Brutal Age Executor Sneak Peak

What’s up everybody welcome to EZE Street gaming my name is EZE Today we have the first look at the executor and I’ve got a picture of him here was showing some of his finer features You gotta be able to be real fast to get through all this though so we have I’ve got about six or seven replays they are all from green But let’s look at all those skills first and Whoa that went by pretty fast the first one was lunge you couldn’t read that but First one lunge all three all three have the same first skill lunge Red second skill is called killing time and you’ll see that they have some very unique abilities that they’re their skills are There’s not many that That match each other like other other partners that all three colors have two of the three that are matched And red went buy that fast Blue… we are thinking blue is probably going to be the strongest we were thinking at least at first But we’re not really sure because you’ll see in the replays that green is pretty tough Blues third skill is called a killing mark and this is going to be a big skill for him a big attack Basically what the way this works is that he gets any mark for every single partner on The in the match whether it’s on his team or the other team he he gets a mark if anyone has 50% less hit points than he has and For each mark, he gets an increase of 10 speed 50 attack in 5% critical rate damage. So you just think about that times However, many people say it’s the strongest when everyone has 50% last that’s 7 times 7 So that’s a huge huge bump in his ability second skill second attack is Hart Ripper and That’s where he will get the he’ll ignore defense Part defense and he’ll get another big benefit, which I can’t read because they went by too fast So you might have to pause the video On to green we’re gonna show you green in this video Green is the one we have… spit it out EZE We have a several attacks from green First abilities lunge Green also has a very unique skill So it’s debatable who is going to be the best in the long run. Will it be blue green red might be green second skill heart ripper just like the just like blue had Heart Ripper and His third skill. It’s the assassins original art So this is you randomly attack Whichever enemy has the most buffs You’ll remove every buff from the enemy and then do a great amount of damage depending on how many buffs they have You’ll uh, you’ll also if there’s three or more buffs on them you lost do Splash Damage And I believe he got a shield too. I’m gonna have to look later on in the video to see exactly what happened So another potentially huge attack All these partners are restrain partners two of them have the attack leader skill. One of them has the critical rate leader skill This is all from he calls himself King Cerberus Formerly from server three two three now he is the leader and the new server Which I believe was server 438 So first look at the the executor Maybe the first time ever on YouTube Let’s see if we can actually see any of his Abilities in the and these few blue plays that we have And I know we have there’s one that we can we can find . I’ve already found it So remember his big ability is his third skill and his third skill if the enemies have Buffs, he will remove the buff and then do great damage depending on how many buffs they have so that will be when he attacks twice When I talked to Cerberus the one who gave me all the replays he said that he has found out how to how to dress the the executor at least green and that was with attack left-hand attack head and then Hit … H I T on the right hand and After watching the replays, I think he did pretty good job with it Playing against some tough opponents This for 438 I believe was it was a fairly new server, but he’s already at Stronghold 24 so advance pretty quick You can see he’s got some pretty tough and enemies already Although I don’t I don’t think the third awakened yet on either side really And the team that is better he’s Constructed It’s got the blue guard earth blue nomads red jello and the green executors pretty cool team So that means that they’ll be immune first round do the red yellow And then you have the freeze of the god of Earth And blue no mass is power powerhouse hitter and then now the executor That steals buff so this is a unique interesting team Now looking at all the skills for the three Executors the looks like they spend a lot of time on this partner There’s not a lot of repetition between three different colors. The third skills are all very unique. So We we may be able to see something a little different where all three colors may actually be useful the last partner we got out of bleep was Sharky and Honestly Sharky even though there was some repetition between them There’s a lot of debate about it still also But this seems like all three colors of Mo sure are going to be useful So hopefully all three executors will be useful. It’s hard to get one. Never mind the right one Let’s do a little rewind we just saw a great Display of his of his skill right there Executors just attacked the the red drum stole all five of his buffs stole the shield So he doesn’t just take away their buffs. He steals and when he has him himself So that’s a that’s a pretty strong ability And then if he has three or if they have three or more not only does he steal them But he also does a great amount of damage and then does Splash Damage on top of that which means that he will be affecting all the partners around Whatever target he’s attacking so, I mean it’s don’t know exactly how that will play out at the higher ends, but when we’re talking about massive partners with thirty forty thousand hit points I’d like to see what massive damage is that So it looks like he’s on Defense on this on this battle here. Same partners just a little shifted around because he’s on defense Yeah But I would suggest to do with the executor but like pretty much all your partners is Try to understand exactly what role he’s gonna play in your team if you have them in the right role He’ll be a lot more effective You don’t want to have a defensive partner as you lead attacker and then have three more defensive partners behind them So make sure you understand the role that your partner’s gonna play. And as far as the executor goes I Believe is a support partner not just a straight attack partner because as far as green goes he is stealing stealing buffs and He’s not exactly just taking on the the top guy And loving them with these giant attacks. He’s kind of finessing his way through it Now with the other colors also you had to consider your war patterns as well So consider what role they’re gonna play and then consider the war pattern so that will kind of help you figure out what kind of team you want to build if the execution is worth building a team round and Believe it or not. Some of your off partners are the ones you build your teams around. I don’t know if the executors You know couldn’t say this wrong it’ll time they ask you it’s gonna be one of those or not But looking at the skills of all three, I think red will probably be the easiest It looks like the red has the ability on one of his attacks He attacks six times as soon as I see an attack with time six on it The first thing I think of is Ian because Ian will steal life or add health to you every time he attacks So with six hits in one attack, that’s that’s a bunch of health. You can get back on that so now as far as green and blue it’s looking like attack and HIT are both gonna be really important. So that means And this is all possibly cuz I don’t have him yet and I have seen very limited gameplay with that with the executor But it I would think that Smilodon and corsak would probably be a good place to start and then work your way from there Let’s hold that thought for one second. We just had the executors attack the dragon man. He what he did Is he steal stole all the buffs then he attacks again dealing great damage Then he dealt splash damage to everyone in the team and in stealing those buffs He also stole the shield that drag a man had on. So tons of benefits Just if just really well got that one skill. He has an incredible skill. I haven’t seen anything like it before Doesn’t doesn’t have a very good chance looks like he takes a little bit of damage there So getting back to the bore patterns, I’ll just give you my general philosophy on this war on the war patterns Especially with these elite last our partners As you move on in the game, you’re gonna get a lot of war patterns that are five-star And look this little interruption King service takes a loss for us planning record. Uh Another another battle. So thank you for that Tough match and weak own times too in this last one speed it up a little bit because we’re getting long. Yeah, so When you’re getting into these elite five-star partners Get rid of all your your gray five-star war patterns and use the war patterns that have two or three to three skills at level zero That way you will maximize the output once you get to level 15 then your second skill if it started up at 5% Attack for your second skill it’ll be it’ll be at ten or fifteen percent instead of just at five percent by using these war panels that have two or three skills on them to begin with You’ll double and sometimes even triple up the second and third skill and that adds up to a lot at the end So when you’re using these elite partners use the elite war patterns Whether it be patient with it, if it takes you two or three weeks to get the war patterns up to even get the right Skills on the right areas do that because you’re gonna have it for a long time No need and rushing through it and getting and using weak war patterns on a very very Potentially very good partner, so I want to thank King Cerberus Formerly thunder from three to three for all three plays. Hope you guys enjoy your first look at the executioner Or the executor probably said that wrong like 50 times hope you enjoy the video till next time it’s been easy taking everybody end credits


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