Can Jeff Bezos’ Billions Stop Global Warming? (feat. Dr. Joe Hanson)

  • I accept the fact that humans have played a part in accelerating the climate crisis but I am agnostic as to rather or not we can slow it down or stop it.

  • Compare Jeff Bezos' $10 Billion to Trump's next $700+ Billion Military budget . It's gonna take TRILLIONS and will probably bankrupt the global economy.

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  • One of dozens of scientific papers questioning models:
    2019-09-06 Propagation of Error and the Reliability of Global Air Temperature Projections

    Propagation of LWCF (Long Wave Cloud Forcing) thermal energy flux error through the historically relevant 1988 projections of RCP scenarios of the 2013 IPCC Fifth Assessment Report, uncovers a ±15 C uncertainty in air temperature at the end of a centennial-scale projection. Analogously large but previously unrecognized uncertainties must therefore exist in all the past and present air temperature projections and hindcasts of even advanced climate models.

    At the current level of theory an AGW signal, if any, will never emerge from climate noise no matter how long the observational record because the uncertainty width will necessarily increase much faster than any projected trend in air temperature. Any impact from GHGs will always be lost within the uncertainty interval. Even advanced climate models exhibit poor energy resolution and very large projection uncertainties.

    The unavoidable conclusion is that a temperature signal from anthropogenic CO2 emissions (if any) cannot have been, nor presently can be, evidenced in climate observables.

    In his evaluation of climate predictions Smith noted that, “[E]ven in high school physics, we learn that an answer without “error bars” is no answer at all” (Smith, 2002). However, projections of future air temperatures are invariably published without including any physically valid error bars to represent uncertainty. Instead, the standard uncertainties derive from variability about a model mean, which is only a measure of precision. Precision alone does not indicate accuracy, nor is it a measure of physical or predictive reliability.

  • How to stop climate change with just 10 billion? Use it in political campaigns to kick out every Republican out of office. Some advertising to counter the anti-nuclear propaganda would not hurt, either.

  • On a funny note, humans alive today are the first ones with the will to change the Whole planet who have Actively have made a decision to do so change it, the whole freakin Planet!!

  • Maybe Uncle Jeff wants to make a point that no 10B can solve the climate change problem; that's why he was very generous. Because it won't be claimed by anyone. Maybe?!

  • $10 billion could revitalize our nuclear industry and research advanced nuclear designs that are cheaper, safer, and faster to build. Nuclear is currently the largest source of clean energy in the US (55% of clean energy, 20% of electricity). It can also supply heat for industry, which is something that wind and solar can't. Moreover, it's not intermittent like wind and solar so it doesn't need energy storage or fossil fuel back-up

  • I'd like to see some of those funds helping project, then also petition the government to ban the use of (single use plastic) like other countries are doing. Slowing the consumption of fossil fuels is a good start and plastic is a big part of it. There are other projects I can think of like fracking for more energy should be stopped it contributes as much as 30 percent of the Methane in the atmosphere do to leaking pipes. or at least… Stop the leaks… We already know a lot of the problems, coal, bad sewage systems, to many gas cars, our throw-away mentality of the old when something only a year newer comes along. I know we can't regress but if we could all just push for the obvious ones we'll eventually cleanup the hidden ones as well.

  • There have been numerous civilisation-ending climate events/changes that have occurred throughout human history. The difference is that we are partly responsible for this one and might have the agency to ameliorate its effects.

  • It´s all very well Jeff Bezos offering to invest in helping to clean the planet, in my experience it is almost impossible to contact him and if by some chance you manage to get through the impenetrable barrier it seems practically impossible to get a reply.

  • When the issue of global warming came up in the early 80's Regan dismissed it as a job-killer! He even removed all the solar panels that Carter ordered installed!
    The climate train has passed the point of no return. It went over back in the 70's.
    It will take at least 50 years for the CO2 levels to first come to a stop and don't increase, then drop to pre-400 ppm of 10 years ago.
    At the time, their estimate for reaching 400 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere, was early 2050's! It is now 418 ppm in 2020!
    Boy were they wrong about that! What else were they wrong about?

