Cancer Mid-February-March 2020 Spiritual Guidance with Sloane Rhodes

hi cancer its Sloane Rhodes here with your
spiritual guidance for mid-february flowing gently into early March a quick
peek quick bit of guidance here answer assignment and rising just remind you
that if you haven’t seen them I did release the life purpose career & money
readings for each sign and every Sunday I usually release my weekly spiritual
guidance videos and recordings everything that I do here on YouTube is
available in audio format so you can use into it as well as watch it here and
there are links below okay cancer suddenly got so hot in this
room turn up the Spanish shut all the windows focus on the light yeah there’s this fun
this room so hot a big bold vision who else just got this
I think Aries just just had this as well into the deck it’s a big vision for your
life a lot of masculine energy here focus on the light solar energy the
sunflower even this feels very very gold like a golden mummy to me almost well I think you know for you cancer if
there has been a tendency to get caught up in the emotional realm of sadness or
worry or overwhelmed you’ve been encouraged here in
particularly you cancer to really focus in on what is in view what is working
you know not what’s in view in terms of what’s not working but what is working
you know a lot of times like oh that’s so awful
everything’s so stressful isn’t or such as where you’re focusing it’s always a
choice you know so that you don’t have situations that are have the the hook of
being stressful but you can look at the if you want to break it down to a
percentage even you can say 90% of the time everything is going so beautifully
you can focus on the light or 60% of the time even if it’s 10% focus on that 10%
of what is working the light focus on the light now I will also say cancer no
it’s just about focusing on the light externally but focus on the light within
your own ability to illuminate your own dark emotions with the light of love you
have a big bold vision here there’s a lot you want to accomplish a lot you
want to do and you can you can take action upon it but it’ll be easier for
you will be smoother for your cancer if you focus on what is working already honoring the masculine energies in your
life things that are working physically working the car journey right
the machines working focus on that kind of energy things that are putting forth
energy and positive ways to focus on that you know cancer being an emotional
sign being water sign sometimes it can get you know cancerous and get caught up
in the the flow and the emotion which is so beautiful but in this particular
timeframe were in a pretty small window here focus on that which is working in
the light get some Sun on your face as well if you’ve been hurting a bit get
out there and get some sunshine if you can’t or get a one of those light UV light that work for sadness you know
for season as a seasonal affective disorder yeah everything is happening just as
it’s meant to but you know for you right now just focus on what is working focus
on the light focus on the masculine energy what I mean by that are the
things that are that are putting forth energy and positive ways don’t get too
caught up and what do they mean by that under the surface and you know what do I
make what am i intuitive that’s wonderful ways to tune in but for
this time period cancer focus on the light yes that’s working
that thing is putting forth energy in a really beautiful way that I admire and
inspires me or I’m putting forth energy in a way that makes me feel sunny and
happy that’s where you spread the seeds for what is to come in terms of this big
bold vision for your life here we even have the be right pollinating you have
to spread the seeds spread these sunflower seeds let them grow through
your awareness through your excitement through your desire to spread joy and
happiness a light in a putting forth energy kind of way great spread it and
what I mean by that is spread your gifts of course it’s putting forth energy and
ways that feel good to you and admiring and and checking in with people and
situations and things that are putting forth energy in positive ways I hope
that that makes sense for you against this for cancer sentiment and raisin so
you can check out your other other readings and in the meantime I wish you
much love cancer see you next time

  • My month has come in like a lion to say
    I have been feeling kind of blah
    So I have started yoga again and trying meditation and now learning about my spirit guide gardian angel

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