Buying Cheap Tarot Cards Online ⚡ Review ⚡Wish, Ebay, AliExpress

it’s not worth it don’t waste your money
the cards are beautiful and again if you’re just new and you don’t want to
spend a lot of money then I mean maybe buy one just to see if you even like
tarot reading but don’t do what I did don’t buy like a ton at a time because
it’s not worth it! hello friends today I want to talk about something slightly
controversial and that is buying knockoff tarot cards from cheap websites
so I’m talking ebay wish Aliexpress there might even be a few others they
sell really cheap tarot cards and and I’m not gonna lie I have quite a few as
you can see my box which is where I usually store my tarot cards it’s pretty
empty I actually only have three legit tarot decks the rest of my decks are
knock-offs as I get more involved in tarot reading
I am buying new decks and there are decks that I will buy the legitimate
copy of but when I first got started I was just buying them on eBay honestly
when I bought them I didn’t realize they were fake
I had bought probably about six different decks all at the same time
because I didn’t know which one I wanted and they were they were cheap they were
about five to eight dollars each and at the time it was just they were within my
bag and I also didn’t I didn’t mean the
guidebooks and I didn’t want all the fancy
packaging so I thought they were just cheap because they just came with the
cards I have another tarot deck over here which like it’s got a huge fancy
box it’s got a big beautiful book and I mean I love that deck and I love the
fantasy box but it’s just I don’t have the space to store all of that so when I
saw that I could get just the cards I was like wonderful I’m gonna get just
the cards and I splurged I bought way too many cards and then I was looking at
them and I’m like some of these like they just they certain ones have red
flags and I’ll show you those but then I actually was at my friend’s house and
she has the legit version of one of the decks that I have and I was like yeah
mine’s not real she had you know the pretty box the fancy cards and mine
definitely were not real so anyways enough blabbering let’s get into the
cards that I have so I’m going to start with the wild unknown Tarot this is a
very popular deck and it’s also a very popular knockoff I’ve seen it on which
I’ve seen on Aliexpress and I’ve seen it on eBay again there might be more
websites but I’m not familiar with them those are just the ones that I have seen
so again this I think I bought for about $5 but don’t be fooled
okay so this is what it looks like I mean the artworks beautiful but the
paper quality is not there and also the color is not there and let me just open
up this is a legit rider-waite deck or a card from a deck look at the size
difference now these Kim Krantz cards
the legit Ken Karin’s cards are the same size as this writer duck it’s also look
at look at how nice this paper quality is this is just like like it’s flimsy
these are extremely extremely flimsy cards to the point that like it’s like
I’m not holding it bent it’s just bent just for me doing that and these cards I
find the corner is kind of scuff a little bit
I’ve used this deck a lot maybe like they’re still they’re still beautiful
cards but it’s just the quality’s not there you get what you pay for and these
that’s actually two cards together they’re just they’re very flimsy cards
you know so I mean I do like just having just the box because I don’t want I
never read the books I don’t but that being said putting them in this card
style box sometimes they get stuck which is not nice so that’s the first one I
have I also have the witches Tarot and this one I have also seen in person and this one is interesting because if you
look you can see you see that white line that’s because the cards are not cut
properly and there are a whole bunch of them that do that let me see that it’s
the cards not being cut properly they’re not cut straight and these ones let me
see if I can find an example of it just going through quickly there so these
cards are from the same pack but they are clearly I don’t even know if my
camera’s going to pick it up they are clearly two different dialogues this one
is very rich this one is very reminiscent of what these cards really
look like but actually if you look at the top
– miss cut – it’s got the bottom of another card on the top but then this
card it’s it’s hard – it’s almost more brown it’s like the printer was running
out of ink or something as it was printing this card and this deck has all
sorts of cards like that they are all different colors let me see if I can can
you see the color variation like just looking at the outline around the card
like there is so much color variation in this deck and I’ve seen the real deck
it’s not like that the real deck is very consistent in color this is not again
it’s super flimsy super flimsy this one also sometimes I don’t know if I can see
it if I hold it like that I don’t know who would be able to see it but there’s
like it’s starting to get fuzzy along the edges from where I hold it when I
shuffle which is not ideal I want my cards to last I don’t want
them to you know start to fray and get all discolored let’s see we have the
wheel of the year Tarot now I’m only assuming this one is fake this one is
actually more legit looking than these other ones these other ones like they
eat they’ve got these codes like scan for guide books like that’s that’s not
legit like these don’t have it this one doesn’t have that there is no indication
that this one like off the top of my head like I can’t tell that this is a
fake deck I also haven’t seen the real version of this I don’t know how it
compares size-wise the card stock on this again
it’s still flimsy but the coloring on these cards is a lot more consistent
then the other fake ones but it’s still I didn’t show you the size of the
widgets tear other witches Tarot is the same size but it’s still a lot smaller
than a typical tarot card these ones again I haven’t seen these anywhere else
I don’t know if these come in a different way I mean like because like I
