Daily Horoscope: January 20th – 21st, 2020

January 20th and 21st Monday and Tuesday
first I just want to say I hope you guys notice I have a school and you can go to
my website Debra Silverman astrology and click on the school it opens January
21st you’ve got two minutes to go because the caret opens and closes but
if you want to study astrology for real and stop having me talk about it all the
time you can learn about it Bob that’s the topic of today because Monday and
Tuesday the Sun is an Aquarius and the moon is sagittarius and there are two signs
that both love talking about all things spiritual it’s just their favorite thing
to do so here’s the cool thing Aquarius has a free-floating spontaneous
uninhibited thought process that is a little bit unusual that’s what they’re
famous for Sage has this way of talking where there’s no filter like things come
out of their mouth and they didn’t really mean to say it so you have this
freewheeling open-minded creative thinker with the courage the fire
courage that’s what’s going on in the sky Monday and Tuesday there’s fire and
error there’s a lot of energy here and the Sun is just entering Aquarius on the
20th so bye-bye Capricorn now we’re in this free zone and here’s the deal Mars
and the moon are both together them if you go look up in the heavens you’ll see
that moon and Mars are hanging together that suggests the moon and said as you
just heard blunt honest it’s a time when we just get super I don’t know
uninhibited is the right word and then Mars whenever there’s a planet conjunct
like Mars on the moon it activates the moon it’s pushing energy in this case
Mars is your male energy on the moon in Sagittarius going anything goes so this
is a great time to take the risk and come sign up for astrology it’s the
perfect conversation because the opposite of astrology is control not
being yourself keeping it all tucked in not really feeling comfortable in your
skin feeling awkward the power of Aquarius Sanj is like anything goes the
more yourself your energy comes back your vitality comes back and with Moon
and Mars and sad that’s what you want to enjoy mundane to say and if you can’t
find your juju where did I put it that’s so Aquarius if you can’t find
your passion for life you don’t know where it is you study astrology
and you find out where you put it that’s what a chart tells you strategy interest
wanted me to tell you you can reclaim those lost parts of yourself when the
Moon and Mars are in Sage and Aquarius is there you can ask yourself what was
the thing when I was a kid that I loved like did you exercise and you stopped
did you do art and you stopped did you used to love to write but you don’t
write anymore those leftover parts come back up during astrology class uh-huh

  • Debra thanks for this interpretation.
    I'm and Aries, Fire Monkey.
    You remind me of a woman, Jann Woods who was also a very knowledgeable and intuitive herbalist and astrological teacher.
    I knew back in Alberta in the late 70's and early 80's her celestial knowledge was infinite and she like you was able to give useful information as she interpreted and taught people about the meaning of the celestial dance.
    Sadly she passed away in a motorcycle accident in 1981.
    May she be at Peace in Rest.
    Thank you for your postings.
    I check in with every post you make and share them with my daughter and best friend.
    We all find these posts useful.
    Blessed be to you.

  • Thank you for always sharing. Love the break down of astrology short or long, and straight to the point. πŸŒžπŸŒœβ­πŸŒ›

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