CAPRICORNIO Tu Propósito en la Vida y Mensajes de tus Ángeles Noviembre 2019 Tarot

capricornio welcome to your reading
November this is Special
where we will see what your purpose
Life for this month you have to
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until November 30, it’s that
sencillito energies you have to
this month are the energies of courage and
letter of understanding tells you is that
It will be a capricornio month the
life universe you’ll require you to
have the courage to understand the point
of view or position of others
in your life you’re going to have to be very
aware of what is going on
around you
You’ll have to sometimes
stand firm and defend your point
view or defend the point of view
people around you but you talk about
you’ll have the courage to keep going
that value to confront the
life circumstances this does not
say that the universe will put
challenges and difficult situations but you
It is indicating that maybe you’re
special in some way or another
example maybe you have some sort of
different spiritual belief of
others or maybe you want to dedicate
some sort of different profession
It is somewhat similar to tarot
cards or practicing reiki wanted
maybe take classes meditations
you’d be yoga instructor yoga
and that is something different and you will touch
then stand firm against the
people who are around you and
have the courage and arguments
necessary to defend your point
of view that’s something we’ll have
during this November and
You have to put yourself in the shoes
these are your energies for this month
You have to put yourself in that position
Once your parents put you in the position
your friends and understand that no
means you have to give for
but if you get up from his point
of view and because maybe you are
saying something just for love and
Look honey just dropped me your
spiritual guides that perhaps some
of you want to do some traveling
these days or want to go
some adventure or want to climb a
Mountain want to do something where you
You have to inform your family
they’re going to say we do not seem to
do that or not go for anywhere
So there you have to have the
plop value
with great respect of course always
express his views express
because you want to do and what you want
thereby achieving chart
understanding your guides also make me
much of a person who perhaps is
beginning to explore the world that is
beginning to explore the group
friends or where you live can
you recently changed the
workplace or place of study
and speaks to you since you have to explore
people open up and break free also
talking about a prison from which you
look is getting me a message
most notably a person or a
group of you very particular
If some of you are already
you or a family member involved in
some legal situation is like
had any friends or family
it is already stopped talking about that
person will go free this does not
is that to you going to stop or anything
I do not want you to scare me this is
a person your relative who is already
detainee appears that they will have that
trial for this November and
They are telling me your guides have to
give that message to capricornio what
It is in this situation seems
that the truth will come to light and that
person will be declared innocent will
be on the loose
It is an additional message that here I had
to send it the my beloved warriors
these are new cards are about your
purpose in life so let’s see
what will be your capricornio purpose
for this November when you have
to work
reminds me all up hope
you’re enjoying this reading
capricornio this month
what your looking energies are
you get this letter I will translate it
talks about a person who gives
tips as a counselor and says your
healthy with your words and your
Wise advices
and healthy as you lend your
ear to hear some of
you as I pointed my warriors
Capricorn you might be thinking of
some kind of race by
different from what is normal to what is
known some of you might with
this letter could be counselor
You are thinking and your purpose in life
this month has to do with it
listen to people to give
advice some of you might
be thinking of making a career such
Once in psychology in psychiatry where
You have to help people
Through your word your kind words
can help heal is both you
as people who are your
and talk about that during this month
seals perhaps even for some of
capricornio you long
you might be feeling energies in
which people come to you to seek
advice to ask what to do and that goes
to be much more noticeable during this month
was that you indicate that if some of
maybe you are and have thought of
do something esoteric or something you have
to do with letters
This could be because tarot
You’re having these energies where
You have to stand firm because we
to be honest my warriors sanyo
I am always very direct with my
comments and advice that I
I send you
honestly no one sends their children to
studying school or college
thinking that they someday in the
future will become tarotistas
You know then maybe you have to
stand in front of your parents and tell
look this is what I want to do and
they will say
because that is for some of you
for others it may be studied
psychology and tell your parents is
very complicated race is sure
You want to do that but there’s your
mission so when you close in
people during this month to ask your
help or you see a person who is
sad or is listless or someone
makes a comment that you too
You can get those little comments
you know that the person is injured
capricornio then when that will
happen not be afraid to give them the
hand to ask them how they are or
you just smile at them on the street
because as your ex spend more
love more light more understanding
healthy that person works in close your
karma and your life cycles and you increase
enlighten you raise the energy of all
we as human beings in this
and tells your sound to others with your
nice words with your kind words
with your advice
You have an empathetic ear
and you have to get to emphasize in these
areas during this November I
He loves these new readings with these
letters of your life purpose I hope
that you too also I will
use when we will see the 2020
those readings will be soon
doing so attentive the
Archangels who want romance
