CANCER ♋, votre HOROSCOPE du 1 au 7 février 2019.

Hello, here is your horoscope for the week of February 1st to 7th. If you like the channel of course you subscribe and then there is a novelty from tuesday You will have the opportunity to ask me questions in a live that will last about an hour I will give you the time slot on my social networks on instagram or on twitter. Friend CANCER and ASCENDANT CANCER in your horoscope this week we will discuss Venus who go into Capricorn in front of you then we talk about the new Moon of course and we will end with Mars, which can make you miseries… Venus enters Capricorn so it’s the sign that is opposed to yours, you’re a summer sign, and Venus is in Capricorn therefore a cold sign, a sign of winter, see it creates differences in temperatures who will manifest themselves in difference in quality of feelings or of intensity of feelings and then especially there is, in the Venus of Capricorn, a fear of abandonment that exists in Cancer so please do not get caught, this fear of abandonment dates from your childhood you are not about to be abandoned anyway 1st decan and, well, besides that I do not know where Venus is in your natal chart, if by chance it is well placed and makes good aspects so we stay in a … in the light. It is also possible with this Venus, that you can make an agreement with someone, with a company, with a customer: there is a notion of understanding, harmony and compromise too: you will be able to compromise. We come to this new Moon which is really very well aspected, so, well, it is in the sign of Aquarius which is not necessarily the best sign of your personal zodiac: he manages your money and rather the income from your money or debts, because … there is one of two solutions: either we put money so we can have income or we have debts. Still, this new moon is in very good relation with Mercury and with Jupiter so there may be a chance that you were getting income from something whether you’re getting a bonus or being made a little donation … but finally, this new moon it can also inaugurate … how to say, a new job something that goes, besides, that will bring you back a little bit of money we never know. So we come to Mars your planet of action and decision that lies in your mid sky, that is to say at the very top of your chart, in this house which represents the very important things in your life and especially your career. So you could make a decision in this area or so undergo a decision made by senior management or by a new boss ; anyway and unfortunately I’m afraid it makes you a little angry, you’re upset because there’s a notion of dissatisfaction in there. With Mars, they are often small obstacles, annoyances, there it’s discontent. Well that said, it is also possible that you have ideas that you’ve passed them on to your boss and then, well, he does not give you news or things seem to you not to go fast enough; in fact you are a little bit impatient with this Mars in Aries who will join Uranus and if you were born at the very end of the sign towards the 20 21 22 July, well there could be some unforeseen in the program. Wednesday and Thursday will be rather pleasant, the Moon will be in sign of Water, that is to say in Pisces, in harmony with you, so you will feel confident already with yourself but also with others moreover this Pisces house is an area that you really branch out on others, who active, which enhances your ability to sympathize, to help, to support, it’s really something that you puts in a extremely positive report and help vis-à-vis others, but it’s also a travel house, so it’s possible finally it is not excluded that you are among those who have luck may be to go on vacation since the winter holidays begin. See you next week for a new horoscope by then if you want more details you can hear on the 32 10 or read on or on the site of the figaro tv magazine bye bye.


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