Capricornio ♑ horóscopo abril 2019 Tarot rueda astrologica

my friends of the Capricorn sign
we are going to make this new reading of
astrological wheel is something new that
let’s perform I hope you like it
the people who are for the first time in my
channel and invite them to subscribe
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I am live and obviously
thank all the comments people
that has been following me for a while
time but but I feel happy for
the advances and everything positive that has been
achieved and this reading is obviously a
general reading we will see each house
how an energy issue is affected
for the sign of Capricorn in this month
April 2019
so those who do not feel
identified by the reading I invite you
to talk to me for a reading
and we can clarify your doubts now
then with you dear friends of
for this month of April how will they be
affected their astrological houses
Let’s go then
there are my friends with the 12
letters from this astrological network and we’re going to
start with house number 1 which is the
I’m home how are you going to feel
how are they going to be of character which one
is going to be the energy affected for this
the true fortune I occupy the most
inverted and right because not always
all things are positive so
both occupied the deck on both sides already
the letter in saving the fortune for me is
the passage of time also speaks
obviously of luck et cetera but
for me it represents the passage of time and
here it appears inverted we are talking
which is the first house of the aris of how
are you going to feel for me is like
ups and downs is how you are going to feel
that are going to be maybe a week well
one week bad
in some way achieving objective 1
achieving goal then they are going to
feel like a kind of carousel for
who can understand me and then what
is the idea that you start from
before if you are listening to this video in
to see what is happening
in your life that is not right either with
relationship of couple with work with subject
emotional with friends begin to try
to heal all the little things that
they may not be allowed to
a stability if you come
failing in love issues then there are
to do a job on love issues
to stay happy and let your
life and this wheel does not
I do not know do not have highs and lows but you
keep walking always to the side
positive so we’re going to get three
cards marseilles jars to see what
I can give you advice or I can give
Capricorn that will be with these
high and low or will it be your character
they will not be able to have a common
stability then let’s see root
what could this do or what is the
advice that gives us the tarot of Marseille
referring to this house of the self
and think about the star that talks about
disillusions of being stuck in
certain things in decision-making in
project or get away from many people
they may be going through couple issues
or to be away from people that you
they wanted a lot or that or something that did not
it allows to continue advancing but they are
disillusions are already related topics
that’s why I tell them it can be work for
couple each one is going to say already clear if
he is right why because I had
I ended up with my partner and I could not
get out of this depression I could not
find a job because I do not want to go out
not even from the house then for
you are staying well and being able to be
stable they have to start letting go
try to solve all the problems
that has affected them of times
back or at least stabilize in
those areas so that this wheel does not
have highs and lows but keep
fluid all the time and we go with the house
number 2 which is the house of the economy
of goods possessions things
the trial letter has good things
bad things because because for me the
judgment speaks of an awakening speaks of
news that arrive may be that you
find a job you might be
have to pay money and finally
they are paid but they had something to do with
a property or property issue
materials that finally receive news
would be positive and here but also the
trial letter speaks of prosecution
from others towards you or from
situations that prosecute them for
some issues then let’s take out
three more letters that we’re going to see if this
this judgment for you is going to be
positive ad or environment ads
that could hurt the or are going to
feel judged by people or by
situations that can stall us
we’ll see
the trial letter a part of the
look clearly here here they had
appeared stagnation may have
had problems with some woman from
environment or friend of work and have
passed certain negative moments in
regarding emotional issue with this
person or feeling judged of some
way in the economic part with this
person but everything is solved in a
positive for you because because I
the celebration appears therefore in
the economy I can tell you that this
positive news arrives in April
referring to situations and you tell us that
they were waiting and they are going to
solve for you very well
we go with the house number 3 in the house of
communication with the brothers with the
studies etc. tranquility
quiet good communication
because the temper speaks of tranquility
speaks of more fluid communication also
speaks of diseases many times the
temperance but as we are in the house
of the communication of the studies says
that you remain stable
who are as calm as to what
that what they want to achieve the reference
to the subject of studies or how are they
communicating with the brothers or how they
is leading the relationship with them like this
that it would not be a conflictive house this
month for you dear friends of
capricorn the house of the brothers and of
the studios we are going to draw three more
see if we have any advice that we
I want to give the marseille for you
death that is also a negative the
and the 10th cup all the things of the
past that might have happened
with his brothers
I betrayed feeling betrayed and everything
that I feel left in the past that already
is changing to positive because 10
of the cup despite being inverted is
a very good portfolio terms
emotional we’re going to get 3 more to see
If this is a letter of death and
treason and all this that appeared to me
now it’s because positive changes are coming
they are not remembering that you have to
and change things
and it seems to me that you have to
drop situations from this if you
