Cancer Watercolor

Hey guys! It’s Cupquake
and today
we’re gonna be doing something a little bit different.
So like I mentioned in the beginning of the year
I am gonna be merging Tiffyquake content with iHasCupquake
and this is a series that I had on the Tiffyquake channel
where I would read and learn about the different zodiac signs
and then paint a piece to go along with that sign
I ended up not finishing it completely because the holidays got a little bit crazy for me so
Today we are going to continue our zodiac series, and we are leaving off with Cancer!
They’re a water element and their flower is a Larkspur.
Their gemstone is a pearl and their colors are white and silver.
Similar to shimmering colors of the moon and water.
So if you guessed it, Cancerian’s ruling planet is the moon.
So they are a true moon child.
So since Cancerians are moon children,
I thought it would be really appropriate to incorporate a full moon cycle in this piece
and really go in and give it some details in the moon itself.
I also added some blues and grays in the moon
so it can really give it that shimmery silver glisten.
Since that is the color of Cancerians.
So they are pretty similar to…the crab which is the animal for this sign.
So Cancerians have a tough exterior to guard your secret walls.
And at the first sign of danger Cancerians will retreat back into their shells just like a crab
and withdraw to a place where it feels safe
So Cancer is seen as the mother sign,
so it is a very, very family-oriented sign. It’s very caring and empathetic.
They’re very nurturing and loyal,
BUT they can be overly sensitive and moody.
On the top I added some Larkspur flowers
and I decided to make them pinks and purples
because Cancer is a feminine sign and those colors to me feel very feminine.
According to one of the books that I was reading one of the biggest lessons for a Cancerian is to
recognize the hidden anger that they carry within them
and to not allow that anger to corrode relationships that give you the emotional support that you need.
Try not to worry so much and don’t let your emotions hide inside of that shell
It’s easy to retreat and stay inside of a place where you feel comfortable
but it’s even more powerful to recognize your flaws and take them head-on.
The loyalty and empathy that you have is truly your gift.
You’re kind, gentle, and sympathetic
and you appear kind and gentle to others.
I hope you guys enjoyed this piece
it was definitely a lot of fun to do and it’s
ignited a fire within me to continue and get the rest of these Zodiac signs out for you guys.
If you would like to support me and purchase this we now have prints available for the Cancer sign
in our store. I’ll put a link in the description.
They make great gifts for friends if you have any friends who are the Cancer sign
or if you’re one yourself, you can always treat yourself.
As always thank you guys so much for watching. My name is Cupquake, and I will see you all later. Bye!
[Time for some awesome music!]
Final Captions by: Just Gamer Jeo

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