Daily Horoscope: February 25th – February 27th, 2020

February 25th 26th and 27th Tuesday
Wednesday and Thursday so the Suns and Pisces and the Moons one
sign in front in Aries what does that mean well there was that new moon of
course we just left behind and now we’ve got a little bit of fire that just came
in this is the sign of a great musician people don’t realize this that Pisces
are the classical musicians they are the poet’s they are hearing music in their
head which is why they spaced out people accuse Pisces of being off planet are
not very grounded and it’s semi true because they live between the worlds if
you’re hearing music or you can talk to dead people or you sense things that
aren’t in the visible world they’re coming from another source you could get
called crazy and so Pisces gets misunderstood it’s one of the signs that
tends to want to not talk but with the Moon in Aries it’s going to give you
that get up and go Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday feel the energy it’s really
picking up and we have so much earth in the heavens with five planets and earth
depth at Pisces Aries with all that earth is getting us motivated so whose
birthday is it on the 25th it’s George Harrison he was the Beatle he’s Pisces
that was so captured by spirituality and singing those songs I wish I could sing
them right now that were so deeply concerned with his
guru and studying and then on the 26th is Johnny Cash who also had a rich deep
voice that brought us into a sensitive place a really kind of a old deep
country Western or George George Harrison that Beatle who had the opening
all I can tell you is Pisces whether you know it or not is the month and the time
for all of us to be open and music is one of their doorways classical music
the Beatles it doesn’t matter and with the Moon in Aries during
Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday you might feel how the energy just picked up
because we just left that new moon so use this Aries energy in the dead of
winter to move some energy astrology guys just wanted me to tell you so I did

  • Yani is moving forward, just fabulous music! Debra, I have been boycotting Chevron gas stations for years simply because my family suffered as a result of my dad choosing to work with them and my dad became an alcoholic And now people are protesting in Canada over a river system in Canada could be polluted by companies and the government actions over ceded land in BC Canada protest.

  • Yes! The #DoublePisces was too much for me! (I have sun and moon both in Pisces in less than a degree from each other. I also have Mercury in the latter degrees of Pisces close to Aries and Venus in the early degrees of Pisces close to Aquarius.) I felt drained of energy and yet aware of my thoughts & feelings. Hopefully the Aries moon (which is in my 7th house) will give me the get-up-and-go!

  • Both George Harrison and Johnny Cash are a couple of the musicians who I love and respect Debra.
    I absolutely love your readings of the celestial dance.
    I do find it very helpful.

  • What did she just say?
    USe this aspect to move some energy ??? If a baby were born today? I was born many years ago. I would like some guidance now as to what to do before I die.

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