CareerLink | Department of Physics & Astronomy | What is Astrophysics V1

My name is Cristina Cadavid. I am a professor in the Department of Physics
and Astronomy, and also I am the Associate Chair. As a young girl, I was always interested in
finding out how things worked, like many children. I am just one of the children that kept that
passion going. I wanted to know:”why was the sky blue?” “Why the sun moved on the sky?” “How far were the stars?” and this interest continued throughout high school and into the university. Physics is the fundamental science. In that role, it provides the language and
the concepts to understand nature. In the case of the Astrophysics Option, these
physics’ concepts, this way of thinking, are applied to astrophysical problems. And these astrophysical problems, depending
on the interest of the students, can range from our immediate and local solar system
all the way into the galaxies in the early universe.

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