Daily Tarot October 24, 2019 ~ Bring Out Yer Dead!

hey guys and welcome back to Deku Tarot
and welcome to your daily tarot reading for the
24th of October 2019 so we’re in
Scorpio season now guys so here we are
I’m working on the November readings
that’s why I’m all done up right now
because I’m trying to do some fun makeup
looks for it but I am NOT a professional
makeup artists and don’t expect any of
those crazy really good Halloween e
makeup look for the November videos as
you can see I’m not a professional but
it’s fun so put in the comments below
guys what you guys might be dressing up
as for Halloween if you dress up or if
you’re doing ritual will kind of outfit
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basic tips and some information about it
if you’re wondering about some stuff you
can do that’s not too complicated um I
picked up the game of Thrones tarot for
today obviously the Sun is now in
Scorpio and the moon is in Virgo moons
in Virgo there’s a little bit more of a
serious and I would say anxiety feel the
energy and I say that because I’ve moon
in Virgo and it brings a lot of anxiety
to the table so we’ll see what this
combination of energies say is gonna be
oh okay
eight of swords is the first card out
and thank you so much to all my
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subscribe well we’re not surprised to
see you
knight of coins
okay can we Wow all right too many cards
too many cards guys let’s just alright
let’s just take one at a time okay
that’s what I figured so we’re getting a
lot of like I expected that intense
feeling of having emotions and loss and
this comfort insecurity is all that fun
stuff coming to the surface especially
if we haven’t dealt with it for a while
but it’s been on our minds waiting on us
feeling like we’re trapped in a
situation trapped in a okay yeah you
guys have a lot of interesting let’s
just keep it here and then we’re gonna
and then we’re gonna get some more cards
but your overall energy for the day is
judgement bring out your dad to bring
out your dad it’s like they’re saying
monty python if you’ve been in the
channel for a while you know I’m a Monty
Python loving person and that the
judgment card is my bring out your dead
card like they say in the Holy Grail
when they’re dragging around that old
guy he’s like I’m not dead yet
but it is about bringing out parts of us
situations in our life relationships
feelings things that really aren’t
fixing to service anymore and to release
it it is bringing out the dead parts of
us that you know the rotting parts of
things that are just holding us back but
it’s also about let me just get a sip of
coffee it’s also about change coming in
that asks you to shift your life in
accordance and eight of swords knight of
coins ten of coins reversed I feel if
this is a money situation we’ve been
feeling the brunt of lack for a while
here things have not progressed this has
been a slow-moving offer and with the
ten of Pentacles reversed there has been
a significant loss of funds of maybe our
nest egg of a situation where we felt a
lot more
you know stable and comfortable we don’t
have that at this time it feels we’re
missing something in that ten of the
coins Department there because when I
get that reverse it just feels like
there has been mostly even a loss of
reputation if that makes sense for some
of you because we weren’t able to get to
where you know get to whatever bar we
had set for ourselves interesting two of
cups comes in page of Spears reversed
two of swords we might have been
offering ourself out there whether this
is again love our career maybe we’ve
been putting ourselves out there and
we’ve been hoping for a raise hoping for
whatever this two of cups offers us
which feels like more money more
stability it feels like we really want
to turn this energy on its head and it’s
been really really chipping away at our
self-confidence two of swords a decision
needs to be made here that’s obvious and
page of Spears we’ve kind of almost been
spying trying to figure out a way in and
yet we still have yet to get that
decision understand where this is all
going right now so for those of you who
have been tirelessly you know applying
the jobs or you know trying to figure
out how to go about a love situation
that just feels very stuck yet still
holds this intense need for you to it’s
almost like I find the word for it here
I love situation that you want but
really haven’t been able to move forward
on even keine it looks like you know
that sliding into the DM z– you know
spying on Instagram spying on Facebook
that kind of communication hidden
communication or a desire to communicate
and not really feeling like we’re
capable of saying what we need to say to
this person
all right now after we tried to throw
out all those cards we’re not getting
anything this is interesting
Oh Scorpio season it it’ll turn you on
your head man happy birthday to all my
