Hi cancer, welcome to your August reading 2018 and I’ve got my miniature cards here I’m going to be doing a different kind of spread and I’m going to try that for all the signs for August and I’m getting some messages already and I’m seeing those old cartoons You know where you I don’t know. What era this was It’s those old old cartoons where they were They sometimes would I don’t know if it was svet Sylvester the cat Where it sometimes there was like a little devil on one shoulder And then an angel on the other and I keep seeing Now I don’t know if it’s because Sylvester is a tuxedo can’t Nicholas is a tuxedo cat if you watch my videos You know about my cat Nicholas and he’s a very spiritual cat But So it could be the message that somebody is getting a cat. I also feel something about though weighing options or you know having to make a decision between two like you’re at a crossroads or There’s a pathway and you’ve got to decide am I going to take this road or am I going to take this road? There’s also, it could be a message about taking the high road, you know in a situation So we’ll just have to see what the cards have to say, I do feel that the signs Capricorn maybe if significance also Virgo and Taurus I’m being pulled towards the earth signs and There may be a situation I’m seeing I There may be a situation where somebody is is Returning there is either a situation that returns or a person that returns so this is definitely in love for some of you I feel like you’re you’re fighting or dealing with I’m getting the word addiction There might be an addiction of some kind and if it’s not you it could be somebody very close to you that is dealing with an addiction or Having a hard time letting someone or something go in their life So let me focus here Cancer for August 2018 Cancer August 2018 most important message Okay, well that flipped over so we’re gonna start here it’s the four of Wands I already saw it So, let me put it out the four of Wands And like I said, I’m gonna do a different Spread oh My gosh talking about somebody from the past. We have the six of cups Okay, oh my gosh and the queen of Pentacles So what I’m hearing is out with the old in with the new and Somebody maybe Around you that’s having a difficult time dealing with this. It’s interesting too because I With the four Well six plus four is ten so something is ending so that something new can begin the force to me speak a foundation structure and stability and This is also the fourth house is ruled by cancer But I feel like that this being in the challenge position There’s somebody or a situation that keeps happening over and over again and It can be for positive or it can be for negative. It’s going to be different regarding each person You’ll know if this message applies to you how it will relate Let me move this forward so you can see it better. I do feel That Some of you are going to be moving or travelling taking a trip back home there’s something about home or rebuilding a new home so this can be Actually building a home, but I’m also a Nicholas just joined us here There he is, he just loves that crystal and I just saw an orb go by Was right about here so Getting back to the reading as we’re watching Nicholas. I do feel that some of you are Rebuilding a home. It can be physically like something is getting rebuilt or restored Restoration is a word that I’m hearing. So restoring something or trying to restore Relationship, but I feel like for some of you could be a building I also feel like it could be work. And/or School like some of you may be going back to school to do something that you used to do or you are looking for a job and Doing something that you used to do you may also run into somebody from the past I feel and This person can Be in the workplace orange in the school that you find them. Let me go ahead and angle this back down here Okay, I Do feel that some of you may be hearing of an announcement? It may be the birth of a child or that somebody is pregnant. I also feel that somebody may be Revisiting the past but in the sense I feel again that this could be a family reunion a high school reunion College sorority fraternity reunion something like that. You may also get in touch with somebody on Facebook or Through social media is another way that it’s coming up some of you I feel like are going to be traveling in August and it’s to attend a wedding Or you’ll hear of a wedding or an engagement The other thing that I’m getting is That somebody is traveling and I feel like this is overseas, possibly and I’m getting something with textiles and fabrics So you may I’m getting imports and exports so you might be in charge of something that is dealing with with I Don’t know this could be rugs. This could be fashion design Designing elements Interior design interior decorating. That’s what’s coming up here. I want to see what’s underneath I do want to say though that Somebody may be having a hard time letting you go That you’re moving on And they’re having a hard time with it now because I am reading for thousands of you could be the other way around where? You’re having a hard time letting someone go it can also be Evette Maybe you’ve met somebody over the summer and with August people, you know some people are going back to school and it’s Like summer love comes to an end because of distance. Ah We have the Ace of Wands So there’s definitely a decision to make there’s the potential though for something new to begin, and it’s isn’t that interesting again the six and the Four like I said is ten Which then reduces down to a one For me the court cards don’t count as a number but the Ace of Wands does and one plus one is two so there is definitely with the two, I feel like there’s Again balance is going to be important some of you are at a crossroads You have a decision to make in terms of partnerships in terms of relationship In terms of business or school what path you’re going to be going on so There’s going to be a major choice or again at at a crossroads But this Ace of Wands, this is the potential for something new to begin So its power it’s passion its Creation, so you’re creating things I new ideas and Definitely can be new love coming in for some of you and it can be the return of I feel with this card here and Again, it’s in my challenged position. Okay, so With this being in the challenge position. It’s almost like to me as it’s in Reverse. So Be careful of getting stuck. You don’t want to get stuck in the past or stuck with a Situation that isn’t moving because you definitely have the Potential for something to move forward here and this is new beginnings you’re definitely building something that especially here with a With the queen of Pentacles and this can represent energy can represent a person But this is definitely something that is grounding I Feel like you are moving away from something that maybe wasn’t so healthy that It’s becoming Healthier I guess is a better way to put it or from moving from something that’s been keeping You stuck to something that is going to fulfill you in a very beautiful Positive way this also indicates fruition fulfillment in the home family in the workplace Health-wise So I feel like you are Detaching from something and maybe that’s why I was getting the devil and the angel, you know sitting on each shoulder it’s like one says one thing and one says the other and you’re gonna have a decision to make But I think that some of you are Quite a few of you are moving towards prosperity and Something very healthy something very fulfilling So these are just some messages that are coming through remember if you like a private reading with me you can reach me at moon water Turo calm and click on Tarot services or Schedule a reading right away Alright. Thank you so much for watching. Take care. Bye

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