Capricorn Love Tarot Reading May 2019. Literally, a dream come true.

Hi Capricorn I hope you’re all doing
well. Welcome back to my channel Lunasync Tarot This is your love reading for
May 2019 I’ve already shuffled your cards So
we can get started. let’s sync up. this is you this is what you’re contributing to
your relationship it’s the knight of cups this is your love interest it’s
what they are contributing to the relationship or to the relating it’s the
three of cups this is your combined energy the queen of Wands and this is
what needs to be understood or integrated it’s the eight of Wands
reversed so right off the bat I can see here that we have a really positive
reading for the most part we have you in the place of the knight of cups the
knight of cups is all about wow manifesting a dream having a dream that
you’ve been thinking about you’ve been feeling into for a period of time and
now you’re ready to take action around it this could also be an offering of
love to your love interest or some act of love in the direction of your love
interest maybe you’ve shared your feelings with your love
maybe you you’re making some sort of love offering but the sense that I get
because of this card the three of cups where your love interest is coming from
is that this is a dream that is about to manifest that you’re about to bring into
reality the knight of cups is very emotional very compassionate very
humanitarian engaged in the arts in some way so it could be that you’re
manifesting right now a dream or a passion that you’ve had for quite some
time and you’re putting action into it in a new way this is you your partner
your love interest is willing and ready to collaborate with you around this
dream so whether you made an emotional offering to them or you extended your
emotions to them in some way and they are in a position
to receive it very well there the three of cups is about collaboration it’s
about friendship it’s about celebration it could be that you two in May are
about to solidify your relationship in a new way maybe you will ritualize your
relationship in some way it could be a wedding it could be an engagement it
could be I don’t know maybe you go to an event with one another where your
relationship sort of gets I don’t know it takes it to the new level and a new
level in some way or it could be that whatever you’re dreaming here whatever
you’re putting your energy into at this time your partner is an integral piece
of that an integral part of that that they’re collaborating with you around
this dream and it seems to be a dream that you both share that you share with
one another and then in your combined energies is the queen of Wands so this
is a very passionate creative energetic time for the both of you and you’re both
stepping into this queen of Wands energy where where when you come together you
have this sort of like spark and excitement and passion and creativity
the queen of Wands is somebody who’s mastered her energy she knows how to use
her energy very well to manifest what it is that she wants it could be a time of
increased collaboration increased networking the queen of Wands is really
good at communicating establishing connections with other people networking
so that she can leverage her her talents her her energy her skills so I mean gosh
if there is a dream that you’re about to put action behind that you’re about to
bring into reality in a totally new way you can’t get a worse or you can’t get a
better cards and queen of Wands because this is somebody who knows how to
establish those connections with others and collaborate with others in order to
leverage her energy to bring her her creative passions into reality and this
is your combined energy with your love interest so
you’re both on the same page here and you’re both making those connections
you’re both equally excited and passionate about this new thing that’s
coming into into reality here what needs to be understood is the eight of Wands
reversed so I think this is a this is an indication that while there’s all of
this fast moving very exciting energy and all of this like desire and you know
what’s the word motivation to bring this dream into reality you might need to
slow down a little bit and take your time and make sure you have all of your
boxes checked and you’re defining your objectives and your goals and a very
sort of thoughtful intentional way and taking this plan this action step by
step by step by step so let’s see do we need some clarification cards here I
think I want to pull a medicine a medicine card for you that will give you
some advice on how to approach this because we have this sort of it’s not
really a warning in the eight of Wands reversed it’s a recommendation I feel
like it’s a recommendation to while you feel very motivated to bring this thing
like front and center and make it happen right now I mean that’s really the the
wands energy is like let’s do this now you know it’s very it’s very motivated
to make things happen right away you have this recommendation to wait this
energy is very positive but let’s make sure we have all of our boxes checked
right so what came out here is the the aunt so again we asked for some advice
on how to approach this new thing that’s becoming a reality for you
and we got ants so let’s read a little bit about ant it’s upright it’s patience
oh my gosh could it get any more perfect so yes the recommendation is to have
patience to make sure your boxes are checked and people have a knowing about
the sweet victory at the end of the line there’s never concern about going
without if they are late for the opening of a sale if what they want is sold out
they are sure that something equal or better is available if you have ant
medicine you eat slowly and deliberately and are content
and knowing that what is yours will come to you this knowing is good medicine it
shows a trust in the universe to provide if Aunt May entered into your spread
today it’s time to show a little trust in patience in some life situation you
may forgotten that you will always receive that which you need at the time
you need it most if it’s not on the horizon or just
around the next anthill you may need to use some strategy how can you put to use
your power of creation until it arrives whatever it means for you at this time
ant is working for the good of the whole are you if you are be assured that the
whole wants the same goodness for you and that it will be provided okay so
yeah lots of great messages there that really resonate with the ADA blondes
reversed another reason that you might want to
slow down is so that you can get to the finish line sometimes when you have this
high energy of the queen of Wands and the other cards combined with the queen
of Wands it’s easy to lose your focus it’s easy to scatter your focus and when
you have your focus scattered it takes in the end it takes even longer to
complete each project each point of focus takes longer to resolve to to come
to completion so slow down take your time use some strategy be patient so
that you can get to the finish line with this dream that’s coming into reality
that you have the collaboration of your partner with all right
let’s pull let’s pull a crystal ah this dream I’m curious about what this dream
