Dating by Zodiac Sign : How to Date a Capricorn Woman

Hi, I’m the Star Goddess and here are some
tips for dating a Capricorn female. The hardest
thing about dating a Capricorn female is finding
out whether or not they’re interested in you
because these are the women of the great stone
faces. The corners of their mouth turn down,
so when they relax, sitting at a party, people
will come up to them and say are you having
a good time? Because they look like they’re
having a bad time. Once you get past that
crusty exterior Capricorn women are all about
business. If you want a date then you better
show up with an organized plan. They want
to know what time you’re coming. Where are
you picking them up? Where are you going?
Who is going to be there? And when are they
coming home? They need all those details in
advance. These are not the kind of women you
call up and say hey, I want to come over and
hang on your couch for a while ’cause the
Capricorn woman will say no. They want to
be wined, they wanted to be dined, and they
want to be impressed. Capricorn women really
respect power and control. If you can weave
that into your date, if you could take her
to some place where other people will acknowledge
who you are, your stature will go up in that
Capricorn’s eyes because these are some of
the best social climbers in the zodiac. So
the key to dating a Capricorn woman also is
to show up clean, on time, and not reeking
of cologne ’cause anything over the top is
a big turnoff to them. So those are some Capricorn
female dating tips, I’m Janet Sciales, the
Star Goddess, and that’s better living through

  • i disagree. i am a capricorn, and this sounds like me, to an extent. not everything astrological is going to be dead on, but basically this sounds like me.

  • they always make carpicorn sound so shallow!!!!!.im not that shalow. i wont the info. sure. but u can come hang out.i can smile. i don't care who u are. so long as your not a perv.and personly. i can't handly any one treating me exstra special like that. and pisces are not nearly that sencitive, i cry more then my pisces best friend dose.

  • People who try to paint a black and white picture on Capricorn do NOT know what they are talking about. The frown thing is a capricorn analyzing. Capricorns always analyze. However Capricorns are extremely chipper when you get to know them and have this funny smiling expression where they show all their teeth. Capricorn women make great friends but really bitter enemies. Be warned all. Be warned.

  • Right i don't give a rt's ass about my boyfriends social status i am not a gold digger and i don't love for money i want some who can love me for me as i love them for them not material bullshit.

  • where in the fuck did you get that from?
    1 i am a capicorn woman
    2 i love for love and not money cause you can't be love and loyality
    3 every position is a good position..;)

  • wtf?!?!

    is she sayin' that capricorn women are all

    bitter little gold diggers????

    i'm a capricorn woman and that is

  • That's partially true. But I think you need to keep in mind that all people are coruled by other signs (moon, rising, venus, and mars…) And I'm a capricorn– but I'm very happy with simplicity. You don't have to spend a ton on me. Maybe the fact that I have a Libra moon and a Pisces Venus has something to do with that.

  • Omg this is so true. People always think I'm a mean bitch because my natural face is angry looking! Then once they get to know me they go "I thougt you were a horrible witch when I first met you, but turns out you're cool." This woman is SPOT ON. Except I wouldn't mind if a guy said he wanted to come over and chill, but I -would- wonder why. Like, doesn't he have anything better to do with his time? I don't care about powerful guys though. Most of them are egotistical losers anyway.

  • she was right about being asked all the time if I'm ok I ALWAYS look mean lol, but She's off on a few things. Ok yeah I like to be impressed but I'm not quite so anal about knowing every detail of an event. Infact I love doing things randomly. As long as the guy looks clean and smells good I'm happy. He doesn't need to have the most expensive clothes he can find. But I'm also cross signed with Sagittarius so that could be it, who knows

  • Everything is true! i hate when guys wear so much cologne it gives me a headache, and in a bad mood. But, I dont think we look for someone that has recognition of his stature, as long as you hold yourself with a little confidence about yourself, and about your future we will find that attractive.

  • So true. I wouldn't care for someone who either has no status or no goals because I'd feel he would hold me back from achieving my own goals. Furthermore, not only are the corners of my mouth pointing downwards, I am also constantly told that I look angry while I'm not! And I do like to know every detail before going out – I hate spontaneous arrangements and I easily turn them down, muahahahah! Honestly, this video is spot on.

