CÁNCER Tu Propósito en la Vida y Mensajes de tus Ángeles NOVIEMBRE 2019 Tarot

Cancer welcome your special reading
for the month of November 2019
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look this is a new reading where
let’s see your purpose for this month
at this moment we will analyze the
you’ll have energies around you
you out of the penalty chart and the letter
of consciousness are telling me your
my warrior spirit guides cancer
that some of you will be
very little heavy energy one
little where you feel guilty
where you’re sorry for something you did
It is something you have in your subconscious
a decision that you may have taken
you could have someone away for
November a situation
which now you’re having second thoughts and you
They are telling your guides here reminds
that if you took a decision
alienate someone in your life to let
back work to change things and
now you’re regretting recalls
first moment
which you are that feeling you had and
why or what motivated you to take this
maybe decision right now or
during the month of November once
take that decision and you say well I
I feel one in with a different mentality and
rested is different might have me
I could stay but circumstances
They are the same as when you took this
decision and at the time that you
you can find in November when
have these feelings penalty
guilty of repentance
this could also be a person who
It is around you to a person who
These moments are feeling with
ruefully penalty with pain
I left you for having abandoned and
perhaps during this month you’re thinking
to return to you my cancer warrior
can be in love can be a
company has fired and even you
now is communicating with you and
I tell you truly look for cancer is that
We did things a little wrong and you
goodbye but we made a mistake and
we want you here with us
Around the end of the day my warriors
you are free to do what
you desire with much respect I
I send here only the message but
I say if that was the decision or what
the result is happened because they come
better things for you and maybe you already
you had completed a life cycle that
person with that relationship with that work
and then you should right now
leave that behind said stop
feel guilty that you’re not
lamenting for yourself some of
you these feelings can be
Internal and you see in your consciousness
you have subconscious penalty and here
you are telling your guides do not have
Thyroid Cancer penalty ever my warrior
you have never gone through difficulties
life each of these difficulties and
each of you has gone through
different stages because our
We are all different ways
find somewhere but they
It is different ways to
achieve our life goals
and tell you here you will not regret your
way you will not regret what you
you’re not where you regret
obviously you have to if you’re here is
because you have energies where you are
where honest you are a person with
moral where you are a person with
and that no matter your tier status
no matter social status or your
social strata you care what you have
or whatever because I do not have are
placing your spirit guides here
an image of a person who feels
less than others perhaps because
have a model car because there
It is seen in the best way it could be you
or may be your children or relatives
They have these energies and you are
values ​​telling you because you like
human being worth much possessions
materials you have are just that
material possessions tomorrow
none of that counts here they come with
advice to you migrate hopefully
they are enjoying and they are telling
you value yourself for who you are and
that as you do and that you
I appreciate that you love each other you the
people around you also are going to
show respect
but if you do not respect yourself the
people around you then you go
to be treated in the same way as you like
you treat you ok
let’s see what the purpose of your
Life for this November you
You can help heal seek light
you can spend or what task you
to do this month to
heal here you are look at you and tablet of
wow children
They said that these letters are in English are
some new cards and I’m very happy
to have them so I can speak from
the purpose for you and says your
purpose in life is to help
teach and heal the children
some of you might have this
for being teachers to be teachers by
working with children to work with
kindergarden could be nanny could
babysitting and you are showing here is
that your mission for this month has
much to do with it your purpose in
life is involved you are in
involved with them to help them heal
to believe in themselves so as you
indicating perhaps these energies are not
directly yours are of children
are around you
If you’re a teacher if you work in a
school as a teacher at a university
these also whether adults are
your children and maybe some of them
are less privileged than others
and have those energies in which
and you feel bad about yourself gives you sorry for
They tell you do not be embarrassed and
teach them that no matter what
who have physical or material matters
who they are as human beings and
there’s your mission perhaps with your
own children when you have them if you do not
all you have still may be that
have a vocation to teach as
volunteer teaching weekends
children teaching a language but
this month if you have that
possibility of working are closed
with children
do you connect with them because the measure
that You help them to believe in themselves
same you too believe in yourself in
As thou help them heal
You also healthy skin and gets
hen I do not think it to look for light
but wow
I felt in the back needle amazing
this for you warriors of cancer
Remember that these are readings
General as if this purpose
this month has to do with you as
then do not worry listen to your
another rising sign or sun sign
listen to the messages that come
Additional because then come the
messages from your angels but your
mission this month is connected with
