Chasing the Milky Way in BRECON BEACONS // Explore UK

I am in West Wales with my friend Michael (@londonviewpoints) he’s right behind me there you’re gonna see him in a bit. We left last night after after work and we we drove through the night and at around midnight we arrived at a really cool castle and we had hoped to shoot the stars but it was really cloudy so we just walked towards the castle and hoped for the best. As we were passing through a field you could see a lot of gleaming eyes and we thought what would that be? It turns out it was sheep and we thought okay it’s nothing to be scared about so we just took a tripods out started shooting the castle and all of a sudden we heard this galloping right behind us and we turned around and we saw these silhouettes like running behind us we could tell from the shapes that it was pretty big horses and we thought nothing of it for a few minutes we continued shooting but then they came running towards us and we started like shitting ourselves literally, well not literally metaphorically but you know what I mean, we were really scared so we grabbed our tripods and jumped over the fence and just went into the castle and took some shots there. Unfortunately the stars weren’t that great so we headed back and waited until the horses were clear so we could pass through the field again and as soon as we crossed the gate we took our tripods out and then the stars started coming out and we took some amazing shots like these ones before heading back to the car and calling it a night. I actually shot this nice time-lapse while I was sleeping, and now we are at… you can’t see the village but it’s a beautiful village here on the coast that I can’t pronounce but here’s the name and… come say hi Mike @londonviewpoints “Hello Andreas’ Vlog!” you guys know this man check him out on Instagram and on YouTube, his stuff is awesome. Okay the plan was to go up there next but we’ve only got 20 minutes on our parking meter so we’re gonna head back chop it up and see what we’re gonna do after that okay so we actually decided to go up the hill and it was a terrible idea because now the Sun is really hot, Michael isn’t wearing any sunscreen and he’s completely white so he’s going to be completely red and I’m sweating again I’m Michael and I’m five We’re going to explore that Cave over there All right so I’m just looking for a place to set up my camera to take a time-lapse of the Milky Way rising behind these mountains here where we would have a nice reflection on the lake and I just spotted Michael… see if you can spot him as well This stuff is like walking through snow and we haven’t eaten anything since breakfast so my energy levels are really low but we have to survive through the night because it looks like the Milky Way will be epic. crossing my fingers f&*((^k youuuu 🙁 could you not find a hardest place to get to? godammit oh my god that’s a hike and a half so where we were the composition wasn’t working with the Milky Way it was moving way too far to the right and we we were just gonna miss it so we hiked up even further up on the mountain and we found a little pond that we can use and get nice reflections Good morning 6 a.m. we slept under the stars last night and it’s freezing what a beautiful though I set up a time-lapse to shoot the Milky Way but because my my lens isn’t wide enough I set it in vertical I have no idea if it’s any good if it is I’ll put it up on the screen now so you can see it’s time to start heading back down there back to the car and hopefully warm ourselves up alright let’s hike for the trip we’re going up that top there we’ve made it to the very top! This concludes our journey. I’m gonna head back after this and do a lot of editing


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