention we want from our significant other than materialistic things

  • I don't agree with this, I am a Leo female and not a snob, this chick she's describing sounds like a snob. I am sooo not materialistic either!

  • I don't agree with this, I am a Leo female and not a snob, this chick she's describing sounds like a snob. I am sooo not materialistic either! i just want a fun time and romance.

  • I'm a leo and all I want my mate is romance and attention, don't have to have the finer things in life but it would be nice. A walk in the park, holding hands, talking down to earth chatting, flirting with me, being real is what I'm about and honest .I 'm a no games kind of women, loyal, honest,given person.I'm a Leo.I love a man that smells good,cologne , and the works, dressed nice, good manners,etc.he don't have to be rich ;just be honest, and loyal and truthful.I'm sure there is more.

  • I don't want fur…I mean, all in honesty, if you have enough money to buy me expensive jewelry the first place, I'd much rather you spend it on taking the two* [key word here] of us to a nice, romantic 5 star restaurant with good food and conversation.

    Sure, I may like nice things more than the average bear, but it's more of the thought that matters, you know? I don't NOT like toasters because they're cheap, but because it holds no though, aka sentimental value.

  • Im a female Leo and im not materialistic! The only EXCLUSIVITY i want is my mans time and that is all. My bf whom i love very much doesnt have money but i love him for his personality. He's funny as. I love him. And if i want jewellery or anything like that, i like to get things myself and pay for it myself. Just sayin :/

  • i'm a Leo woman.. I've heard that we are the expensive girls in the zodiac.. i thought, that we are not. We do appreciate gifts, we value them especially from our special someone. It's so awkward when she says that we want first class tickets and such, but it's true that we want to be adored, praised and loved by everyone. but not necessarily expensive.

  • okay, materialistic? nah. do i like to spend money when i have it to spend? duh! i'd love to go see italy or buy those new pair of shoes i've been eyeballing for 2 months but i don't want someone else to buy it for me. kind of a pride thing – which makes sense for a leo. one on one attention is more of what i crave rather than party attention, if that makes sense? if you have a good joke, tell it 🙂 i love to laugh and make others laugh too. why so serious? haha

  • I love how all of us Leo women disagree with the materialistic part xD
    And it's true we can do without the gifts, if a person wants to give us a gift all it has to be is genuine from the heart.

  • Nice looking people and very hot in bed when you broken up with them its had to move on. I just want my baby 5 aug I missing u

  • I can’t disagree with you more. I’m a Leo sun. rising and mercury and expensive gifts are a BIG turn off to me. In fact all the ecamples you gave as what would be a great way to date a Leo female are all so uninteresting to me. Fur? Never! I could never wear a fur coat! It’s so cliché, old school and not at all in touch with my colorful personality! First class hotel and first class ticket? NO WAY IN HELL! I love the adventure itself! Sleeping in a hut under the starlight is fine with me.

  • Have you ever met a Leo female? My guess is no, because all the Leo females I know are anything but materialistic!!! We like men that are honest and challenging. Not men that buy us gifts! I know more Libras and Capricorns that are like that and definitely not us Leos. So this “Gold digger” label that you have erroneously associated to us Leo females is not accurate. Leos rule the heart and not the money in your pocket.

  • @tutus4life Shes trying to say that, you dont really want the expensive item, you just want someone to show you how much your the center of the solar system by how much they spend on you, a high price tag goes along with your need for, compliments, and a spotlight, remember its all about the Leo. The Leo will sell the item on ebay and then buy 10 cute flashy dresses and go to a party to get more attention. Now a LIBRA is materialistic, things matter more over people. (Leo mom, Libra son)

  • @tutus4life You Leos are so oblivious!!! The Leo wants the expensive gift. BUT. JUST to feel like the center of the solar system, it goes along with compliments, and a need for a spotlight. The Leo will SELL the expensive item afterward buy 10 dresses then go to a party inexpensive but flashy and indulge in the attention! Get it now? Libras tho. OMG. materialistic. We collect valuable stuff, indulge in it, touch it, clean it sleep with it, things matter more than owning people. -Libra w Leo mom-

  • It is said that Leo's love material things….and normally the zodiac sign fits me perfectly, but I really don't care about that. I'm a girl and a Leo also and it's pretty spot on almost all the time. I think she's right about the drama we bring and I do have to admit…I love to be adored (: But what she says about he expensive luxury items and places….isn't true for me at all. But yes I admit that being a Leo I do sometimes want my ego stroked. Oh well I still love being a Leo <3

  • I'm a Leo female and I am not at all big into a guy buying my love. If he can make me laugh, is respectful, easy to talk to, and physically affectionate then I'm a happy girl. When I go out I don't particularly like going out to restaurants I'm actually picnic with food he cooked under the stars type of girl. The materialistic side doesn't describe me but the whole ego thing totally fits me lol I love for my man to adore me and treat me like the center of the universe!

  • leos make the BEST friends but the worst girlfriends.. i just broke it off w/ my leo gf & the whole 2 yrs was ALL about her & it still wasnt enuff..

  • i love this leo women so much i dream about her , wake up to her just cant get her out of my head..she broke my heart thousands of times but i still go back to her.. she shows love and physical affection to me but i want more than that…im a pisces man.i get buttterflys every time i see her.. i just want her to be mine and she doesnt .. she was with a leo man before wat should i do????

  • @brightcrystle909 but i love her to much….i cant see her go away like that….. she broke my heart again….but i want my space…..but i want her only!!!!!!!!!!

  • Im a female Leo and im a bit like that sometimes. I love to be adored and I love exclusivity but I don't really like posh food that much.

  • Made us sound like gold diggers. We like money and gifts, but its about feeling special..not about the money itself.

  • You guys need to keep in mind that you should also be looking at your Rising sign and Moon sign as well! I'm a Gemini female but my moon is in Leo, along with Mars in Leo. This explains me pretty well :/ hahahah

  • I agree she had a tude with Leo's!! We are not gold diggers!! We just want to know and see you know how special we are together!! And again who doesn't like gifts & money?? Huh?????

  • Not true!!! Not true, not true, not true! We're the opposite of materialistic, hey we like gifts but we're not accepting of them. Most Leo's would also agree with that deep down we're pretty darn shy and more like cancers! Our firey personalities make us seem stronger than us Leo's really are!

  • ~Im a Leo Female and yes i love material things & receiving them like the princess i deserve to be treated but also keep in mind ur gift will be returned with a set of gifts thats how we show our affection not just with care & kindness n yes admitedly we all are shallow xD im the brutally honest type though -thats caus i have aries as my moon~

  • you make us sound like we are stuck up and fake? yes i do get impressed like that… but i also appreciate simple things as well

  • Was dating a leo girl for 3 years. She was nothing like that. She didn't care about money or expensive stuff. She was always on time and she was definetely submissive to me.

  • Im not materialistic and im a leo. I mean i would enjoy first class and extravogant things but its not a neccesity and i do appreciate simple things

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  • Venus in leo woman here. Everything you said is true about me. I am a cancer sun but in a relationship I operate just like you said. I want the best of everything.

  • Wow I think it takes more than a minute to describe what a Leo woman is and I’m dating one! Half of what you said is wrong please elaborate better on future videos

  • I'm a Leo woman.. Aug 7 /78 to be exact, I'm far from expensive I'd actually love to live off grid one day, I love small jewelry no fur, I don't like expensive things really! I'm more a playful/ loving lioness , I'd rather be just loved an maybe a gift of flowers an s home cooked meal more than anything!

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