BOOK SERIES I NEED TO FINISH IN 2020 ✨ the diviners, illuminae, heartstopper and more! (CC!)

Spoiler alert people die… but I go ‘oh it’s
light-hearted’! “Don’t be closed-minded, cos you will not get anywhere in life Hello everyone, welcome back to my
channel, thank you as always for being here. Today we’re jus going to be doing a chill video
which is all the book series I need to finish in 2020, and like my 5 star
predictions which should be out already, this is a video I hope to come back to
at the end of the year and see if I have managed to finish all of these series. There
is quite a lot here, so hopefully I will be able to get through all of these. I really
love the satisfaction of finishing series’, it just ignites
something in me. “That’s quite dramatic”. Something which we have to do – I believe
this should be the first if not one of the first videos I’m uploading in
February and so we have to pick out the book from ‘my books I’m scared of, to pick
up’ list. If you’d watched my 2020 goals video which again I’ll link up and
in the description, one of my goals is to get through some of my more backlist,
physical TBR scare me a bit and so I wrote them all on here. Now something I
figured out after making that video is that obviously I’m at uni and so I can’t take
many of the books up to uni with me when I go up to Leeds. So, I am in Leeds for
February and March so I need to pick March’s book as well so I can take it
with me up there otherwise I wouldn’t have it with me, chances are.
So first we’ll pick February, before we get into the rest of the video.
February is going to be another big one, Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. So I think
between this and White Teeth, which is the book that I pulled for January, I
have pulled the two biggest. So I’m actually super excited to read this, I’ve heard
so many good things, it’s basically a classic and so I feel like this is
actually going to be fairly easy for me to get through, but it is sitting pretty
at over 500 pages, so a bit scary but February for me will be a much less busy
month in January. January has already been crazy and it’s gonna be crazy right
up until the end, and so I feel fine about getting this.
White Teeth I didn’t want just because January was so busy but yeah I feel
fine about catch-22. And then we’ll pick out March as well, The Power of Now
by Eckhart Tolle, okay oh okay. So The Power of Now is I guess a bit of
a more spiritual book, and I think it’s just like how to achieve your best self.
I just read a kind of self-help book for my Norwich City players pick my TBR or reading
their favorite books video, I’ll link that again. I’ve linked so much, we’re only like a couple
minutes in, but I didn’t like that, but I’m hoping I like The Power of Now, plus
I have the audiobook on Scribd so I can flip between them, so I feel fine about
that one again. Okay those pulls are fine, those pulls are fine, they’re not as bad
as January’s pull. Okay so let’s get to the series’ which one should we go
for first? So the first series which I definitely
want to complete in 2020 is the diviners series by Libba Bray. I own books one to
three of this already, I have them all down here somewhere,
and book four is just about to come out when I’m filming this, it’s not out yet.
I liked this quite a bit, I gave it four stars, the first book in the series, but
I’ve heard a lot of people say that it improves as it goes along, and I like the
kind of spooky element of this. I like how it has a bit of grit to it, the
series, but I always I almost wanted to have a bit more grit, you know, I want it to
have a bit more oomp to it. I often said the kind of grit that Ninth House had I wished
this had had, cuz I almost just thought there was a little bit of punch missing.
I mean I know it’s YA, that’s probably why it can’t be quite as punchy. Since I
own all the books and this was a series that I was so excited to get into,
particularly because of Kat from paperbackdreams, she recommended it a
lot and so I bought it because of her when I was over in Florida back in April of 2019. I bought the first three, and I’ve still only read the first one.
“How dare you, you ought to be ashamed of yourself”.
So that is unacceptable. Hopefully I will get to Lair of Dreams very soon, I
think that’s been actually one that I will pick up fairly soon. I’m just a bit
intimidated by it’s size, I keep going for smaller books instead of that. The next series is
is one that I have been so excited to get through for so long, and
that is the Girls of Paper and Fire series by Natasha Ngan. This is
obviously the first in the series and I already own the second in the series so
I have the second one to read. The third one I believe comes out or should be