tell this month
you chart out a new love can
that this new person will come to
your life the letter says a new person
It will stir you all your feelings
romance may perhaps this
person looks at some of you might
You are walking down the street you could see
a sad person speaks about
that person could be a new person
in love in your life because here you
They are sending your spiritual guides
my capricornio to do that to you
come near you connect with that person
you will definitely need you
or more people will need from you
this month and talks about having
the value of understanding what so
they are going and definitely
give advice or just
listen because you may have
people around you who need
So be heard
and get ready because this letter speaks to you
a new person you will meet
in love someone who will
Let’s see surprise messages
Your angels recalls comments
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the emperor and judgment Queen
seven gold and there is a way for you
this month in your career in your
professional life you’ve been
waiting to see the results and here
I speak that you’re going to start
receive those results soon see
these results are going to reach your
life in your professional life and if you
seeking work equally
You also know that in the
weekly readings there I talk to
detail of this, but you talk a lot
plenty of good news coming
for you from a person with this
letter from the Emperor an elderly person
it has a position of power that
will be communicating with you very
early to make an offer this
job offer may or may
Bidding love with this letter
New love can be even a
client who could be you
enamorando a customer who goes to your store
to buy a customer who comes to your office
to do business but is a person who
It is definitely going to engage
conversation with you with this letter
trial and you’ll be here with this
letter as the Queen of Pentacles
definitely analyzing what is
happening and situations you have
around you speaks to you the letter of 7
de Oros also you have patience
Once you know or you get this
offering both work or love
once you get this offer you have
calm and have patience because
Things are going to make but if you like
then you could despair of delay
or those energies could then even
block those energies to you the letter
Emperor speaks of a person
to a person who definitely
It has the potential to help
you to forward the letter of judgment you
speaks in these moments that
angels are watching over you from the most
beyond your spiritual guides are
also indicates your side you call me
tell your guides that you will be
receiving phone calls
important or you could spend long hours
talking on the phone maybe this
important person is coming to
your life this new love some of
you could be could be
obtaining work places
help centers or could be going to
these places to work
voluntariado perhaps answering numbers
answering phone calls you usa
for example there are several lines of support
for people who are in depression
They are anxious to prevent
suicidal for all such
situations and could you then
also they are going through something similar
in which you’re getting work
in these places where you brindas them this
It helps such situations or
circumstances which are
passing some people might be a
work also offer a
call center where you could be
gaining good money here too
It is seen in abundance for your life
Capricorn will see then that
other messages there for you
speech have to beat your
anxiety that you’re going to be able
definitely stand firm and heal
Oros xota letter speaks to you in a
who may be requiring your
help or misses you may be
family friends children who are you
indicating that they are thinking about you are
trying to communicate with you once
plus three glasses letter tells you
Here your spirit guides that you are
have moments during this month
to celebrate you’ll be
up you are going to stand firm
you’re going to dinner all those wounds
Some of you might be
having situations where they
a bit complicated to sleep in
at night
You could sneak around recovering from a
kind of look missions situation
depression and anxiety usually that
always happen or is aligned with this
Nine of Swords letter so
Some of you I see
definitely overcoming these
situations if you remember that you are
through any of these aspects
in your life it is recommended that you
You attend a doctor
you go where a psychologist wherever
a specialist who can give you
treatments and definitely
necessary so you can view
out of this situation or diagnosis
It is always important that any
situation affecting both health
physical or mental you go where
but I see that you definitely
fail to stand firm in this situation
They manage to get up and celebrate there are good
news coming for you
situations where you might have anxiety
and concern will fall behind you the
you will achieve a reading beat is very
important for you to remember that
sometime could you do not
person who is giving advice as
you indicate here with this letter
purpose of your life but it could be you
the person needing that
Council have to put in any
positions resonate more
that way you and then
work so you can make it to
and help them find that
in value
get ahead of firm stand and
believe in your dreams also includes the
position of other people in your life and
Be prepared because it will be a month full
of many surprises for you
especially with these calls
phone you will be getting
and for those who are looking for
heal any kind of situation
with the help definitely is special
and with the help of a dedicated doctor
professional you will achieve heal and close
these wounds that well remembers me
your fingers up Tell me what you
It thought this reading including
purpose of your life and see how
we can work out how to get them
let me know if you like to share this
reading to reach 400,000
subscribers and we need little and once
we do then I come to this
read again to answer your
random questions whether or remember
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This way you can leave here your
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I offer jot declared a month
November full of bright and progress


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