  • We won't get much done until the single largest polluter – the US Armed Forces – starts a "war on climate change." This will have the added benefit of being a war that will actually save lives.

  • This was great, and very fun discussion. You and Dr. Hanson are pretty damn funny together. A subject that I, and I hope others, care very deeply about. Was little worried this might be your first doom and gloom episode of Uno Dos of Trace, but you two were very uplifting on a very very Serious subject.

    Thank You Trace!
    And Thank You to Dr. Joe Hanson

    P.S. I was bingeing older episodes of 'Its Okay to be Smart' just yesterday for a science content fix.

  • Greenland record minimum temperature, -80F.
    15 year record snow in the West.
    Record number of lights wasting energy right behind the host on meth.

  • I agree most of the pollution are caused by industries and most of the water wastage are done by agriculture, so it's them who should change their ways, we individuals mending our ways really is negligible

  • I think this 10 billion should be used for motivating people like reducing price of EVs , reducing electric cost , increase oil/fuel cost , growing more trees , industries emmiting CO2 should have special tree chamber that converts CO2 to O2 that leaves in turn reducing CO2 ,etc

  • hey trace! in the future when collaborating with other creators over video call, you should speak to them via their crappy computer mic, and then also have them record themselves through a high quality mic. then when the convo’s all done, have them send the high quality audio file over to you. then, you just sync it up with the video you took of your call. that way, you end up with a much better sounding final product. poor video quality is completely excusable on youtube, but people will click away if there’s poor audio. it’s understandable if you have bad audio quality when interviewing, say, experts on topics, because they’re not as savvy and prob don’t wanna go out and buy a blue yeti just for a call with some youtuber. but joe is a fellow creator, so you don’t need to let your video get bogged down by bad internet bandwidth 🙂

  • I just recently found your channel after wondering why I hadn’t seen you in Seeker in a loooong time. So glad I did! Great videos and I’ve missed your screen presence! 🙂

  • Trace: I'm not a climste change denier, but I ask myself the same question everyday: Why does help saving the environment is a LUXURY for the individual?

    Let's take drinking straws, a regular plastic straw cost s fraction on a cent while a disgusting tasting cardboard one, that changes the flavor of the drink your having and looses its shape when wet, cost between 3 to 7 cents. Plus the cardboard is recycled, you'll never know what it was before!

    Take EV's, they still cost more than ICE cars…Why? They should cost way less, and how their manufacturers want to justify the unfairly high prices? By adding stuff you don't need, like self driving or fart mode.

    I'm quite supportive of Mr. Bezos initiative on cooperation to better the environment, and that's exactly how things should fare, all industries, enterprises and businesses should be taxed by an "Environmental recovery fund" or something like that, that will use the monet where it's most needed.

    Anyway, I think that solving the Earth's climate issues will be les traumatic, less overwhelming and far less costly than terraforming Mars or any other planet, like Dr. Hawkings once said, therefore we should be focusing on saving our planet on a budget, not as a luxury.

  • damn it the audio was so bad that i had to check if my speaker are broken, but thx for being curious minds guys.

  • While I am no environmental scientist, or anything like it. I feel that things like more trees located close to roads to cover them can be a big help in reducing global warming. Reason being is because when you look at the heat retention of items in the world, the more something keeps heat, the more the earth can potentially heat up. So if you can cover the roads with something that does not retain heat then there is less chance for the increase of global temperatures. The use of trees would also make it so that more carbon is removed from the atmosphere also.

    Another thing that I feel helps increase the global temperature is our housing. Take all the heat escaping from our housing and the energy used to heat and or cool our houses also greatly contributes to global warming. So if we were able to be more of a subterrainian species as far as our housing is concerned, the less energy we would need to heat and cool our dwellings. If memory serves me correctly, once you get down 4 or so feet below the surface, the temperature is remaining pretty constant. A temperature that most humans find very comfortable to live in.

    Perhaps that is a proper starting point for us???

  • Love you and your beautiful kitty! purr purr ; ) I see your back in your studio!! I love it! I hope your doing good! I want you happy, simile : ) and all cuddly! yep yep! love you! Yes, Global Warming is like all out of wack! lol – 80's style!(80 degrees out of wack!)

