Can A Moon Sign Make or Break A Love Connection? | Star-Crossed

– Hi, I’m Kyoko, I’m a Leo, and Leos are the best. (hiphop music) I grew up in Taiwan and I’m
currently living in New York. I guess I’ve been properly single for a little more than a year. So, today, I am dating
different signs in the zodiac and two are supposed to be good matches and two are supposed to
be not so good matches, so we will see what happens. In terms of type, it’s
really a physical thing. With guys, I want them to be
kinda skinny but athletic, and then for girls, dark hair, dark eyes, taller than I am, and
a little tomboy energy. Like, boom, I’ll fall in love. (hiphop music) – Harrison.
– Kyoko. – Kyoko?
– Nice to meet you. – Pleasure.
– First of all, what’s your sign? – I’m a Libra, October 16. – My brother, he’s a Libra.
– Yeah? – Yep, and he’s hard to read. – I think I’m pretty straight forward, I think I wear my emotions
on my sleeve, maybe. – Yeah.
– I don’t think I’m too secretive, or
maybe I am, I don’t know. What do you think?
– See, this is the– – How do I read so far?
– –this is the thing about Libras!
– Yeah, maybe. – Tell me who you are. Jesus.
– Oh, Jesus! – Yeah, sorry.
– No, it’s okay. Jesus is cool.
– That was one of my childhood crushes.
– Jesus was? – The portrait of him looking like this? – Yeah.
– With his hair and his beard? So I was just like, “Hey
Jesus, you look cute.” – Hey, Jesus. (upbeat music) – I would go on a second date. I like to be able to communicate
and have some humor to it, so as long as you can throw it back at me or just keep it going,
that’s kind of all I ask. – That was a fun date,
wouldn’t date again though, but would be friends. – I will say I’m very introvert and very emotional. I can be very cold but I
also can be very sweet. – So, what’s your sign? – I’m a Capricorn, and you? – Cool, I’m a Leo. (Kyoko giggles) Have you ever been with a Leo? – No, but I have friends that are Leo. Well, I never date a Leo. – No?
– No. – Why, you have a problem with Leos? – No.
– We too much for you? – I don’t know, I haven’t
got to date anyone. – Anyone?
– I mean, Leo sign. – So, you’re a model. – Yeah.
– How’s that? – The first year was very hard and now I think I learned so much. – My date with Sara was the
definition of a stressful date. – We had that great conversation, she was very beautiful. – She’s so quiet, so I would
not go on another date. – She’s my soulmate. (giggles) – Tommy.
– Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you!
– What’s your sign? – Aquarius. – Ooh, Aquarius, Aquarius is awesome! I’m a Leo.
– Okay. – We’re sister signs, which
means that we’re opposite, which means that we’re
supposed to be perfect, so. – So, you think we’ll be perfect? – Oh God, I don’t know,
I mean, we’ll just… Maybe we’ll get along. – Would you see yourself
dating me as a Aquarius? – Hmm, I feel like your style has kinda some femme vibes going? – Okay.
– Which is not a problem. Feel like my men, I feel like I like them really masculine. – Okay.
– I want a man to claim me and everything, which I hate, I hate about myself, but I can’t help it, you know?
– I can. Those are the ones that are hiding. Those are the ones that
are secretly femme. They’re the ones that are just like, oh, they’ll be dressed in a tank top and they’ll have some army fatigue, but then as soon as they Beyonce comes on, they’re like, “Ah!” – What kind of men are you into? – Men?
– Yeah! – That’s weird, I think… I don’t know, I don’t look for specific, I just look for somebody
that vibes with me. It was annoying. – I got friend vibes from Tommy, so, probably wouldn’t date him again. – I don’t know if that was her, I don’t know that she was doing that ’cause there was a camera in the room, but it was like, the way she was sitting, I could already tell, I
was like, “Aw, (beep).” She’s gonna be on some like, “Hello,” I was like, mm-mm. – Hi, I’m Kyoko.
– Libby. – Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you too. – I know this is a first date– – No, it’s fine.
– –and you’re not supposed to talk about your dating history but– – I think it’s important, transparency is important.
– I think it’s fun, it’s a good way to get to know someone.
– Yeah! So, I just got out of a
four year long relationship. Yikes, and so, right now, I’m just looking for a good connection and a fun time and freedom
within a connection. You know what I mean?
– Yeah. – ‘Cause I’m not looking to like… I’m not a (beep) boy, I’m not gonna go and sleep around.
– Really? – I know I look like a (beep)
boy, trust me, they (beep) around too much.
– (Beep) boys always say, “No, I’m not a (beep) boy.”
– You know you’re right. – They’re like, “I seem like it.” – But I’m not.
– “But no, I’m so nice.” – Well, listen, I’m nice. I like people that are
sarcastic and a little sharp, you know what I mean?
– Oh, okay. – I think you’re giving
me that vibe a little bit. – Hell yeah.
– I love that. So, what are you into? – I like to dance.
– Yes. – I’m very into dance.
– Amazing. – Always have been. – Every girl that I’ve ever dated over the past six years has been a dancer. All modern contemporary.
– Oh my God. Am I your type? – You are definitely my type. – Yes!
– Yeah. – Everybody’s type.
– Yeah, you are. – Same.
– Am I your type? – Yeah! (giggles) – I’m happy about that.
– Awesome. Personality, I would
give five out of five, because she’s so chill. Physical attraction,
also five out of five, very much my type. – I think she’s gorgeous. I really loved her energy and she’s like, she kinda just doesn’t give
a (beep) and you’re like, “That’s hot.” – [Kyoko] So, we have a
professional astrologer who came in and rated the
dates from best to worst, and here is my ranking. I chose Libby! And I guess the zodiac was right. – [Woman Off-Camera] Are
you excited to date Libby? – Hell yeah, she’s so cute. My God, yes. (giggles) (upbeat music) I wasn’t expecting to meet someone who was actually really
cool but it happened, so that’s life for you. – So, we’re gonna–
– I vibe with you. – Get your number?
– Yeah. – Are you guys gonna pay
for a date for us, or? – Oh yeah, okay.
– That was (mumbles). – Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.


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