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10/10/10 This week the energies
They have are ready for adventure
you go on a journey a journey
sudden you have not been waiting
because for some of you remember
These readings are general for this
trip will be an inner journey and
others as a literal journey where you’re going
able to explore new places and I see
this trip can come
a job opportunity or love for
some of you so attentive all
depends on the situation in which you will
find right now this letter
you talk that you’re going to find that
pot of gold at end of rainbow
you will find your happiness that you are
find your harmony is one week
you venture into new places
reruns new studies
capricornio some of you might
You are thinking completely change
your career you can arrive at a
Jobs an opportunity to
follow your dreams also for some
of you who may have energies
they want to be famous want to be
or have a talent recognized this
week tells you about that dream you
You’ve been having since your childhood
from your youth will be much more
closer to reality during this
week you will start to feel the energy
to take risks you’re starting to feel
good news around you
capri This is a tremendous letter for you
Look how cute if around you there
darkness not have to worry
because you’re walking towards the light
You have a divine connection very very very
strong spiritual connection much more
beyond normal warriors
capricornio for some of you may
Once this simply has to do with
a connection that you are having with
you open your intuition routing
did good things made new
forward opportunities are me
continues forward saying do not
You’re going to pay more under what letter
beautiful for you
Remember that in the end I’ll have a
interactive reading a question
interactive so it stay with me
until the end
and remember that if you want to be has come
so let me give you several again
let’s see the energies of your family
we’re going to do for you is capricornio
what messages will happen are
this week you travel with your family
I’m saying look at six of spades
Here again there is a trip someone
will someone close to you or you could
be moving away within your family and
I do not feel that this is being away from
nothing dramatic about anything serious is being
a trip can be on your side can be
with your family can be alone or can
be a relative who is thinking of
capri go to another place could be
for example you’re going to take your son to
your children to another state to another
Beyond city so that they can
then begin their studies
college or are returning to you
but look adventurous family with
six of spades talking to you travel
communication I see here you’re going to
having to give notice to your
your family and loved ones
example remember then comes the area
working and then we will see the area
Stay with me because some
sometimes fall general messages
tips are for you that I was
I’ll give that are different
Stay interpretations so
me to look at end here
definitely you’re going to be talking
with your family a trip and this is
a sudden trip is a trip this
you’re not expecting it will fall so
you’ll have to tell your loved
I just got an opportunity I have
I go do an interview I have
to go tomorrow and I paid the ticket is
something serious or it could be you and you
comes the offer and spent that period
interview and you’re going to take that position
in your job
or it may be that adventurous love
It comes to your life
Let your friends see what’s up with your
friends you know that your family will
be a person who is or is
back you can be you who are
making the decision to go perhaps
your family and you have to break the news
your loved ones to this new
in your friends you out the Queen of Cups
Women have a friend that is greater than
you or maybe you just the
think like your mom like you is your
friend, but you tell Mom that woman
This week will be in need of your
emotional support so remember
always for that person because
this woman has always been there for
you is a friend who this week
He will need your help
your emotional support for some of
this woman because you can be a
man with feminine energies
adapted to this person person person
in your life that has those powers
tweet mom or dad tell you
consider that this person is like your
second family will need your help
so is pending escapes me for
then once this person
maybe if it is distant if this person
Once he told us talk to her
because it might be in need then
your support of your emotional support
attentive to this energy
look for others of you are me
saying that this job opportunity
It could be coming directly from
a person you know could be a
woman going to give this opportunity
Capricorn someone is going to work
set in you someone will be set between
the work you are doing and you
It will give an opportunity
how good
and that will open the doors to
a sight adventure just got me
alice word in the country of
wonders’ you’re going to feel that way but
only by the positive not for nothing
dramatic you see there if you are
working this week that you will you
expected at work uy good news
stability in some of your work
you will be receiving this week
Buying opportunities through
their work they are going to get this
opportunity might be where you’re
work they are doing some kind of
real estate and your diseases
work then get these different
organizations or you are invited to
a fair of real estate where you
they will give you the opportunity to take out
your property to others simply
energy you have around you is
energies of wanting to buy a house
want to have your own home and you
looking for ways so that your
work work you have
you currently provide that opportunity
to be able to buy that house but you
those energies where you will be able
build something very important in your life
through your work
for some of you this will be
It can manifest in a house for
some of you might you
trying to have some
savings to make any repairs or
remodeling to sell and then buy
another house
so that one of you is also
letter indicating you are great
celebration you’ll have in your
work this week may be that you are
talking about parties