bought my rider-waite just in a pack like this it didn’t come with a
guidebook it just had a little insert and so I don’t know if this comes in a
big fancy box I don’t know if anyone has this deck this would be love the year
Tarot and if it comes different than this please let me know in the comments
down below like I’m just assuming because of the price I paid for this I
think this one was like four dollars on eBay and again you can see just because
of the crappy packaging that it came in these these always just come in Polly
mailers like there’s no padding there’s no protection for the cards so like the
boxes get so dinged up in shipping and like I like to take good care of my
stuff but these these boxes are quite often dinged up before they even arrive
you can see the Kim Krantz one is all dinged up as well they definitely do not
have proper packaging as they’re mailed if you saw my unboxing of my hey house
cards you’ll see that that was you know there was bubble wrap it was a nice
sturdy box these just come in like a mailer so then the next deck that I have
is the animal totem Tarot and again this one oh no it does have it does have a
scan to download the guidebook I haven’t seen the real version of these cards
either so this is the animal totem Tarot and I use this quite a lot in my
readings because I do really resonate this deck if I can find the legit deck
of this I will be repurchasing this because I do want to support the artists
I want to make sure that they get they get supported this artist is lisa
robertson illustrated by Eugene Smith I guess I should tell you these other ones
this is Maria karate art by Antonella plátano sorry if I’m saying that wrong
the wild unknown is Kim Prince and the witch’s Tarot is Ellen Dugan illustrated
by Mark Evans so I want to make sure that these artists do get supported I the ultimate conclusion of this video
even though I’m not done is that you get what you pay for it and these are cheap
knockoffs but anyways let’s keep going this one out of all of my knockoff decks
this one I think did is the best quality for prints
the color is consistent the way it is cut is consistent but again super cheap
super flimsy cards another reason why I want to buy this deck in the legitimate
form is well one I think the bigger cards show up better on camera but also
this one I feel like sometimes when I’m shuffling I’m just gonna I’m going to
bend the cards they’re gonna crease they’re going to get wrecked I’m very
cautious shuffling these cards versus like my rider-waite deck I feel like I
can shuffle not so much more aggressively but just with a little more
enthusiasm for these cards these because they’re so flimsy you can’t do it but I
mean they are beautiful cards and I can’t wait to get my hands on an
original version of this deck this one is again this is one that I had
seen at one of my local shops but they never actually had it in stock it was
only the demos and I thought it was so pretty
it’s well I can’t say it because this one is not it the the real one is this
very pretty like light purple kind of color the cards that I got there like a
greeny grey but they are not the right color again the dye Lots are completely
off can you see the difference in the color of those two cards I mean the I
bought these because I couldn’t find them at my local shop they had never had
them in stock and I was just like you know what I’m just gonna order them for
cheaper and not get the fancy box and all this and because the box that they
had also was like a metal box and I just I wasn’t wanting to do this
look at how crappy this card is cut like it’s if you put two and two together you
can see how much wider the band on the top card is than the other one some of
these like they’re even the words are cut off on the bottom of them they’re
they’re beautiful cards but don’t waste your money just buy the authentic cards
because yeah the color on these like this was this is this card I’ve seen in
person this is the queen of Pentacles and this card looks so dingy like they
almost look like I left them out in the Sun but they didn’t the back of the card
like you can see that purple in the back of the card that’s more the color that
these cards are supposed to be so that was a little disappointing when I opened
these so yeah not I mean this is who’s this by um
I don’t have the artist on this I’m so sorry to whoever created this deck the
artwork is beautiful the knockoff doesn’t even give you the courtesy of
putting your name on it so and then we have again another one of my favorites
this is the Wildwood tell this will be another deck that I will be purchasing
of the legit copy of this is from Mark Ryan’s and John Matthews illustrations
by will Worthington if you’ve seen my videos you’ve seen these cards they are
beautiful cards I think I love them and even as I was standing them out I don’t
know if you can see how frayed the edges on these cards are getting just because
the quality isn’t there again superflous actually these are probably the
flimsiest of them all right they are just here so flimsy you can see like how
warren the edges are getting but whoops dropping the card but the artwork on
these cards is so beautiful so this is definitely a deck that I will want to
purchase the legit version of on here’s a funny card this one is the five of
bows and it’s got like a purple line around the outside I don’t know if it’s
gonna pick it up it’s trying to pick up my face but there’s yeah like a purple
line this one’s got a green line at the top these are not things that are on the
actual cards these are just because it’s a knockoff and however they scanned to
rip off the image this card’s kind of pink so you know beautiful artwork kudos
to the artist on this deck this is another one I will definitely be buying
and then we have this is like this is the worst knockoff tarot deck
this deck I haven’t seen this in person this is another one that I was not able
to find in person it just it doesn’t exist in any of my local stores and I
much prefer to support local when I can and then otherwise I just go cheap but
it’s got this gilding on the side I mean that’s so pretty right except for the