coming out near the end of 2020, I’m not sure if it has an official release date
yet I will put it up on the screen if it does. I feel super excited to read this,
so in this we follow Lei who is part of the paper caste. In this society there
are three castes, one which is fully human, one which is half human half demon,
and one which is demon, and the more demon you are the more power you have in
the society. And every year some paper girls are chosen to come and be forced
to sleep with the king essentially, and so this obviously deals with a really
serious topic, and I thought the way it was handled in the first book was
incredible. It was so amazing and so touching. I’ve spoken about this so many
times on my channel I’m sure you’re probably sick to death of hearing me
talk about it. But I’ve heard very mixed things about the second book in the
series. this is still one that I want to get to really really soon so I may have
even read it by the time you’re watching this. I’ve heard a lot of people say,
particularly Rachel Marie who I believe DNFed this, that Natasha wanted it to be a
two book series but the publishing house convinced them to make it into a
three-part, a trilogy, and a lot of people say that you can tell this. It’s
definitely a very travelly book. That does fill me with trepidation a bit but I
loved the way she wrote, and so and I’m a bit nervous because I don’t think all the
characters I loved in the first book are gonna be in this one, so it – I am filled with nerves. But
regardless of whether I don’t like this book or not I’ll definitely read the
last one and, because I think when I’m invested in the series particularly from
the get-go I want to finish it. If I read the first book in the series and it’s a
two – no way – but if I’ve read the first book in the series and it’s a five, even
if the middle one is a bit of a letdown I still want to read the last one, so and
I just like love them together, aren’t they amazing, I still need to take the
Barnes and Noble sticker off of it. But yeah this series
is definitely one I want to get to and finish by the end of this year. The next
series I want to get to is the Truly Devious series by Maureen Johnson. These
I believe it all out now or the third one is gonna come out soon,
and it’s just a bit of light-hearted mystery. I mean – spoiler alert people die but I’m like ‘oh it’s
light-hearted! “Don’t be closed-minded, cause will not get anywhere in life”. I think I
spoke about this in my cosy reads video and people said ‘what’s more cozy than a murder’ and I’m like yes!
But it’s definitely a light mystery, even though people are dying, get rid of that.
In terms of the writing, in terms of the pace, it’s a light mystery. So in this
we follow Stevie who goes to a school for gifted individuals and there was
a murder there I believe about 70 years ago, 70-80 years
ago and she loves true crime, and so she is there because she believes she can
solve the mystery, and things start happening when she turns up! I liked this
book a lot and I’m very excited to get to the rest in the series this year. I feel like
it’s just the kind of books, they’re good palate cleansers, I feel like this series,
they’re not too serious, they’re not too intense and so you can definitely just
read them in between some heavier books. Okay the next series I really want to
get to is the Renegades series by Marissa Meyer. I’m holding the second
book in the series up because I prefer it in terms of the cover to the first
one, because I have the British paperback for the first one. So in this we follow
Nova who is part of the anarchists in this superhero society and the
anarchists are kind of the villains and she grew up with them, and she decides to
go undercover with the Renegades who are the superheroes, to find out information
from them to feed back to her found family essentially, and of course she’s
gonna develop feelings for the people that she gets to meet form friendships
and so it’s a kind of like back and forth will she,
what side will she go for and I think we’re gonna find that out in the finale
of the series which is a supernova. I’m hoping to get my hands in it really
really soon. The thing about this series is I loved the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa
Meyer like adored it, I really want to do a reread of it maybe this year ,maybe
I’ll begin the reread of it this year, once I’ve got into the year a bit and
for a bit more settled in my reading, but I don’t love this series as much I think
I gave Renegades three stars and then this four stars. They are the kind of
books that you can read so fast, I read this in one sitting and it’s not like
it’s a tiny book, do you know what I mean, you just fly through it because of the way it’s written,
