Daily Tarot October 28, 2019 🌑 New Moon in Scorpio

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to be here okay so guys let’s talk about
this new moon because I wasn’t able to
really go over a lot of that a lot of
the energy about it a lot of the
collective messages or the astrology
about it in the new moon in Scorpio
video because I just like there’s so
much to get through and those that I
don’t really have time to talk about the
astrology which is why I wanted to talk
about it a little bit today because we
have Sun a moon in Scorpio and you know
it’s the new moon in Scorpio obviously
as well that’s a lot of intense energy
already it’s that deep diving
investigative curious and I mean it’s
the death card energy that’s what
Scorpio is it transforms its Phoenix it
burns down things so that we may know
the truth for what it is whether we like
it or not and it takes our ego out of
the mix it’s a very ego versus soul and
your moon
where our ego can’t really get us out of
this one
we can’t think our way out of this we’re
going to have to just roll with the
feelings it’s um also very I mean we
have all this continuous interaction
that’s been going on I mean in all the
I’m you know with all the planets and
stuff I’m not the perfect astrologer you
go check out white light astrology or
Gregory Scott stralla gee they’re both
let them know I sent you I love them
both they’re really great in terms of
astrology but um I’ll try to say my
piece on it I guess we have Uranus and
Taurus as you guys know and that is
really huge energy I don’t think if you
haven’t done the research on what the
energy is to go watch my video that I
made I think back in like March or April
about it it’s really big and I think
that everybody should know what your
anus and Taurus does when it comes
around because every time it’s come
around it’s been like a world war
there’s been like a gold rush there’s
been insane things that have happened in
st. changes on a global level and I
think that that’s what we’re going
through globally but also the
interaction between Scorpio and Taurus
being opposites and you’re you know
Taurus in Uranus in Scorpio the Sun and
Moon sorry being in the Sun and Moon as
well as in mercury which is about to go
retrograde I think it’s also still in
Venus yeah until I think what is it like
the first when it enters Sagittarius
see that we have so much in Scorpio
right now there’s so much that deep dive
investigative I want to know more I
don’t care what it takes but I’m gonna
dig deep and see what comes of that
that’s the energy right now it’s really
this energetic charge of flooding us and
flooding like honestly are especially if
we want to be open to messages if we’ve
been asking for messages from our higher
self it’s going to really just flood
into our crown and I chakra here I’m
sorry I found in third eye chakra and
just give us answers give us this sharp
intense you know articulate truth that
maybe we didn’t think we were ready for
but we told ourselves we were so it’s
going to be very shocking awe very tower
moment energy it’s going to bring up
again where our ego lies in regards to
our soul
and what that all really means I know
that’s kind of a complicated thing to
just say but if our ego has stopped us
from growing from soul growth and you
know our need for materialistic
capitalistic things that aren’t really
have led us then we’re going to be
switching that up and it’s going to
become very apparent that our ego has
controlled something when we should have
been letting our soul meet us here so
ego versus soul that really pits us to
send deep truths whether you know they
seem very convenient or not so let’s see
what comes up here it just feels very
intense on being honest yeah seven of
Pentacles it’s the energy today that
will be happening oh my gosh and of
course we get the moon are we surprised
of course not when the moon shows up on
a new earth full moon I’m never
surprised strength reverse area is where
we’ve needed to work on ourselves we
might have been assuming that things
aren’t working out because x y&z outside
reasons but strength reverse says that
we probably haven’t been dealing with
our fears our stresses our anxieties
about the situation in the best way you
know again like I said our ego might be
protecting us from some truths here that
it can no longer shield us against our
soul needs to know the answers that we
have been asking and asking and asking
and asking so let’s see coming up today
this is a deep one huh hey so swords
there it is there’s your clarity there’s
what you want there is the information
you’re looking for and what it’s going
to push you through this ace of swords
for me especially today it comes in as I
got Shing like when you’re ripping out
with a sword if you’re in a samurai
sling you were to rip out the sword and
like just you know that noise it’s like
Shing it’s that that’s really silly
sorry but um it’s that kind of moment of
just like clear there it is in your mind
you get it you understand you’re seeing
something for a different perspective
because you were allowing again um
you’re allowing something to control you
it feels here and it has a lot to do
with our internal
xiety stresses I’d have to do at the ego
son rabble that a bit more yeah three of
swords reverse this calls for healing
and for recognizing where we’ve been
hurt the most where we have experienced
heartbreak where we have experienced
failure loss and if we haven’t really