  • I always look like i'm mad at the world or something, or so i'm told…But when people get to know me they figure out that i'm not mean at all (I don't like being mean…). I don't like calogne because i'm a cappy? I like a little…No strong stuff though…But dang-that's pretty funny XD
    I don't care about social status! I don't care about gifts either! Words are better. I don't mind random pop-ups…But not all the time…Some true, most not.

  • Im a Capricorn nd I hate Rude pple, I get defensive fast, And i dont give a hoot what pple say. Im arrogant ,and ignorant but yet ya still say that capricorn females are all bout the work i dont thinkk thats true cuz im not all bout the workk im all bout the atitude….To be honest.

  • Im not a typical Capricorn cuz i choose my lifestyle not the horoscopes. They say 2 much crap which i dont believe ya can object but idfc cuz u kno its true….P.s. Capris r not boring it depends which one u meet.

  • Capricorn women look serious on the outside, very serious, but once they know you well, they are so devoted.

  • im pretty laid back for a capricorn aha
    & ofcourse im not a 'golddigger'. money & power arent so improtant to me @ all. i dont work myself to death, but i do try my hardest juss to make my folks proud. i DO put up a vague/serious-ish face when i dont mean to haha -___-'' but for a cap, i also DO joke around when i feel comfortable wit those around me.

  • somewhat true for me, although I'm not NEARLY as conservative as the typical Capricorn. I look for a really reliable person like a typical Capricorn. YES, be on time, and don't just randomly crash 'cause that just says "I don't give a damn" and not caring is a turnoff in general. exactly how I do it "Where, when, why how xD"

  • ok so far only half of this is true i am a capircorn and i do not want to be wined or dined or inpressed i would rahter hang out on you r choch so ya

  • Most of it its spot on, however I do not agree that Capricorn women have stone faced and don't show emotions

  • I am a Capricorn and I'm dating a Sagittarius and it turns out I know how to have more fun than he does. Also I'm a HUGE procrastinator and HATE to do work. The only thing that was true about me was the stone face thing. Also my birthday is December 22 so i was only one day away from being a Sagittarius , I guess I picked up a few of their traits too.

  • i feel loyalty is more expensive then money to a capricorn women and it is true when some of u said we have a comfort zone if you bring us there we are aboslutely fun to be with actually and youll be suprise with the outcome and the crazy things we will do.We are true bitter enimies hurt a single of my love ones and you are knocked dead even with our glances like dont even try it lol

  • And i think people misunderstand how we just look stone face,i figured out i do that sometimes too but im just thinking on my own about personal things.And like me im quiet when i do that and look hard to approach.but if you just try to slowly walk to and approach them,win their comfort they will talk to you instead of business they will try and know you in warm arms and big smiles but dont be misguided we dont like people who suddenly just dash and jump to us

  • not all Cappies are the same some are very social(NOT social- climbers) these talks alot and are very outgoing and then you have the more quiet ones more secured but still very fun to be with.Nahaha but temper is really bad not one you want to taste dont ever make a capricorn angry…or atleast not me xD im quiet but i dont think im hard to be with,my best friend calls me a clown even and shes a Sagit which isnt compatible wid cappies wen we argue its a battle we wont bak down till we are clear

  • O.O and since some of you cappies said this was true …i wonder what cappi are you called lol i havent met this kind of cappi tho.only the social ones and the quiet one like me

  • @tiramisuAsylum

    I think I get what you're saying,I'm a Capricorn too.Sagittarius are so fun and easygoing,they're such a breath of fresh air.We can be really silly when we're comfortable,am I right?

  • @carino15236

    I'm a Capricorn,and my pisces rising makes it easy for me to get along with people,but my sun in Capricorn makes it much harder for me to feel CONNECTED to people.Usually,when I do feel like I have a connection,it's with the deeper,more sensitive water signs(pisces,scorpio,cancer) or fellow sensible earth signs(taurus,virgo,capricorn)

  • @SunWithoutTheShine

    You sound way more like a Sagittarius!Maybe you are,you should check out the exact date and year. =]

  • @yumystery you got that right… 😀 like as in superrr lol ..but when we re mad at each other its like we want to strangle each other.

