Capricorn ♑ Love Tarot Reading💋April 2019💖Karmic Release💗

Okay Capricorn, it’s amazing that I’m here to do your love of tarot reading for April 2019. I’m going to use the Goliath Tarot, which is my new favorite I’m going to do The first spark arts. What’s just going to be your heart space? You are an energy kind of how you feeling at the time and then towards the end will do your love interest or Soulmate or whoever it is that you’re focused on in love Repeat, bro All right, so Strength and the hangman so after some sort of event this is going to be more of something that you Will actually have to fill in the blank with this card in this deck It’s sort of a whatever you see in it card, right? So this is to me an event to you that this might be something you want to look back on After a little bit of April has gone by maybe towards mid month or towards the end Maybe even this might make more sense, but other than that after this event, it’s like strength with the hangman so Being able to take a step back and look at everything from a point of view where you can weigh the pros the cons And make sure you’re doing something in alignment with your soul and with your you know, physical, you know Whatever stipulations are around this situation, right? So let’s pull the next card It’s the queen of Wands and reverse. Okay, so this could be just not feeling like you can get what you want dun dun or like just you’ve lost your motivation right Wands is Typically it could be a fire sign but I think this is just the energy year and after this hangman state with the strength card just not being able to Get to the energy or the motivation or the passion for whatever reason and that’s probably why you went into The hangman say to begin with the strange card. So let’s see what’s going on with With the soulmate here for April for capricorns love interest so me Okay for your love and April what is their energy like Nine of cups, okay, so they’re feeling like they want to have you know, they’re being Very compassionate they might be voicing how they feel a lot but it’s enough right? So that’s good Nine of cups. He wants to come in and make changes but with emotional like Comfort and like compassion and and you know, it’s not like a flowery but it’s it’s straightforward for sure So that’s good. Um, let’s see what else here for some trust for April To Pentacles Page, uh bonds aren’t virus and the ten of swords in rivers. Okay. So with this knight of cups, the two Pentacles pairs with that spirit To Pentacles looks like balancing out something this could be this trying to Balance out, you know new responsibilities and just kind of sustain it that’s basically Probably what they’re wasting here with the cinetic cups I’m just just trying to level out balance out. They’re juggling. Just trying to get back that balance It’s a physical thing. So it could be just like new responsibilities or it could be like You know, like if they have more hours to put in or something like money, maybe they have new expenses Whatever it could be a combination of those two and then we have the page of long Rivers and the ten of swords reversed so it’s like Not leading and And wanting to lead the way because of coming out of devastation all likes if likes tennis Ward’s in Reverse the flaked coming out an energy of Being in devastation like emotional devastation like horrible it kind of swords It’s pretty bad but it’s good that it’s an inverse because it’s like coming out of that and Then you know the page of Wands being in Reverse. It’s like Normally be JaJuan wants to lead wants to initiate Wants to be the one that says hey Let’s do this and follow me and we’re gonna do it this way that person that like fires up the group, right? But it’s like not being able to do that because they’re just kind of coming out of this state, right? So, I mean there’s just healing I feel um But they’re they’re balancing out. They’re just trying to do that and it seems like you’re doing the same thing in a way But you’re just doing it in a way where you are trying to find yourself it looks like to me and whatever this event here is this is kind of the big question mark That’s what this blank space is, like I said, I don’t feel it This will be one you want to look back on and rewatch at the bottom of the deck is the karmic release card So this is a really cool card. This is purging I feel you know, this is kind of a mirror in a strange way. Um yours your soulmate or Interest here the person you’re focused on there. They’re balancing out more tangible things and it’s like you’re like emotionally doing this and doing this with like your soul like your soul searching and they’re like trying to just balance on their own two feet It’s it’s purging its karmic release. So that’s You know what you guys are purging at this time, but the good news is is lots of stuff done like there’s re like Juvonen and and You know like you feel lighter The load comes up. I do want to clarify Just a couple here, I think we’ll wrap it up The one that I do I’m not going to clarify the one that You’ll have to come back and look at because that would be kind of redundant. You know, I kind of want to Let’s see what’s going on with this hangman and next to the queen of Wands my first for Capricorn. Hmm What more can I find out about that combo? The strength guard is super cool Okay, king of panicles and reverse in three of swords, so this is like not being able to have like not being able to manifest outwardly things because of Needing to heal like this is this is coming out of a stage of needing to heal so this is like not being able to do that because you probably aren’t taking the time to heal but it looks like you are here with this hangman finally and that’s probably that’s the clarifying so it’s like you have to Whatever this event is, right the strength comes after that you’re trying to the line in the Cobra like You gonna be able to make these allies instead of enemies and that’s not always easy because it’s like soul when you know the physical Things but then you get forced into the state where you have to you have to go into the hangman You have to take the step back and it’s be that’s what’s blocking you from being able to manifest outward You know make things happen in a tangible way. So it looks like you’re doing that. That’s what you’re approaching Yeah That’s that’s pretty that’s pretty self-explanatory. Let’s do one for your soulmate here before we end What’s going on what more can I find out about this tennis or it’s with page of wander bursts for peppercorns lovin chests, so nine of cups in Reverse So this is a in the operate pretty generous Having enough to give and to be comfortable Okay But it’s never so it’s like lacking that So they probably just want to be generous and they can’t right now, um Nine panicles file Cubs looking at what they don’t have instead of what they do kind of focusing on the wrong things and you know not being able to to move forward would change because of that minor panicles wants to initiate he wants to come in and lead and initiate change the difference between That page of sort or page of Wands is they want to just be the one that motivator but this person wants to come in And take control and change further, but for the better right So it’s like there aren’t they’re not able to do that because they’re focusing on the wrong things but they’re healing here and so are you so It’s just not being able to give like they want to this is manic ups in Reverse So they also have this strength. That’s what they want to do. That’s why they’re bummed out. That’s why they’re looking at these built cups Rather than being able to make this change they want to initiate they want to be able to do more than they can right now and then and I think that’s just probably what’s bringing them down So I would say just give this time. This is healing karmic release overall energy Yeah, that’s big. That’s the good news though coming on the quarter, right? So the struggle struggle won’t be for nothing So that’s always good. You guys are both just getting some of your karma released right now and it’s just like that upheaval Right. So yeah leave in the console if this resonates with you if you have want to share anything and Hit the thumbs up if you like this and I’ll see you soon. Thanks

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