fact when I bought this you could tell that they literally like put the whole
deck together and like painted the edges even now my hands are all sparkly from
these cards and I have had these cards for a while and I have shuffled them and
shuffled them and shuffled them and I never use them in a reading because look
how clustered together they are it’s not even really showing let me shuffle them
this way can you see like they don’t you can’t shuffle them one card one card
this is that they clump together because of the silver on the end of them it’s
just and this one the color is so off I mean some of them look beautiful they
actually look a lot better on camera than they do in person but some of them
it’s like again like they were Sun bleached like I left them out in the Sun
and they lost all their vibrancy let me see if I can find one or like this card
this Empress card it is so oversaturated with this orange color that it’s
honestly well it’s not hard to make it with the images but it doesn’t have the
clarity that these cards have I’ve watched a bunch of YouTube videos about
this these cards and I thought oh my god they’re so pretty I need to find them
and the only place I could find them was on eBay when I was googling the cards
the only place I could find them was on eBay and this one this one looks like
it’s been left out in the Sun it’s all faded and I just don’t waste your money
it’s it’s not worth it um these cards because of the gilding on
the edge they do seem a little sturdier but they’re still they’re not so if you
can if you can find these cards and you can support this artist illustrated by
James our needs by the legit cards these are not worth it
the next to ebay knockoff that I have is these fairy cards and this is actually
like a very substantial box it’s a lot bigger than the other ones it’s an
odd-shaped they’re very wide I actually I actually thought they were oracle
cards at first when I first opened them and you know they’re pretty but I
actually really like the shape of these cards I have a have small hands so the
writer weight deck is actually it’s quite large for me to shuffle typical
tarot cards are so that is the bonus for these knockoff cards is that for me they
are easier to shuffle but this card is suck is cut so poorly this is a really
awkward shape it’s wider than the writer weight but narrower but look at how
poorly this card is cut like it’s got barely any edge on this side and then
it’s got so much on this side and like and so wonky on the front and like it’s
already dinged like this just goes to show but the the quality of the cards
this is actually um a hay house jack and he helps has a really good quality I
really like products but yeah this this is not from Hay House look like you can
see like it’s it’s not worth it don’t waste your money the cards are beautiful
and again if you’re just new and you don’t want to spend a lot of money then
I mean maybe buy one just to see if you even like tarot reading but don’t do
what I do don’t buy like ain’t accented because it’s not worth it
the last knockoff tarot deck that I have is mystic Monday’s Tarot by grace Duan
and again these cards are so beautiful these ours
I’ve never actually shown these cards before this is what I typically use when
I’m reading for myself but these cards kind of sum me up and again I will be
supporting Grace when I can find a legit version of this deck because it is
beautiful but again it’s small it’s flimsy this card stocks actually better
than a lot of the other ones but it’s still it’s still very flimsy it’s got a
beautiful back on it and I love these cards because it’s like it’s dark on the
outside which is kind of like my aesthetic I usually wear a lot of black
a lot of dark colors but then it is so vibrant so bright on the inside and I
just I do I really like these cards I usually just use them for personal
readings but now that I’ve shown the camera maybe I’ll start using them more but yeah again just support the artists
buy the real thing because you’re not really saving that
much money especially when you consider the time that you have to wait I
typically have to wait like 4 to 6 weeks before I get any of these which is why I
ended up with so many like here these are all the knockoff tarot cards that I
have but like my first order I think I bought these were the first ones that I
bought and then while I was waiting for them
I bought these ones and then in the time since I have bought these two but now
that I know how disappointing in a way these knockoff cards I’m not going to be buying them again
but honestly just by legit cards I bought this rider tarot deck off of
Amazon I think it was $19 keep in mind I am in Canada so if you’re in the u.s.
cards do tend to be cheaper but the card stock on these like it’s not nearly as
flimsy they’re more rigid like this is just it’s a better quality product
you’re supporting the company that’s actually creating these projects well I
guess you’re supporting them the eBay dock off people but you’re supporting
the artist and you’re letting the people know who actually created these decks
that you appreciate their work and you buy these you’re not showing the artist
any support at all and I honestly feel very guilty that I have all of these
decks and these are my tarot decks this doesn’t even include the Oracle decks
but I don’t have nearly as many Oracle decks but that would be in the next
video well not the next one the next video is going to be another tarot
reading so the next video like this I will be putting out will be reviewing my
knock off Oracle card Jax and I can’t wait to show you that in
conclusion don’t buy these cheap knockoffs from ebay from wish from
Aliexpress from wherever support the artists the artists put so much work
into these cards and they they deserve to be compensated for it and these these
are these are these are ripoffs so don’t waste your money by the legit decks okay
um I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did please subscribe to the channel
love light and happiness to all of you bye

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