  • @pantuky I'm an Aquarius, but my Virgo Moon is why the woman digs me, i think. she tells me all the time that I'm just ridiculous, and that i like the strangest stuff. i just laugh inside whenever she says that. shes a Capricorn with a Leo moon.

  • That's seriously NOT true! I'm capricorn and I'm not even close to that! I like a date to be relaxing, and fancy dining is not a relaxing date.

  • SO true especially the need to have an organized plan I can't stand doing things at random I absolutely MUST know what the time frame is going to be.

  • @Mystrie20 its kind of bogus but i get you, im virgo man, im not saying idk what i want to be in life, just saying its kind of mean, and the part about dressing, well idk, i do agree on that but im more in to the persons heart.

    i know what i want to be in life, a medical examiner =)

  • @tiramisuAsylum Im a virgo man, but im like kind of scare that a capricorn will think im not in here level, i feel capricorns are just about business, i am too, but im more like a chill one. i guess im crazy ^_^ i talked to two capricorns and man i just felt like crap cause they seem like they werent interested, which sucked.

  • Most of it isn't true at all. I'm a Capricorn, and i would like to just hang around. I don't wan't expensive stuff or soo..

  • Im supost to be aquarius, but im not. I read somethings on the internet about capricorn and i felt like i pulled more from that.. but here i am nothing like the cappy she discribes. hmmmm i wonder if i am signless :/

  • I'm a Pisces man who dates a Capricorn woman. The one I date appreciates just about anything I do for her. The Star Lady makes Capricorn women out to be rigid, ambitious, judgemental and overly-materialistic idealists looking only for a sugar-daddy to use. I've not found that to be true at all. I wouldn't ever put up with personality traits such as those. Star Lady's assessment of Capricorn women is ridiculous.

  • Well. I don't know why but this is the exact opposite of me. (Jan 1 Cap) I do prefer spontaneous men to organized men. If someone called me like that I would most likely tell them to come over unless I really had something important to do. Otherwise I would just procrastinate it (like I always do) Also I am never on time. hahaha. And when choosing a man I would least care about his social status. Annnd I would rather choose place where I can b myself rather than something impressing.

  • @DoctorMadeME
    ME TOO exacty, ( jan 6th) I'm alittle messy, im always late, im very creative though, and I love casual friendly dates than formal ones, also, Im dating a virgo

  • i'm a capricorn woman, and yes i do like power. but if a man ever tried to control me, he better find someone else.

  • Thats just Silly capricorns are never about business or money,i would say we are more like workaholic & like to get things completed not half way done.Behind all that stoned face,tough words,walking tall is a shy,emotional,loyal & protective person.Remember this that we bare our problems on our shoulder & never speak about them,i would say this is the most crtical stage of the capricorn since we bottle it up too harshly untill we cant take it anymore we would literally destruct ourself inside.

  • The bit about capricorns needing to know who when where etc so so right i should know im a capricorn! lol

  • Guys, getting girls doesn't need to be hard (I used to feel it did). I'll give you some advice right now. Search a dating course known as Zuntramax Secrets (just google it). Seriously, that course has changed my entire life I probably should not even be talking about it because I don't want a bunch of other guys out there running the same 'game' but whatever, I am in a good mood today so I'll share the wealth haha.

  • It makes sense lol…. Women are more in tune with their moon sign… My stuff == Aqua sun,Aries moon,Aqua Mercury [ conjunct .05 degree diff] Virgo Rising

  • Well my sun is at 11 degrees, so I suppose that makes me a second decan. And my moon sign is in Leo. So.. what does that say?

  • You're moon sign is Leo [ Fire [Feeler , Fixed ] Outgoing Masculine polarity ] [ Emotions ] You are more your moon sign [ Probably when you look at the "Dating a Leo video" it sounds more like you yes? ] because it is your moon sign.. Men are more the sun sign and women more the moon sign.

  • "Annnd I would rather choose place where I can b myself rather than something impressing. " That is what you're sun sign would think/say but you're moon sign would say this " I do prefer spontaneous men to organized men" What is your Mercury and the degrees and minutes it's in?

  • Mercury in Capricorn at 9°42'54. And not exactly, I find her videos wrong, absolutely not on spot. She just exaggerates the stereotyped qualities of the signs.

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