Scorpios by the way a couple of you guys
celebrate yesterday I saw so
congratulations and happy birthday
trying to see how the situation might
turn out for you today and it’s just not
okay like that’s okay yeah I want to be
honest with you it doesn’t feel very
good when you get the four of cups
reverse and then the nine of swords
something needs to be shifted here where
we have not been satisfied it does feel
like today is the day of confronting
demons confronting that knight of swords
what about this whole situation makes
you so stressed so worried is it not
having enough is it the lack of
stability you know I can’t see myself
being stable in the near future so I’m
going crazy I can’t see the situation
working out positively you know with
this person that I care about because I
have no idea how they feel and what
their intentions are well it’s a lot of
worrying I’m probably again it’s
interesting that sometimes the four cups
to me feels like a releasing of tears
because something has we’ve been waiting
so long for a decent offer or something
whatever this cup is love you know the
feelings the affection and it just feels
like we’re hitting a breaking point here
and that’s why judgment is coming up I
mean that’s your energy for the day so
let’s see but this is oh my gosh can we
but your cup of love out there even if
it’s to yourself even if it’s you know
things have not been working out and we
felt very stressed we felt very worried
things again feel extremely unstable to
the point where it’s affecting our head
space in our emotionality I mean we’re
stuck here and what if we’re not seeing
is that something is coming in I’ll bet
it slowly but ace of cups is something
that fills us up not just maybe in
reality but it’s more of a spiritual
type of growth type of cup here that we
need to fill oh my gosh please let’s get
one card here so let’s get one more on
this ace of cups then get some Oracles
okay so whoever’s energy I’m picking up
on please put this in the comments
because what a day man ten of swords I
mean we get to tens in a reading how
come be surprised tentative coins is
reversed over here and of course ten of
sovereigns will be up right at the end
right and what an opposite feeling of
Ace of Cups in the ten of swords and yet
maybe we don’t realize that it’s kind of
similar sounds crazy maybe it is crazy
but 10 of swords is a cycle ending that
needed to be ended so that we could have
this ace of cups we didn’t have this
before this moment and maybe we had to
recognize the reality of something not
working out this something something was
wrong and something needed to be done
about it and we haven’t experienced that
to have cups so it’s time to let go of
something you know totally end something
or put your Ace of Cups out there so
this is a very will you won’t you type
of reading here how far I mean this is
kind of like you know the straw that
broke the camel’s back and I want it one
more because I need to see what that’s
about because
is a sense of breaking today about a
decision about us something that we have
been sitting on the fence about and we
just feel I can’t sit on this anymore
this six Austin I don’t I can’t see
where this is taking me and it’s driven
me goddamn mad this is the game of
Thrones tear I think I already mention
that but if you didn’t hear me in the
beginning things one this scorpy on ik
energy does not let you go it’s like got
you in a choke hold them it’s like look
at this deal with it you can’t ignore
these feelings anymore yeah guys guys
three tens three two I’m done
alright ten of Spears reverse yeah you
got a drop a load here you’ve been
carrying all of this all of this this is
like baiting just too much to carry here
this is way too much to carry and it’s
time to let it go I mean obviously when
you get the ten of swords in the Tenno
spears some of us might be feeling a bit
betrayed or hurt by a situation but
we’ve got to let it go or face it
head-on if we’re going to move past this
because this is you know we have reached
the end of this Scorpio season is not
gonna let us you know just sit around
and do nothing about it this feels like
more more than just a today reading this
is like a timeless reading so take this
when it resonates or if it’s already
happened for some of you although I
think that this is more of a Scorpio
season read sometimes Davies are like
that Tarot is like that spirit is like
that the universe is like that and if
you think it’s a simple and clear cut I
feel like as some people out there make
it seem about their love readings and
all that stuff that’s just not true it’s
just not how life is if you think about
it from
in a second it doesn’t make sense until
it’s all over right pay attention to the
red flag the signs are cautioning you so
yeah for a lot of you guys this is a
love situation and we’ve needed to pay
him to the red flags and it’s time to do
something about those damn red flags
right it’s time it is high time to do