they had bad times or they have not achieved
advance in the relationship with his brothers
and all this have to forget you have
to make decisions and try to move forward
with them together on the path of life
because otherwise it’s going to keep
quiet but equal conflicts and
things that have to be solved with the
family friends of capricorn already
especially obviously with the
brothers on the subject of studies
maybe there is a feeling of not having or of
not having achieved everything that you
would like and is the time the best of
start to flow to start taking
decisions to open the roads
in this aspect
we go with the house number 4 which is the
family the home parents how are
look the priestess is a good letter
when protection or when he speaks
of structure or when it talks about a support
that has to do with
with issues I do not know if legal or issues of
of signatures of documents or topics and
even that they have to do with
medical exams is a good card
we need talking about the
Emotional relationship is talking about coldness
therefore and I feel that there is certain
coldness regarding the subject of the family
or the relationship with his father to
Capricorn you have to get closer
that are like a little bit like that isolated and
they are becoming like stone in the
relationships with the family then
they have to work on this subject if they want
have a total balance in your life of
the opposite is always going to be like
biting this little bug that things do not
they are fine even if they do not want them or that
I do not know you could give more for them
it does not value what you do and
all this kind of stuff we are going to take
three letters are because this month of
April is a call to do a little bit
more caring and to solve these issues to
not getting so cold what home is
parents families tend to go to
learn to be very and be very
smart and handle situations
but everything with the mind and there’s nothing
love there’s nothing then that’s what
you have to improve three cards
that with those tips from the house and the
the passage of time again the only
way that all this flourish is
talking, do not let us continue to wait
that the time pass and that pass of grace
or lose a family member or his mother to his
father or his brothers to understand that
They should have done something before they tried
to do it soon that the friends of
Capricorn so that also in your life
can flow everything else we go with the
house number 5 that are the children the
pleasures of each creativity
here there is some stagnation because
you will be at a sacrifice to me it seems
that many capricorn are sacrificing
does for some changes but what has
to see more with children not so much with
the family and for their own good
for achieving economic stability
maybe there was a relationship
He talks to me about a sacrifice but also
the hung invites us to see the things of
a different way already to try to
understand that maybe your children
they need more love or they need more
attention or not or are not giving everything
what it requires and only a part
then even though it seems to me
collective sacrifice for them maybe
that sacrifice your children need that
be something more emotional and not so much
example of money or that does not give them
only studies but also something
like friendship then it’s a call to
see things in a different way and
keep sacrificing but also in
other areas already
also many capricorn I feel that
they can be
as leaving aside as to what
that they want to achieve for yourselves
in material subjects the pleasure to go out
because for prioritizing the issue of
children as well as it might be that
prioritizing the issue of
pleasures and are leaving aside the
children can be the two areas already and
it is also not allowing him to be
creative to the Capricorn because such
as also locked in a subject that does not
they are using their creativity to get out
of situations in a simpler way and
quickest of all the problems let’s
to see now seven hung is not
saying that positive things are those
they have to sacrifice as the pleasures
for children or children for
with this we are going to see we are going to clarify
that does not mean that placed
not for me no no no I think the
Capricorn are spreading
They are sacrificing for giving them things
positive the children are no longer as not
I get letters that tell me that
they are valuing more what they want
or have a good time and not your children do not
they say they are working hard and
putting all the power to have what
better more money for being able to give him things
better to your children for having a better
relationship but do not neglect the part
emotional vale
already then that’s car number 5 the
house number 6 that is from work the
health and service to others here I
it seems that they have to make decisions
the letter of the lovers is about taking
and if they are not like they are not going
well do not feel that it is not working
something are going to have to this April
make decisions yes or yes to be able to
to advance already the same in the treatment towards
others towards the environment towards the
service as it is disinterested has to
not only think that it could help
this person but he would go to act now and
we saw the health lack of decision without
If they feel they are sick, it hurts
something then go to the doctor do not say
I will go the other month can not go no
tomorrow go today is worth then to
make decisions in this area of
work health and service towards
the rest
this April we will see what we
says as advice the letters in this
make an effort to recover that
happiness for vibrating in a more
powerful and more positive because that’s how they’re going to
to attract to you the work that
they hope they will somehow achieve
that you feel better about issues of
health but we must see the energies
because the 8 of clubs is to make a change
or move everything that is in this moment
stagnant in terms of energy issue if
you are somehow sad or
they feel that it’s no longer worth going on
the work then has to be changed
or have to look for something parallel something
that make them vibrate again higher
so that changes can come and not
we go with the house number 7 which is the
the couple of the associations also
here on the subject of the couple of the
justice is very is a letter also
mental also talks about structures