children around you
help you might as well go to
Volunteer with an organization not
a foundation for government
children whether children who are
abandoned children with cancer children
any situation in
particularly where you’re going to support them
and help them because I see it as going into a
group of people maybe a
foundation with children singing can go
doctor dress noses are
red and clowns to hospitals
care for children to give them joy
It may be happening during that
This month mark my warriors
These readings are for the month of
and this could also be your
friends make you an invitation and you
say hey you know that looking at the
I work my groups of friends will go
to do this to help give birth to a
children do not want to bring joy
to come with us
let me accept it comments you
It seems this purpose in reading
life and you have to do this because this
I can help you heal and
important then you do some
of you tell me your guides here
you’ve been thinking about something similar
but that does not give you the mood says it
and others have is that you are going to
awaken the vocation of being a teacher
with children
archangels advice to you is
says forgive and learn the
way in which you let go and healthy,
healthy last will experience much more
love in your life today so
You have to do that and as you can
do maybe some of you have
It passed through a stage of childhoods
perhaps suffered traumatic rejection
from father mother may
yourselves were abandoned and
this moment is saying forgive and
learn lessons from the past to
you can then give yourself a
better future and maybe all that you
you suffered as a child now that you’re
adult can then give love and
close this cycle of negativity in your
life there are some who need healing
immediately this and the best way to
do is who drown eyes
pardon me that evictions am well
well live well too dramatic
sometimes protesting saying that
that connection with those kids will you
help a lot can be yours can
being of your family can be
some sort of association or if you have that
vocation to heal or study for
may be the children you are caring
if this time as a babysitter or nanny you have
these energies around you how cute
but this will help heal and this
You will do that you can close those
wounds from your past that affect your
present and you have with that
mindset that you think are not worth
but it is so when you scheduled
you were kid
Let’s see what other message has to
you be giving your spirit guides
the letter from the sun more children leave
past behind a person who in these
moments but could be in singleness
you’ll have many blessings
Look how pretty these rolls to you
Cancer children you will be a
important factor in your life look
salirte again with the letter of the sun
Some of you might be
Vacation planning could be
planning trips with your children during
this month the universe will present
the chance to beat last’ll
reacquaint yourself with your situations
past that will revive and look but is
this person is here victorious
leaving his past behind
but they call for you to do this with
love with cordiality so you do not be
vindictive because at the end of the day you’re going
You stay up you stay in the best
The letter also position 9
de Oros me talk about some of you
girls who at this moment are
reading and listening are saying
I do not want to have children because I
They speak of a woman with this letter
single divine his career
established a very powerful woman or
It is on track without becoming a
better a woman very powerful woman
you’re definitely looking at
These moments make progress in a way
economic but speaks of this
contradicts all reading what you
They are indicating that you appear to be
this way you sell outside of
this way as a powerful woman one
single woman and empowered not
You need anything or anyone in his life but
Here I just reveal everything
It is hidden within your mind and
and then you are indicating that
Although you sell you this way
strong against the world’s time to
do this inner work that will
put to mourn and you’ll get very
sad but you have to make it so
heal the wounds of the past and to
connect with your energies present and
you can find your true calling
for some of you this is something
time for others this may be the
vocation of your life what fills you
truly the soul and the letter
Knight swords here tell me about
changes that are coming into your life soon
they will get messages to you in a way
inesperada y estos mensajes van a ser lo
que tú necesitas escuchar para que hagas
este cambio puede ser este vídeo el
mensaje que tú necesitas
vamos a ver los resultados finales
los resultados finales te indican aquí
que con el trabajo fuerte escuchando tu
intuición tú vas a poder cambiar tu vida
de la noche a la mañana que vas a lograr
tener esa estabilidad y que vas a
empezar a tener más
humildad nos es diciendo que no lo seas
pero aquí me están haciendo esta carta
del siete de espadas en estos instantes
tú guías me la interpretan como que tú
vas a pasar de estas situaciones donde
aparentas tenerlo todo a una persona que
definitivamente empieza a ver la verdad
de sí misma y empieza a trabajar en
resolver esa situación vas a encontrar
esa estabilidad en tu hogar esa
estabilidad en tu vida durante este mes
pero necesitas hacer ese trabajo de
sanación para que puedas conectar tus
y el cambio se ve aquí de la noche a la
mañana una vez que hagas esto y empiezas
a escuchar a tu intuición y lo que
verdaderamente tienes que sanar en tu
vida te va a ayudar a este mes para que
puedas salir adelante y encontrar la
estabilidad que necesitas
dice que vas a empezar a quitar también
cosas y situaciones que ya no te llenan
para empezar a despojarse de cosas
materiales me están indicando aquí tus
guías espirituales muy importante eso
para algunos de ustedes
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November full of bright and

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