Christmas may be who are planning
about the holidays perhaps
for halloween
it could be something similar to this but
there is a celebration and a party also
that will give your work assists
that party that party will give a
great opportunity to venture into
something new
If you are looking for employment capricornio
What is the message for you
the coach here’s someone here here
Car Buying property purchase or
or you want to do and have the
money to buy that or go then to
have those energies around you where
you want to buy a car like
have a new opportunity here is
much movement is looking adventure
6 swords float this is no movement
forward micros capricornio and
calls for all these blessings because
you deserve the most beautiful letters
for the area of ​​work and for your life
staff so it will comes a
opportunity with the letter of the float
to get ahead is you comes a
opportunity this week that will come
to your life you will have to move
to that place can be a place
Distant an opportunity you have to
maybe an hour to travel a half hour
to get to that place
but it’s definitely something you have
that advantage for those who are
unemployed this week attentive to
you want to make trips by
pleasure because there you’ll get
an opportunity that I’m not leaving water
I will make to the city I go to
the center will move me to this other
state only for a while and visit
there you will come out a great opportunity
Prepare to work more letters
If you’re in a relationship capricornio uy
He flew this letter to you leaves you
chart are looking hermit me
talking here about you in your
relationship were spending the next
week for a dark situations
a situation where they are trying to
find a solution but not yet
They were able to see and hear your guides say
capricornio the solution to the problem
you have with your partner’s face
your nose is when you see them
that accept and find the
continue forward
you are telling me here that some of
you might be a couple trying
some sort of because I see them as a
couple sitting in a dark room
sitting facing each other perhaps
You can even have a candle in the
center that is what you are going to be
performing next week
perhaps maybe you are in a
kind of spiritual knowledge may
you are doing some kind of
ceremony between you two romantic
but tell me in the comments what
what you are going to do obviously
at this moment that you’re listening to
maybe you say
for next week as you passed me
Write and let me look and jot it was
that what we were doing maybe
the lights go out in your house too and this
remaining dark you and your partner
It can be something as well but I see
I see a couple in the dark with candles
It could be a romantic evening are
planning your partner a surprise
wants to give you and I come to ruin the
is is is is is
If you are single if you’re looking for
let’s see what is the message for you
capricornio this week
you comes a capricornio offer comes to you
capricornio an offer of love and a
Knight a Knight of Pentacles one
who will be coming to your
a person traveling a person you
You will make this offering that may be
arriving for work is a person
you can meet in this activity
I work you can know when you
go to another city to seek employment
It could be the person who is giving you
this employment opportunity for some
kind of emotional interest in you too
but be prepared the next week
28 to November 3 someone will be
an invitation bid will say
capri hey look we will have a coffee
capricornio accept will accept
taking the little coffee and tell me everything
absolutely everything there in the
prepared remarks that comes a
offer love for what they are
single I see that this offer is you
you are doing but could also
be the person who is doing the
invitation regardless of your preference
capri capri remember that if you want to be
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and in that way then you public
you have the numbers to 16 numbers
for you to play the lottery or to
random play and have 43 those are
the numbers give you
If you like another because you can change it
10 also functions as 0 and as one
whether it could be 60 or 06
Your lucky day this week, a
day full of positive energy for
where you will receive very good
capricornio news
then on Wednesday very attentive to
because this day on Wednesday could
You are receiving a call for a
invitation to leave an opportunity for
you take an adventure and takes is a
trip a job or good
News in your life too
let’s move on to the question
How it works I’ll draw two cards the
there is the option b option
you ask a question of whether or not
flip chart and then tell you what
is the answer
You can pause the video and make your
asks if you like
we’ll see the option to option b
If you took is the option to capricornio
your question of whether or not to me
buy a car for example suits me
in my trip I should accept this
to float again a megabyte him
float out to the new capricornio
I’m super excited about you look
You have twice the float and this is
super confirmation response to
you is definitely yes to the question
you’ve done but I talking
It is here among other things look at these
so beautiful cards you’ll be able
rise from the ashes like the bird
Phoenix you can get up glorious
You’re going to have a big win this
This week could be a great
recognition could be an invitation
you could be getting where you’re going
to help you out of darkness and
this will give you stability
you are waiting
wow I can not believe I left the
carts game for you who opened
How nice if you took is b
return home
the answer for you is 2 gold medals at
reverse and this letter indicated in these
if you took moments if the option is
the answer to you is yes
but this does depend on your attitude
because you can not be converted into a
very attentive to this depends on your
positive attitude and your mind if you took
the option to yes
definitely draw in these
the following will appear moments
I recommend and videos here on
top is the link to
have a private consultation with me and
You can visit my website and learn
various consultations I offer am
jot and you decree a week of
bright and progress


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