CAPRICORNE, votre HOROSCOPE du 25 au 31 janvier 2019.

(music) Hello everyone, here is your horoscope for the week of January 25th to 31st. If you like this channel, please subscribe, and then you can also find me on social networks, Instagram and Twitter. Dear Capricorn and Ascendant Capricorn, in your horoscope this week, There is a conjunction between the Sun and Mercury, planet of communication. Then Mars and Neptune, planet of the unlimited. And we will end with Venus, which you know manages your loves. The conjunction between the Sun and Mercury occupies your house of money, so it is very possible either that you receive money this week or that you can negotiate a price of something, if you are a seller, you will negotiate in order to get the best price and if you buy something, well you’re going to negotiate too in order to bring down the price. In short, you will be in money stories because you may have something to buy too, the Aquarius period is usually the period when you make substantial purchases, not daily stuff, but for example you may need to change, I do not know, the washing machine or a utensil you use every day. You’re going to think about it, because Capricorn does not do anything in an impulsive way, you will still think about it a long time before you start, but once you are focused and you know what you want, there is no problem, you will go straight to the point. We now come to Saturn and Neptune, Saturn being in your second decan, in good harmony with Neptune, it is rather a good aspect insofar as Saturn stiffens, it tends to accentuate your conservatism, to how to say? to make you much harder than you actually are, and, with that harmony of Neptune, then all is fading away, not completely of course, you will not completely change, but let’s say that your personality could and can continue to change under the influence of Neptune. Let’s say things you valued before, too much importance, Well, they are not so important and you can lighten your life a little bit. And same thing if you have to go through an ordeal with Saturn, it happens that we have hardships to cross, and well with the harmony of Neptune, you’ll have someone really compassionate to support you. We will end with Venus which is your neighbor It is in Sagittarius, but it is in your house 12, so be careful because you may not express your feelings enough. One will tell you, You will take it badly because you are someone sensitive As a Capricorn, you do not really like to get remarks. already by default you do not like to express how you feel. There, with Venus in 12, in the shadow of your sign, 3rd decan of course, you will express even less your feelings. If you are alone, well it’s ok, no problem, but if you’re with your family, you will have to make efforts. That said, Venus in Sagittarius can also stress a feeling of loneliness, but in general, Capricorn does not live too badly loneliness. he/she is accustomed in a certain way, so … Would this configuration will not affect you at all! Top days (music) Monday and Tuesday, the atmosphere will be friendly. Indeed the Moon will occupy Scorpio, and … you will want to behave in a friendly way, you will feel that you may have gone too far and you do not have expressed your feelings enough, and well you will do it in you, worrying about the ones you really like in a friendly way You will have… You will support them if necessary, if necessary, you will give them good advices, you will really be a good fellow! I’ll meet you next week on my channel, well, I hope so, by then, if you want more details, as usual you can go to or on the website of TV magazine, and then hey, maybe it’s still time to buy my little books! (music)


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