j-hope: Okay, MANG’s leader is called (beep) Jin: …Is it a snack? Episode 2: THE PAST(COOKY, TATA, MANG, CHIMMY) j-hope: Tell us about COOKY! Jung Kook: COOKY was a normal but weak kid. Members: (deep sigh) Ah… Jung Kook: Because COOKY was so frail, COOKY’s mother passed away (?) Jin: (a deeper sigh) Ah… Jung Kook: COOKY’s father became a boxer to overcome his weakness. Jin: (with respect) Ah… Jung Kook: So since COOKY was so weak, Jung Kook: (following the steps of father) COOKYstarted working out. Jin: Ah… Jung Kook: There, COOKY met two friends. Jung Kook: They look like this. Jung Kook: Hahahaha RM: Don’t they look exactly the same? Jung Kook: And so after COOKY became friends with these two, Jung Kook: they started working out together. Jung Kook: While competing against each other in a big match, Jung Kook: this got injured from an accident. Jung Kook: and that’s when things started to go south. Jung Kook: and Jung Kook: in a hospital, Jin: Huh… RM: Beep~~~ j-hope: Are you serious? Jin: What do you mean beep?! Jimin: Oh no~~ RM: Why do you have to be so extreme~! j-hope: Let JOOKY live in peace! RM: Yeah let’s say that COOKY’s friend went to the hospital. End of story. Jung Kook: Ah okay okay. Jung Kook: Yeah so..this one Jin: isn’t able to work out any more! Jung Kook: No no, these two are friends, Jung Kook: Oh right, I like that Jung Kook: This one isn’t able to box any more. Jin: Isn’t able to work out any more! Jung Kook: So COOKY got mad. RM: Why? Jin: Why? Jin: Because that dude can’t work out anymore? Jung Kook: Right. j-hope: What’s that kid’s name? j-hope: Bul-baek?!! RM: Like Bulgogi Baekban? LOL (Bulgogi Baekban=marinated beef with other side dishes.) Jin: Did you say Bul~Baek?! (Bul-baek: abbreviation for Bulgogi Baekban) j-hope: It was written there like that. RM: Why don’t you just name it ‘Come back,’ instead of Bul-baek? j-hope: Oh you meant their color. j-hope: Black? Jung Kook: This one is black, and that one is brown, Jung Kook: the same color as SHOOKY. Jung Kook: That’s why COOKY always hangs out with SHOOKY. Jung Kook: Because they have the same color. SUGA: Like, like a beige bunny? Jung Kook:Yupp! SUGA: Mm~ Jung Kook: And so COOKY got mad at this dude… Jung Kook: but one day this dude disappeared. Jung Kook: just gone! V: (Immersed) Oh shoot… Jung Kook: So COOKY now has to find this dude. Jin: (Immersed) Ahh… Jung Kook: COOKY still has to Jung Kook: solve the mystery of COOKY’s friend. Jin: Please write us more. Please! V: TATA originally V: came from a royal family. V: A royal family! SUGA: Oh! Jimin: Nice! V: A royal family of four, V: with one younger sister, one older brother, and father. SUGA: Mm! V: TATA secretly ran away V: from the suffocating lifestyle. SUGA: So TATA’s the oldest?! V: This is the father. Jimin: Hahahaha Members: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha Jimin: What’s that?! What’s that?! V: The pa..palace! Members: Wow~Wowwww~ j-hope: That’s amazing. What’s that~? Jimin: (clap clap clap clap) V: TATA’s the second oldest among these three. V: But because of the strict, royal lifestyle, V: and some internal drama, TATA decides to get out. V: In future episodes, V: TATA’s father comes down to Earth V: and tries to take TATA back to the palace. Members: Oooh~~~ RM: But! But! Does TATA resist? V: But! Our BT21, our members… V: help out…and somehow it ends with a happy ending. j-hope: Okay, MANG! MANG’s leader is called j-hope: CONN j-hope heh Jin: …Is it a snack? (CONN=콘=”cone” of an ice cream) RM: I, I want an ice cream cone. RM: Hey, hey, I got an idea! RM: MANG, MANG, MANG originally comes from a horse town~ RM: Everyone else from horse town is brown. RM: but MANG happened to be purple, RM: since birth j-hope: Ouch my heart aches. RM: To blend in with others RM: MANG decides to wear a mask. Jin: Ahhh.. Jung Kook: But why is the mask blue? RM: Usually, usually horses are RM: horses are brown. RM: in general.. SUGA: There are also white horses and black horses. RM: Right, but there are no purple horses. Jin: Ahh.. RM: Is there? j-hope: No you’re right. You have a point here. RM: Since MANG’s a horse. Jimin: I think this little dude… RM: CHIMMY! Jimin: doesn’t know why CHIMMY’s born. RM: CHIMMY looks so chill and lazy in those sweats. Jimin: Doesn’t know where CHIMMY came from…or why CHIMMY’s here. Jimin: Right right. Jimin: Doesn’t know the reason for being. SUGA: CHIMMY’s the only one without a friend. Jimin: Right. CHIMMY’s background…! Jimin: My CHIMMY doesn’t know anything about the past. Jin: Amnesia! Jimin: No, CHIMMY was deserted from the start. SUGA: I’ll be your friend. j-hope: As a kid this little dude…had a great sense of rhythm! Jin: Ah… j-hope: born with it! j-hope: So to be loved, j-hope: um.. j-hope: this kid started dancing. j-hope: One day, this kid was brought to Earth. Jimin: Hyung, hyung isn’t that you? j-hope: Ahahahahaha j-hope: Yeah it’s me. j-hope: You’re right, this is about me. Jimin: Started dancing for attention, but was brought to BTS because you were too good. j-hope: Right. It’s about me. You’re me!


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