  • For me thinking in terms that would work vs those who would completely ignore it and even do more to cause global warming even faster is this. Put them out of business, fossil fuel companies will only ever stop when they are losing money or are eliminated from the market. I think in all honesty we will see a true shift when the first fossil fuel company ( a big one, not a small unknown) declares it is getting into the renewable industry in a big way and not a token gesture. That will indicate they are seeing where the profit is and are moving to take it.

    The first step would be a power company with the power literally and figuratively to undercut other power companies to force their hand to compete and to drive down the costs. They are argued as already being cheaper to operate than dirty energy but no one has built the scale and support systems (batteries) to push the energy industry to accelerate the transition. The only other option would be a massive change in legislation which would also, of course, require a huge shift in at least 90% of the public to back it up. Which leads to the hearts and minds argument.

    Hearts and minds while sounding good by itself won't work because we are dealing with an industry(s) that will use the "fake news" mantra or their own "facts" to counter everything we have said that is provable and has been proven ad nauseam as we have seen in the past and they are doing right now.

    As to Tesla, it's the right step, he is forcing the car industry to stop giving token lip service to true green vehicles. It's not like he will put them all out of business but they will never leave money on the table so he's twisting their arm to do better than he is. But it's only one cog in the giant machine that is global industry and power generation.

    The small bites way of doing things would have worked 70 years ago, and we absolutely should keep doing things like that but we passed the point where that was viable. We really do need WWII massive transition optimally but knowing that will be much harder than doing what we did in WWII I think it will have to be the economic force method.

  • • 1:52 – Humans have known about the large impacts of the industrial revolution for over 100 years; viz the peppered moth.
    • 2:40 – I know him better by his (former) Twitter handle jtotheizzoe. 😂
    • 4:40 – Meh, Bezos is just playing catch-up because he's morally obligated to not pull a Scrooge.
    • 14:20 – Joe says that like it's inconceivable, but how many cars are there in the world? How much do they cost? It's possible.
    • 15:44 – Zefram Cochrane built the Phoenix so that he could escape post-WWIII Earth, not save it.
    • 16:13 – "We either need to get rid of humans which I'm sure we're not on board with" – Don't presume to speak for everyone. ¬_¬
    • Humans still think they can't affect a whole planet because they're small, they keep forgetting how many there are. It adds up.
    • 20:56 – Hmm, that seems too obvious. I wonder what email (domain) he actually uses for personal stuff. 🤔
    • 22:30 – The idea that online shopping is bad isn't about climate, it's about jobs.
    • 23:22 – But Amazon also re-boxes stuff in more boxes and packing material too.

  • I want to live a lifestyle which is better for the environment. So I use less plastics. But that means I use more cardboard, paper, and metal things which require way more energy to make.. Plastics are way better against our climate crisis, but it's what causes our trash crisis.

  • I sometimes drive even though I don't have to. This is because it is better for the environment. I hardly ever drive, so i'll drive about 15 kilometers every 2 or 3 weeks. Otherwise I'll get rusty and I'll be way more likely to crash when I need to drive. That would be a waste since I would have to replace my car, and most likely someone else also needs to replace theirs..

  • Bezos is just feeding the monster.   The grant writers will gobble up his billions, do experiments and write papers that promote the global warming agenda.
    This is Bezos buying indulgences to assuage his guilty conscience which allow him all of his many homes, his private jets, his carbon burning millions strong delivery system for the shiny junk he sells on Amazon.
    Wokeness is a free pass and Bezos is going for the gold as have  many other billionaires.    Wish they would put their money into something that was actually beneficial to mankind.
    If we had an honest press the hoax of global warming would have been exposed and rejected years ago.

  • That was awesome Trace. Speaking of the footprint our technology has on the environment, a great video would be to discuss the footprint left by green tech, like windmills, solar panels, electric cars and etc. Then compare that footprint to less or non-green tech like petroleum.
    Everything we do leaves a footprint. I like your idea of leaving a light footprint rather than a heavy one.

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