and so again in between some of the bigger, heavier books I have, I feel like
this is a really great palate cleanser and I’m excited for the end of the
series. I’ve heard a lot of people actually really really enjoyed it, and
more so than some of the rest of the series so I feel good about i,t and I
think I’ll just read whatever Marissa Mayer writes to be honest, because because I loved the Lunar Chronicles so so much, so yeah I’m very excited to
get to the last in this series this year. So a bit different from some of the
other ones that I’ve mentioned but the next series I want to complete or at
least get up-to-date with, because I don’t know how many there are gonna be
in the series I think it’s gonna be quite a long one in the end, but it is
Heartstopper by Alice Oseman. I have just read this book in the graphic novel
video which I put out and adored it, so I really can’t wait to get the rest of
this series. I need volume two immediately. I think I’ll probably read it in
February if I can get my hands on it because wow. This is just – “you know how
I feel about you, if there was anyone I can actually be, or someone I aspire to,
you know you’re the one.” It made me want to cry! I want to reread it right now literally I could
sit here quite happily right now and read it even though I’ve probably
finished it about four days ago. So the characters in this are just so amazing
and I feel like I know them. I went to a boys grammar school for sixth form, it’s
a bit complicated to explain to Americans but it’s basically sixth form is
your last two years of high school, and if you go to like a one gender
school, like an all-girls or an all-boys school for high school, for our high
school, for sixth form you can move and all girls allow boys in and all boys
allowed girls, just for the sixth form, so that’s where I went and this is
set in an old boys grammar school. They’re in Year 10 and 11 though which are
the two years before sixth form, and so I just felt like I knew these characters. I
knew the setting that this was in so well, like it was so weird it kept just
taking me back to sixth form, and I think that enabled me to get into the
story so much, and I adore the main characters in this, they
are just like the purest ever so I really cannot wait to get through this
and I believe the third in the series is coming out in the beginning of February,
so I’m gonna plow through this as soon as I can get my hands on one of these I
will, and if you haven’t picked this up yet, it will take you like half an hour
to read and it is incredible, it’s incredible.The next series I want to complete by the end of 2020 is Shadow and Bone
trilogy by Leigh Bardugo. I enjoyed this, I gave it three stars, I didn’t love it,
but I loved Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo, and I just really want to complete this
series. I’m invested with the characters now. I think the world, for me, the thing
that kept me back from giving this 4 stars or something like that, was that the
world felt very flat. I didn’t feel like I understood the world. Do you
know in fantasy sometimes you just understand the politics of the
world, and the situation the characters are in, and and who links with what, you
know, and something like Girls of Paper and Fire, I understood the situation and
the context we were in immediately right, but I still feel lost on a lot of the
aspects of the society. I don’t fully understand what kind of society we’re in,
and for me that’s why I had to give it three stars. But, I still want to get
through this series, I want to read all of Leigh Bardugo’s work and they’re
very easy to read so it’s not like you’re spending a load of time with
these books. For me the real reason that I want to get through this series is so
I can then get through Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom. I cannot wait to get to
these, I’ve obviously heard such amazing things about them, and everyone raves
about them and so I can’t wait to get to know these characters and this universe,
and I know you don’t have to read the Shadow and Bone trilogy in order to read
these, but my perfectionist has to do everything ass, has to so I’m really
hoping I’m able to read all four books that enable me to finish these by the
end of the year. So the next series that I want to complete is Stalking Jack
the Ripper by Kerry Maniscalco – I really butchered
her name there. So again this I gave three stars but for me once I start a
series, unless I hated it I’m invested, and I’ve heard a lot of people say that
this series gets better as it goes on, that the first one’s a bit meh and
then the rest of the series picks up and I really love the setting. I love the
Victorian England setting it’s something I keep thinking ‘I wish I could just read