mental problems that may have to be
break or ideas that you believe that that
they are the best in a relationship
of couple maybe they are not is a letter
of coldness like the ratio of
family as the priestess therefore
they need
break these patterns or behaviors that
they have with the couple that they are very cold and
be more loving be more attentive
that are without a partner also to the best
are acting in a way that the
people who know they produce a
rejection of being so cold for when
they converse when dialogue is valid but
It is also a letter that tells us that
can do justice within the subject of
couple whether they are for those who are
waiting for some separation for those who
maybe they cheated on some
moment and now you know what happened to that
person then also talks about something
of justice for you in this month of
April on issues of relations of
couple each one will see how like
interprets or how it is brought into your life
that I’m explaining we’re going with three
letters in this associations house
they were also waiting for some failure
to his judicial favor regarding some
association some business that they did
who did not get paid this month is positive
good news arrives
we’re going against the master captain in this
couple’s domain
right here he talks to me about delivering
but to deliver not money but
they delivered more love as clarify what
that you want from the couple which one
is the way to be happy and to give
receive not only as I say subject
of the economic environment auto house does not give
more love the same as those who are
they are without a partner being a little bit like
he said more when they meet people
or to the environment to be a little more sociable
but also
be more like loving not a feeling
that nothing matters to me or not because
if you are not going to find us or nobody is worth
as soon as
to house number 8 that tells me about the
of the sex of the house of the sex of the
crisis of things that could happen
in this area it is excellent positive
I feel that the capricorn look at
despite the letters that maybe not
they are in some other very positive homes
they tell me that on the subject of sex they are going to
be blessed or whatever the whims we
they are going to have sex yes or yes and now the
crisis the good thing is that they would be left behind
the bad moments or the
strong crises that are happening either
for work or for a couple for things of
family what you for you
they are blessed and they are of this
month somehow from above the
they want to help
therefore take the energies of sumo
priest so they can advance in the
life and make changes that last them in
the time who allow themselves to be happy
that’s why the good one will lose her fortune in
the me or if you are not going to be with highs and
low and they’re never going to make any progress
so excellent in sex and there’s no
crisis this month
three letters for advice for you
is capricorn preparation
for a future union with the universe
union with something more spiritual that is going
to allow progress and clarify their
ideas but you have to take advantage of that
energy is worth
we go with the house number 9 that is of the
spirituality of the philosophy of the
trips also excellent because the sun
although it is invested for me it is a very
good letter does not speak to me of removes van
to be connected to what you have to
see with the universe that they will not have
crisis will therefore allow them
walk happier or with better energy
if you work this already and go to
be able to take advantage of the best of traveling or
to have fun but he also talks to me about
that maybe this month comes an awakening
for some Capricorn regarding the
spirituality or understand the philosophy
of life in another way how to investigate and
open up to other ideas and that’s going to be very
positive because it will allow them
find a different path in your life
and it’s going to be very good so take advantage
all this let’s get three more cards
look at that also of spiritual connection
standard to receive and this is also
the issue of creating something new is like
you need inside to feel that
they have a reason to live feeling like
that magic of saying life is beautiful and
they will find it as long as
you see in the other areas that
we chat and have this connection
wonderful that has to do with the
spirituality, look, it’s more, I’m going to take
the book of Marseilles so that they see that
I’m not lying and see what
means 8 after swords
what is it that I am interpreting
here is for you to see this
letter is the same as it is here is already
so that means look at your
elementary sense on 8 d may
represent the liberation effort
of man through evolution
interior consequence of its activities
mentally and that is translated objectively
as a reward granted by the
destination therefore if you are
connect with something beyond and they achieve
make these changes are going to be but
excellent in the other houses because it is
the opportunity for changes for
Capricorn here says love disinterest
that leads to serving the masses
apostolate in the mental part elevation
of the spirit understanding of the effort
spiritual mystical outburst so
so much if you can feel this
energy dear capricorn friends
this month and they make the changes are going to see
everything starts to open it starts to
solve and your life will change from
way but spectacular already so to very
good letters in what is the
spirituality the philosophy and
changes also travel travel not
I see them
well because it’s enough for you as a topic
more evolution is worth
the house of professions of successes
of social status here are
wasting everything because because to me
the magician inverted now lying no
take advantage of everything you and the
resources that have their intelligence and
everything they can do in life
they are wasting what they could
achieve for negative things that we
they loose by valuing other things that are
less important therefore it’s not going to
get this recognition of the environment
while you do not evolve
spiritually do not make changes in the
other houses that we have been talking about and
this magician that is a wonderful letter
when he’s right, he’s going to continue
himself instead of being a positive magician
do a holy magician then things
that you want to create will not work for you or
