Welcome to this reading capricornio from 2 to 8 December jot and greets You’re here in my tarot want to jot channel invite you to subscribe activate bell for you to reach all my notifications and recalls the comments leave me your name and country to keep you in mind when I’m doing my meditations before these readings start capricornio want you to know that and I am ready for take readings 2020 of your sign and I will in order to be publishing videos the lower most watched and seen that If you want capricornio be the first videos to be published for predictions revelations of the 2020 I invite you to let your finger to Up and share this video with your friendships with their families to all of them can see that have more views and then thou mayest the first videos to be published the forecast for next year the first four months January February March and April I start this reading giving advice from my j tips tarot book that is already available for sale so you can have if you want so you always have at your side and then this book will give a response to a situation or a question you have in these moments let’s see what message for you here are also instructions on how you can use is exclusive sale at Amazon we see for yourself this week capricornio what message they send you your guides and says do not tell anyone You have to keep that you’re thinking that situation may be happening around you in these secret moments Capricorn is very important to do not go to be recharged from negative energies and for anyone to go to tarry advantage of you nor throwing you envy or anything like these toxic energies that could block you These wonderful things that come to you’ll be getting news very positive and your life will be changing soon and all that you have to keep it calladito for other people too or for yourself you can apply this other Council says you have to follow the expert advice so that some of you might be looking for support message or advice from someone who you know it might be able to You want to have a private consultation me is that the description is all information on how you can get but they are indicating that You could definitely be talking with someone who knows someone of the issue for which you’re going on these moments that will give you a guide very important for your future and for your lifetime capricornio what the energies are that this week you will have the energies you will be surrounding you have to take advantage and grab if they are positive and if negative then dodge for that situation affect you but you are warned as say does not die in war soldier warned this week the energies that dominate you that crown on your reading are the energies of creativity so that this week you are indicating that You have to be connecting with that being artistic with that spiritual being You take inside have to be connecting with your inner artist that way you can see then how you can generate many situations abundance around you who will be that you will be finding new forms and new ways of doing things you’re going to have a creative quite active and definitely the universe will be giving you your favor all signs that you need to you can make progress and to hear you if you heard some screaming you know you are confirming this reading You definitely have energies where this week you have to connect with your artist listens to music that amuses you write about painting some of you could have some sort of songs or poetry writing talent simply writing in a journal these things can go big new opportunities capricornio let’s see what the message for your family and your friendships for your family leaves you the letter of the devil you and your friends off the Letter 8 cups are looking at me talking about that in your friendship your My family Warriors capricornio You could be having some situations where relatives They are abusing some kind of They have some kind of substance addiction and above all could make some sort of food you could also make you You are influencing in some way or You want to make your family change their habitat to its current state of how then eat so that they improve but you definitely indicate that family there that may be a bit sugar addicts can be addicted to sweets addicts certain substances that could affect your health some it could be something much more extreme some this type of illicit substances is then indicating that the family this week could then They are trying to be united trying to overcome these difficulties and could You are hearing this news can be as simple as a simple They have to place a relative low some control diabetes It does not have to be as dramatic as an illicit substance but it all depends of your life and people who have around you look at the eight cups your friends I speak here of there here who are giving their backs on his friends could be you that You are turning away people you know or could be a friend It is in your life for that you have to you meet with people who are around you who have made the decision of giving back not ignore speak a person who has decided just fade away I see not one person here who is answering emails is not this person answering messages It is completely isolating itself from the rest of the world and could have some sort of energies of sadness and depression attention to see if it’s you capricornio who are doing this let’s see what messages are the end I will have a reading I will stay with this letter because yet I was talking to the end we will have an interactive question so you I invite you to stay with me until can make the final and we will see you situation at work this week how It will give you the letter Priestess if you are seeking employment You have the letter 3 bastos if you are in a ratio of 3 has gold if For singles have the letter of the xota de Oros let the messages ok in your work leaves you chart priestess are telling me that this week in your work’ll have like a big one great ability to decrypt and recognize the following steps you have to take on the job the decisions need to take will be very wise and they will be guided from your spiritual being raised or from your spiritual beings who are you protecting from beyond the grave because I see this week to a Capricorn will be in tune with the universe connecting with the divine energies you will take the right path you trust your gut instinct trust your instincts this week my Warriors capricornio because that will It will take at right’ll have people will say you do not look capricornio we make this better for this way or we present this to the client this way or do this thing not if your gut tells you takes this way we will do things in this way Cling to that because you are getting this week a solution to problems They were having on the work of a super super fast way so clear where you will receive an illumination you out of a difficulty of a blockade you were having at work but for this you have to be very attentive to it gives you that feeling like you do not better I not go there better not do that better I not say this better do the other when you have that feeling that some people might be something like stupidity or stubbornness to say no no no It is not not for anything listen to that intuition If you are seeking employment you are indicating this week with this letter from the 3 of Wands since you have to start to search in other lands in other places have to widen your search You are looking for work in a place quite limited for some of you may have to do with change country simply change city or just try to find other work because you’re as locked It is always like four walls and Jobseekers only these four things and anything else you are talking about this week have to expand Search your job opportunities They are waiting for you but you are distance from you so try to do depending on where you You find widen your search either you do through pages Internet that way then you can find the job that is suitable for you If you’re in a relationship you out the gold letter Capricorn and this letter of 3 Golds we talk about a love triangle the guides are telling me these moment there a situation some couples where it seems they could be planning or wanting to have some type of meeting or open relationship as so so so [Music] I judge it does not depend on you if this like as well if not then attentive to those energies because you mark you could be doing that suggestion to your partner or your partner I could be doing this suggestion you have to be careful and much attention because it appears that someone with a viper out there who is giving turns to the relationship and have the look Devil also here because capricornio this letter also represents days and you Ezker you simply can indicate there is an outsider interested in have some kind of relationship with you pam pam pam pam if you’re single you the letter of the gold if I xota are sending capricornio say that when you’re meeting people you do not You can grab and try to treat them as if they were some kind of object or numbers because they are putting me image of a Capricorn is analyzing someone like disque as numbers were 25 v 46 48 59 up down right left be analyzing people or trying to make a budget with person because I feel that some of you might be looking at both someone like you’re doing is nothing some kind of operation where you are as that by seeing and each part analyzing the person as if it were a object not want to say this that thou see as an object but as you put many many buts to investigate much and you get to analyze everything the person who makes the final that ends It is walking away and do not get to realize anything with the person then mark the you have to change that to be so Analytical in a relationship and start using a little bit of the heart the lucky numbers for you this week 79 and you have the 75 remember if you play a chance casino or lottery do responsibly lucky day for you this week will be the day Sunday so is very attentive to the energy you’ll have going on Sunday be getting shocking news let’s move on at this moment with the Interactive question because I’m going to get two cards and the option is option b a question of whether or not and in these moments can think of a question and choose one of the two cards or you can ask a question for each letter You can press pause if you like while you are thinking about your question if is the choice you made to answer for You is not remember that there are questions yes or no so easy simply not whether you took is the bo option if you did another question to answer option b for you it is not [Music] and those who were trying to They are living and did the same question twice tell you twice not without making fun but there are going to enjoy a little life ended the year We are in december capricornio partly at this moment will appear the following videos you I recommend videos are monthly is my secondary channel Jota bulls stores also invite you subscribe there once videos go there a month and here is the link to plink plink there can visit my page web and know the different consultations I offer private and prices I’m jt decreed a week of much Light and Progress

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