Daily Horoscope: November 28th – November 30th

November 28th 29th and 30th Thursday
Friday and Saturday the Sun is in Sagittarius and the Moon is one sign
away in Capricorn and you can’t put these two together and not think sports
Sagittarius love to be outside they have excessive Chi and Moon and Capricorn
makes them focused so when you add that high voltage with focus and that’s
really what’s going on because there’s four planets and Capricorn so that’s a
lot of athletic physical get up and go when you don’t move energy and you have
this combination this is where weight gain happens where illnesses show up
where you feel really depressed because when you sit if you think of being a kid
you couldn’t stop wiggling Sagittarius Capricorn but if you sit on your energy
as you get older and so many of us do we stop playing we stop taking risks we
stopped taking the Honorable Road of like risk-taking and open eyes of new
projects we get kind of stagnant so during a sad Sun with moon and Capricorn
initiating new ideas getting ready for how can you be thankful oh my god with
that lovely Thanksgiving just behind us what can you do to create an energy that
is physically willing to take a risk jump in life just pretend like you’re a
kid that’s the upside of this energy Sagittarius Capricorn the downside is ah
I’m so tired and I ate too much astrology answers you tell me which one
you are make sure you let yourself indulge Thanksgiving is a time to just
go so don’t feel bad when the moons and Campins that athletic energy says first
I’m gonna be an athlete while I pig out happy turkey day I’m so thankful that
all of you are willing to share with my astrology passion and I get to give to
you and there’s always a reason to say thank you when I heard the one-liner you
know why we live forever because it takes that long to say thank

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