they will be little and they will not be able to
create something stable in a positive future
we are going to draw three more cards and less
they will achieve recognition of the environment
because it’s like they’ve seen them as
liars or see them as
that they will not achieve anything of what
they said they would achieve because they do
the wrong things then they have to
prove to others that you
they are worth a lot but they are not taking advantage
nor using all its tools we are going to
take three letters what advice we give them
of the Capricorn in this area
look keep fighting but keep fighting
with an equal support the emotional part
worry about what children have to see
your children fight to achieve their
objectives advance in a safe manner
with the golden callus for his ideals but
always in a positive way, stop
lie some Capricorn stop
use their tricks to achieve
otherwise objectives are not going to
achieve never be stable or be
recognized or successful because the
universe is going to take care not to give them
It’s worth now with the house number 11 which is
of the friendships of the counselors of
the spiritual guides here comes a
excellent minister because we speak in
this in this letter that when
send let’s say the connection
beyond with something more positive speaks to me
that also just comes new changes
in the part of friendships then to
the best you are going to look for people
new people who advise them people who
be with a more positive energy than
have to do with yoga masters of
spiritual theme reiki evolution
kind of people can help them
understand if these things your life that you do not
they are working and they can obviously
start this new path that is going to be
positive totally so be mindful
and move the energies so that they arrive
this type of people or you seek
so they need a change and they feel that
nothing has turned out then open your
mind to a different philosophy we’re going
to draw three more cards what advice
we give gaming friends corn yo
deliver love unite your heart with your
mind and not stagnate because the letter in
where parents like her do not get stuck
think nothing letting everything flow does not
nothing matters then deliver love to
our prison and unite your heart with your
mind when making decisions is worth and so
are going to be able to say have a
stability and maybe the energy attracting
this kind of people through love
we go with the last house of karma or
the things that maybe negative that
could happen to capricorn friends
if they do not make the changes
the letter of some clearly inverted
that some things are being done
Rare socks or not behaving well can
be discovered or can people
realize that they are not some people
reliable or in some way all your
emotional issues and all the fears and
all the madness and all the bad that they have
passed on issues related to the
heart already and also obviously with the
mind but in a negative way you can
to repeat itself or the karma is going to be
that you return to the same thing as
that I’m telling you, I’m not going to
take advantage of the energies and they will go back to
feel alone confused that nobody
wants or that the couple they have is not
the couple they wanted etcetera or that the
work they want was not the same
why does this happen to me and it stops
start questioning and the same
that is the karma that could come
if you do not do
these changes we are going to draw three letters
more than we advise the Capricorn
for this month of April
go in search of happiness my friend
go in search of happiness not
think so much and go in search with the
right magician since the magician appears
right now seeing that happiness is
the way of love give love not what
think if you want to hug your mom
There will be tell him to repent
such thing and it’s going to be the way of what
contrary to all this that all these
things that they have in their heads that are
as even sometimes that wrong of
thoughts feel tones or emotions
negative will be repeated again if not
they make good work friends for that
is the tarot to warn of things
to try to guide and I hope there is
liked to take the advice the ones that
comes to those who do not expect another new
reading and that many thanks for everything
for your support and for following me in this

  • buenos días me ha gustado la tirada pero hay algunas cosas que dijiste la verdad que no me han gustado he dado todo el amor que he podido dar ya no me queda nada he dado todo de mí y no paras de hablar de hijos que les de amor que amor sí ya no me queda nada ya les di todo y es verdad nadie me respeta ni mis propios hijos y mi hijo de 10 años me dice que me que me den mi hija no me hace caso pasa de mí que tiene 13 años mi marido me falta el respeto y tengo 39 años y aguanto a mi marido por mis hijos para que ellos no les falta nada hace 2 años ha muerto mi padre y todavía estoy con una depresión de c**** no tengo trabajo y antes tenía ansiedad y todavía lo tengo por supuesto y me estoy medicando he ayudado a tanta gente en el mundo aparte a mi familia a mis hijos a mi marido y todo el mundo al final me ha traicionado por la espalda ahora mismo me siento como si yo fuera la hija y mi hija mi madre y ya que estamos hablando de la madre que madre voy a abrazar la que me dejó a los 2 meses abandonada y mi padre se ha muerto que él tampoco estuvo nunca conmigo me crió mi abuela la parte paterna hasta los 6 años desde tonces mi vida se ha derrumbado totalmente han hecho todo el mundo y mis familiares y desconocidos conmigo lo que le ha dado la gana hasta hoy y he querido a mi familia de mi país y ahora aquí en España mis hijos pero qué es lo que eres subido a cambio un desprecio abandono solo servía para limpiar para atraer dinero para cuidar hijos y una muñeca sexual nada más eso es lo que soy yo he aguantado todos estos años y lo estoy aguantando a mi marido para que mis hijos no están sin padres como yo pero para que me ha servido todo esto me sacrifique por nada no sé lo que es amor y felicidad solo sé lo que es esclavitud dolor miedo fracaso traición y que nadie te de una mano una palabra bonita esa es mi vida así que ya me puedes decir si tú también me puedes juzgar qué mal hecho en mi vida con la estúpida que era sinceramente no sé gracias y adiós que tengas un buen día y que Dios te bendiga

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