something we have one more actually from
the Doreen Virtue Romance Angels deck
here this isn’t only in scorpion only
and Scorpio season would you get trust
next to you pay attention to the red
flags do you trust this person do you
trust this situation in why not
something that just came to me both of
these combinations there’s a man and a
woman in both of these and here she’s
like can I trust you and yet there’s
this little angel with arrows behind her
is it love or can you actually trust
this person why do you feel that there
are red flags coming up it’s time to
start paying attention and yet it also
involves trusting your intuition on the
situation Oh – very interesting opposite
cards love it them
let’s see thank you guys so much for
your lovely comments when you leave them
I really appreciate them only positivity
here try to leave positive comments
whenever you go not just on my channel
but anywhere it’s not worth it to put
negative energy out there especially on
social media especially on you know
Instagram Twitter or YouTube I’m just
really not into stuff like that I think
it’s not necessary people attacking each
other that’s not how we’re gonna raise
our vibration that’s not how you can
become a better person an improve your
own energy see this thing negative to
say keep it to yourself
just a message for Scorpio season
because it’s a little bit sharp of a
season a lot like Virgo season Scorpios
and burgers can dig in
Scorpios knowingly do it I think the
hell with it more so than virgos you
guys get two and they both have graves
on oh this is an interesting read oh my
god it’s like night and day graveyard
and zombie
this is this reading is something else
I’m dying guys
okay so hmm first we’re out here
graveyard unnecessary fear pull this
card and know that you fear
unnecessarily things are not as they
seem and you can overcome your obstacles
the anxieties you have although real
should be put aside before they haunt
you long term
instead trust that you will know the
correct next steps and that you will act
upon them so wow that really these cards
always just hit home right with judgment
with all those tens with a ton of swords
especially nine of swords
it really is it’s really about this
being an unnecessary fear or needing to
see this fear unnecessarily and zombie
control goes so perfectly with this god
I love this deck Stacy DeMarco I love
your deck Hey I’m obsessed with this
deck and I think everybody should get
forget it I think you didn’t get it on
Amazon or I don’t know if they sell it
at stores I don’t know what the
publishing deal is but Stacy tomorrow’s
Halloween Oracle in my opinion my
favorite Oracle like I don’t I don’t
like a lot of worklist I just I adore
this deck zombie control so hmm should a
zombie step unsteadily into your life
it’s time to look at the concept of
control do you want to control
everything leaving little to free
expression do you choose partners who
are not your equal so they are more
easily manipulated and changed to your
liking or did you allow that to happen
to you if you’re not living your most
authentic life it’s time to look at why
and how to change that so Wow both of
these kind of talk about whatever you
need to change here is an unnecessary
fear your fear of it is completely
unnecessary and it’s time to kind of
look at our aspects of control and our
need for this sometimes we have to let
this go to let this back in right all
right scorpions easy messages alright so
take this messages take this message how
you will could be a daily it feels a
like a lot more than a daily make sure
to share and subscribe guys I appreciate
and it helps the channel I’m going to be
shooting Virgo Capricorn Aries and
Scorpio first and I’ll do Gemini
I guess you guys other than Scorpio it
did not well three and a four you guys
did not get monthly is for October and I
feel very bad about that it’s been crazy
and I do apologize you’ll get extra
special long ones so thank you guys so
so much for all of your support and
thank you have a great well my god
what’s happening have a great and
blessed day

  • I just ware my cloak during holloween, most just assume it's a grim reaper costume. So never have to buy a costume, or any makeup. ๐Ÿ˜

    I bet you could be a younger version of mortisha ๐Ÿ‘

    From what your reading says…
    What I get from it, though fear is real. It is time to put that fear to rest, step forward from your comfort zone of stagnancy. Into uncertainty to gain what you truly seek in life, because never going beyond that fear. Will leave you in the despair of regret.

  • I believe youโ€™re picking up on my energy. Itโ€™s been an awfully rough year, and yes, waking up to yet another job rejection email was the last straw. I AM SO OVER IT! Trying to reign it in but itโ€™s difficult. Sending much love and gratitude to all. ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—

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