is that’s coming into reality that you’re so excited about and your partner
is so excited about ooh oh my gosh rhodochrosite I don’t know if I’m saying
that right but um god I love this beautiful card can you see that
rhodochrosite yeah um I’m gonna focus the I’m gonna focus this for you real
quick there we go here we go I just bought a piece of this and it
came in the mail like the other day let me put this down and refocus it’s a
really small piece and it’s not as vibrant as the picture but it’s uh it’s
pretty nonetheless yeah I just got it so let’s read about it cuz
it has a message for you and in achieving your dream as a message about
your dream it’s 45 the heart Reviver that’s what it’s called rhodochrosite
teaches the heart to assimilate painful feelings without shutting down
dissolving denial and identifying ongoing detrimental patterns
it offers compassionate love and forgiveness you face the truth with
loving awareness deep down you feel alienated unloved or an unappreciated a
history of sexual or emotional abuse creates dis-ease or you may have misused
or feared your sexual power in the past you may be repressing something you do
not want to face irrational fears and paranoia and unacceptable emotions need
to be acknowledged and transformed divination time for a change of
viewpoint begin to seek the gifts in your experiences rather than seeing the
negative effects check out whether what you were taught in childhood is
still relevant to the person you are today healing insight releasing
resentment from your heart creates well-being the frequency is high the
chakra is the heart the solar plexus the base and the sacral the timing is summer
ooh so that might have a special meaning
maybe this dream will come into reality in the summer and the soul path is
radiating unconditional love and selfless compassion so I don’t know if
the history of sexual or emotional abuse or feeling alienated unloved or
appreciated has a special message for someone there seems to be like this it
talks a lot about repressing these feelings that you don’t necessarily want
to face but I don’t get a sense that that’s happening here and if it if it
was relevant for you at one point it seems to have been resolved or there
seems to have been some sort of success around resolving those feelings because
the knight of cups is somebody who’s very in touch with their emotions and
willing to be motivated by those emotions in a very positive forthright
way rhodochrosite it’s so pretty it’s such a pretty stone so take that how it
resonates for you let’s pull a few other cards good we have some time left we
have like seven minutes left let’s um let’s talk a little bit since this is a
love reading from may let’s talk a little bit about how your love interest
feels about you what’s the chemistry like between you and your love interest
ooh we have a five of Pentacles dang that is
a super romantic like idealistic romantic card in terms of imagery like
this is the traditional romantic this is like traditionally romantic look they’re
on a balcony there’s a violin they’re embracing one another in the
passionate kiss he’s pretty hunky and she’s quite beautiful and they’re
surrounded by roses and a beautiful blue sky in the background
yeah they think that you are like the how do you say it like like the ultimate
catch like the ultimate romantic Union very romantic very passionate that’s
what they think about you that’s the how they’re experiencing the chemistry with
you let’s see how you feel about them feel like you’re taking this
relationship to the next level Capricorn chase okay how do you feel about them
what’s the chemistry like from your end with your love interest this is the
Tarot of sexual magic I’ve been having a good time with this one how do you feel
about them I think you’re like the ultimate romantic partner who the
Emperor fill out this is how you feel about them either you see them as
somebody who is let me focus in on this you see this as some you see them as the
Emperor in your life the Emperor and I’ll just talk a little bit about the
qualities that the Emperor possesses the Emperor is somebody who’s older has a
lot of experience life experience and has distilled that life experience into
great wisdom they often are leaders in their industry or leaders in their
fields they lead others they bring that wisdom into their role and into their
responsibilities or that wisdom informs their role
in a really solid stable way they are good at collaborating with others like
your love interest here it wants to collaborate with you but they prefer to
make the final decision they are the I don’t know they’re the boss you see them
as having boss energy that’s pretty sexy cool all right
um should we pull any other cards what else do we have here should we clarify
anything this is a pretty quick reading um everything was really really clear
let’s let’s pull some cards just a few more cards around the the recommendation
the eight of Pentacles and that was to slow down have some patience use some
strategy and achieving this goal I’d like to know what this dream is about
what’s happening here what is this dream all about that’s coming into fruition
that you’re putting action behind and bringing into reality with your love
interest what is this all about my friend I just did a weekend reading and
I do these weekend readings on Instagram and they’re like 10-minute quick
10-minute readings for all of the signs for each weekend I call it TGIF Tarot
and I did a weekend reading just this past Friday and Capricorn got the Sun
which is I think it’s like the best card in the deck and it’s like the the card
that you want as you’re entering your weekend right energy enthusiasm playing
with others and community what’s the stream about though let’s pull some Osho
Zen cards to share with us a little bit more about this dream and these cards
are not one wanting to pop out compromise whoo compromise
interesting you know compromises this is typically the six of Pentacles and a
traditional deck it’s about the it’s about the
it’s about an exchange of energy so it’s about charity
it’s about generosity it’s also about making sure that there’s balance in your
exchange of energy with others so making sure that you’re not giving too much
making sure that you are open to receive and keeping that cycle of generosity and
energy exchange open so that there is giving receiving you’re replenishing
then you’re you’re outputting you’re sharing and then you’re replenishing and
then you’re sharing and you’re replenishing this new thing this new
dream also this card also has to do with physical healing so some sort of gosh
some sort of healing that involves your body or your energy or your chakras it
often comes with a recommendation to get a massage to receive some sort of
healing Reiki healing some sort of chakra alignment let’s learn a little
bit more about the stream before we move on let’s keep pulling from the Osho Zen
deck whoo hey what was I saying about healing there might be some sort of
special message there for somebody that this new dream will require a energetic
healing or a physical healing in some way or will be leading you down the path
to that well um Capricorn’s I hope you have a beautiful spring this was your
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