felt our way through this or recognize
you know a personal situation of for
being a three of swords it’s going to
become extremely apparent you know it’s
just very
we just need if we have been entrapped
in anything it’s just like the past
entrapments are just falling away here
they’re not going to make it through
this new moon cycle here the Scorpio new
moon to Taurus full moon cycle it’s just
not going to happen this is going to be
a very intense time of the year
Scorpio and tour I mean Taurus is just
and Uranus has been knocking everything
around and the fact that they’re
opposites and Scorpio season always kind
of tends to bring up this intense
clearing out Phoenix energy every year
it’s just amplified it feels like times
a hundred right now yeah queen of cups
listen to your higher-self listen to
your intuition really we have to be one
with our emotions and less with the
practical because the practical haven’t
served us have bagged the practical
energy the let’s just keep going at this
let’s keep assuming this is gonna be
fine but also I’m kind of frustrated
about it I’m not really spicing or
speaking how I’m frustrated really doing
anything about it because seven of
Pentacles is I’ve been plotting away at
this for a while but I’m not seeing the
growth from eight to nine to the ten
that I want to it feels a bit stagnant a
bit like a push or pull situation and
because we’ve been so stuck in these
material upsets and less about the
emotional effects that might have
something more to do with it it feels
like you’re going to focus on that
instead of focusing on emotional
situations and losses and things that
again have entrapped you for maybe even
years we have to let things go we have
to listen to where our emotions guide us
right now where our intuition is guiding
and she’s looking right at that three of
swords reversed so what is she getting
with that what are we getting from that
man don’t know
Mercury’s going into retrograde we all
know what happens to me speaking when
that happened so I’m gonna try to slow
it down town but um ten of Pentacles
yeah this is I want the security I’m
looking for this ten of Pentacles and it
didn’t work out the way we wanted it to
maybe we believe that a situation was
going to bring that maybe we believe
that that’s what it was going to be
person a job but it just feels like it
just feels like what happened here let’s
look at what happened here
like anyone I would go ahead and start
singing the keke songs I don’t want them
to take away my channel or get me in
trouble from that so I won’t but it’s
kind of stuck in my head right now
ASA Rudd yeah the guy this is just one
of those weird breedings huh I mean I
thought I knew it was going because it
is human and Scorpio but 2-10 surrounded
by an ace ace of rods so some of you
need to get really honest about what
makes you feel this way and go for it
it’s time to get honest it’s time to
manifest that in it’s time to say to the
universe this is what I want and be very
very clear about it but to know this to
get to that Apes Ace of Wands that leads
you to these ten of Pentacles ten of
cups a new cycle beginning it’s like you
have to let go of all this nasty nasty
energy and roll with the emotional
punches of it because it probably isn’t
gonna feel very good you’re going to
feel quite weak here with the strength
card reversed but once we recognize
where we have been faltering where we
haven’t been at our best where we
haven’t been our strong this where you
haven’t mastered these areas of our life
these things that hold us back these
obsessive qualities these things that
you know I’m gonna keep working at this
no matter what and I’m gonna keep
harping on this and feeling this and
seeing this one way it’s really asking
you to stop thinking about it like that
think about things from the totally
opposite perspective do not be stubborn
in this energy Scorpios even though they
are a fixed sign and can be stubborn
will never appreciate the stubborn
qualities and especially in their season
and this energy it asks you to shift it
asks you to change and asks you to
recognize recognize what
to a pen yeah exactly I just what I
wanted to say but I was like hopefully
the Tarot will have a better way of
putting it two of Pentacles we need to
trust that this has changed here we need
to be open to change again not stubborn
in the face of needing to shift things
you need to juggle things in a different
way for those of you who think that you
know life can only be this one specific
way whether it’s career love etc and
then it’s always gonna be like this is
how it works is how it always happens I
just get this shame I get I get this
feeling for you that you’re at a
crossroads and it’s time to look the
other way it’s time to consider things
in a totally new light it’s interesting
because ten of Pentacles 10 of cups here
both talked about happy you know
families are not alone and either of
these tens are alone they talk about the
happy family life you know the meat in
the potatoes as well as the emotional
happiness of a relationship of a family
situation but with the ace of Rods in
the middle of it a kind of almost gives
me the feeling that you need to
cultivate this within yourself and not
within others here yeah we can reach out
to people but Scorpio season and
Scorpios want you to cultivate that from
within on your own that’s the thing
about Scorpio and Taurus that is very
very much in both those signs is the
