Daily Horoscope: November 1st – November 2nd

This weekend November first and second I
love this combination the Sun is in
Scorpio and the moon is in Capricorn two
signs apart Capricorn is earth
Scorpios water it’s going to be a great
weekend for all you water signs or you
earth signs because it’s so compatible
you pour the water on the earth and
they’ll grows everything grows the tree
grows the plant grows it’s a beautiful
combination but the coolest thing is
ready there’s three planets in Scorpio
there’s three planets in Capricorn which
tells us we have what the moon Saturn
and Pluto are in Capricorn moon Saturn
and Pluto then we have three planets in
Scorpio we have Sun Mercury and Venus if
a baby were born this weekend hmm I love
the flavor of Scorpio and Capricorn I
had an assistant that had this for years
I never had to look back like Scorpios
worked so hard they have such an intense
Drive and moon and Capricorn is the
quality-control sign like they can’t
stand mediocrity so you’ve got a drive
with the perfectionist and you’ve got
results so if you want a weekend to get
something done this is it Friday and
Saturday November 1st and 2nd astrology
Answers wanted me to tell you this is a
great opportunity to focus be careful
cuz Scorpios can be mean if they don’t
know how to take their intensity and aim
it at a really good cause moon and
Capricorn I make a list and get
something done that’s productive cuz
otherwise this is strong energy


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