another Victorian England book’, so I think for setting and the vibes of it alone,
I’m gonna want to read this whole series. So in this we follow a young girl – I
forgotten her name isn’t that so bad, I read this like three weeks ago – Audrey Rose, we follow Audrey Rose as she studies under her
uncle who is a – I can’t remember the – he’s a scientist who cuts people up. “That’s
disgusting, I’m blocking you, how do I block somebody on
this thing, it’s gonna be fun, report comment.” I can’t remember
what the actual word is, anyway that’s what they do. They examine and study
dead bodies, which is obviously a bit of a controversial thing for young women to
be doing in Victorian England, and so it’s kind of just her struggling against the
societal expectations, but also Jack the Ripper’s out here killing girls and so
she is trying to figure out who Jack the Ripper is and it’s just a bit of fun YA. It’s a bit trashy I don’t mean that in a bad way like I like trash, but it is a
bit trashy you know I mean? But yeah I mean I still want to finish this series
and I reckon I will by the end of the year, because right now it’s wintery and
at the end of the year it’s wintery so I feel like I’ll be reading it in one of
them – those areas. You can tell I’m tired I’m not making any sense. And then
the last series I hope to finish this year, I think I will definitely finish
this and that is the Illuminae files by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. I loved
this, this was my first book of 2020 and I gave it a 5 out of 5, incredible I’ve
spoken about this a lot so I won’t go on about it too much, but we follow a couple
who break up right before their planet is invaded and they have to flee. This is
told throuh multimedia formats so we see surveillance footage, we see online chats,
we see transcripts of conversations, we see like
logs electric log, it’s just it’s just incredible it’s such an imaginative way
to tell a story. It’s so unique and I need to get my hands on books two and
three immediately because I can tell this is gonna be one of my favorite books
of the year. Last year The Secret History was the first book I read in the year
and it ended up being my favorite book of the year and this I think is
definitely gonna be up there again. I’m obviously I’m good at choosing my first
through the year it’s hope that continues,
and so yeah I feel like this is definitely one I’ll buy and bypass so much
of the rest of my physical TBR just to read this, even though I don’t own books
two and three yet I feel like I’m gonna buy them really soon, and then forget
about all the other books on my TBR, but yeah I think I’ll definitely be
finishing this before the year ends. So there we have it that is all the books that I
wish to finish, I’m gonna put a little poll up there you tell me which series
you think I should complete first because there’s a lot here, you tell me
which one do you think I should prioritize either in the comments below or
hit that poll up above and have a little vote. Thank you so much as always for
watching, I love hanging out with you guys here I feel so so lucky as
always to be here and yeah I hope we can continue to have a lot of fun together,
so yeah thank you for watching I’ll be back soon with another video and I hope
you’re well until then. Bye!

  • So many series that I have the first book of on my shelf and still need to begin ? good luck with getting to all of them ?

  • I wanna finish the diviners this year as well, i only read the first one. I am yet to read the last one in trully devious series. I wanna start the Stalking jack the ripper very soon, same for illuminae.

  • Yessss I really want to read Catch 22!!!! Maybe I'll wait until you've finished it so I know if it's any good…? I hope you finish these series!! I haven't read any of these oops… Really want to read Heartstopper!!

  • I have that same copy of catch 22 I can’t wait to hear what you think cauuusseee it’s Vernon my shelf for so long now ??? we need more books like ninth house!! AYYY truly devious!! It’s true it’s a light mystery for sure!! That zoom on Heartstopper tho ??? perfectionist high five quality YA trash is the best!! Gemina was my favorite in the series I can’t wait for you to read it!!

  • white teeth…we all know how that turned out. yikes..
    The diviners!!! Love that series! I’m hoping to finish it this month. I’ve only ever listened to the audiobooks of them. I’m sure you have heard that before, but I highly recommend them!!
    still haven’t gotten to the girl of paper & Fire ?
    I need to get to the rest of Marisa Meyer’s book! I also LOVE the lunar chronicles!
    Illuminae! Well we know that your going to finish that one!!!! ?

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