ability to be alone and be happy alone
and I think that some of you would it
would behoove you to find this happiness
find this joy whether you think you can
get it on you get to you get the ace of
swords and the ace of rods this is in
your head that you have built up
something to believe that can only be
one way and you have to start seeing it
from a different perspective otherwise
you’re not gonna have that happy yeah
exactly another person for some of you
it’s like a really specific message you
have to seek out balance and growth
within you and just you you can’t find
that within another person you can’t
find that within somebody else and if
you are a Leo listening to this
definitely go watch the Leo new moon in
Scorpio reading because this is kind of
hitting me there and with Aquarius
actually with all the fixed signs is
kind of hitting human for all the fixed
side energy which is not surprising but
um what you find out today what you
realize and
what you put into you is very important
instead of putting it into others I
really think that it is time they put
something into our self if we want the
ten of Pentacles you want the ten of
cups you want all that it’s time to do
kind of like the opposite here and focus
instead of all that you know instead of
anyo I want this life I want these
people I want you know my soul mate my
family all this crap you need to find
that energy within you and you need to
put that energy within you and that’s
where you need to foster the growth I
don’t know this is a very specific
message but let’s um oh my gosh I don’t
think that I have my Oracle’s in here
with me give me one second guys all
right sorry about that
so had them too bad from when I was at
that festival yesterday you can always
see pictures and stuff of what else I do
one over there you know daily that’s
such over on my Instagram Instagram
story I put some pictures up from the
party there but let’s check this out
guys let’s see both I was gonna do a
virtue card forgiving and learning as
you release him yoga pass you experience
more love in the present moment this is
time to release and heal the past again
Scorpio season it has the past coming
knocking at the door almost I mean I
want to say unexpectedly but I think in
the deep of your heart you knew it was
gonna come back because you didn’t let
it go there hasn’t been things that
needed to be dealt with that’s why the
past exes people are gonna come knocking
at our door especially a Mercury
retrograde energy that’s what it
happened that’s what happens expect
things like that to happen because we
have loose ends to tie up these
situations to release codependency
addictions are affecting you are
affecting your romantic life again this
to me talks about codependency a lot of
us about codependency and realizing that
if you have been codependent in
relationships and codependent on your
own personal growth through other people
and needing other people and need me
it’s like this need for others it needs
to be released and you need to find code
you know dependency on yourself and
yourself only
I’m sorry about the my neighbors
literally I swear these people know
their lawns every damn thing I don’t get
it like it doesn’t make any sense for me
okay what are you mowing at this point
let’s get a rope it’s not a Roman angel
a Halloween Oracle card here finish this
bad Larry up for today skull of flowers
creating through the ashes I’d expect
nothing less
I I knew I was gonna be there this or
the underworld card and let’s see if
that one will come out just because I
mentioned it thanks seola oh no actually
risking reward comes out so we’re gonna
take them both skull of flowers I was
just kind of hoping that that’s kind of
a very Scorpio card for me
muscala flower is creating through the
ashes so sometimes we wish for a life
different from the one we have and that
can mean radical change to have that new
life everything falls apart to make it
so and that can be uncomfortable we may
lose our relationships or they may
change we might lose a job have to move
house or become ill all big events that
lead to a reassessment of the how of our
lives the skull of flowers illustrates
that there is a sureness yet ever honest
to creating again to starting afresh
sometimes the universe gives us a blank
slate to work from so we can build what
we really want rather than just settling
for Less the skull of flowers celebrates
not just a kind of Phoenix energy of an
energy of success in full bloom through
adversity and I’ll let’s go back to
Apple risk and reward oh I always try to
read the wrong part of this one apples
have been an iconic part of the mythos
from ancient times to modern should you
receive the Apple in your reading it’s
time to look at how risk plays out in
your life are you hedging your bets and
not trying anything new do you want to
change but are not willing to change
anything are you willing to risk to get
a greater reward or alternatively are
you risking too much too often we really
need to evaluate our behaviors and you
know what we give in to within us that
probably isn’t healthy and really really
wait you know how we treat ourselves and
how we treat our addictions and your
guys are gonna know exactly what that
means I know
all right whoo big messages today and as
I looked up I saw three three three on
the recording thing on my camera here so
take that how you will all right have a
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