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Qi Sha (Seven Killings) is the Power Star
Po Jun (Army Breaker) is the Ruinous Star
Tan Lang (Greedy Wolf) is the Flirting Star
According to Chinese astrology, these three stars,
with their changes,
could create or destroy
that beautiful life of yours
1994 Hong Kong
Dad, when will you and mom
take me to the beach?
Hoi Yee, sweetie, in a couple of days
Great! Mommy!
Good girl
After court today,
Wong Po will spend
the rest of his life in jail
Don’t worry.
Things will be fine starting tomorrow.
Due to insufficient evidence,
Wong Po was acquitted
All the charges against Wong Po
were dropped, and he was released
Wah, Sum. Where’s Ah Lok?
They’re all right.
How all right? How…
They are out of danger!
How about the witness?
The witness and his wife, they are dead
That girl…
It hurts so much…
It hurts so much…
Come on!
Come on!
Inspector Chan,
do you want to call a tow truck?
27 calling. 27 over
There’s a car accident in Cypress Road,
Clear Water Bay.
I’m handling it.
The baby…
Mrs. Wong,
this is your second miscarriage
I’m afraid it might be habitual…
What are you trying to say?
I’m sorry, Inspector Chan
I’ve just got your report.
Let’s talk inside
No, I’m busy.
Do you have to check my wound?
There’s no infection in the wound.
No problem there.
Then, I won’t be coming back next week
Inspector Chan…
I’ve found there’s a tumor in your brain.
It’s malignant
I want to have a child with you
We’ll talk about this later
Is it curable?
The chance is slim,
but there’s still hope
I see
Did you see my little girl?
What are you doing, sir?
I’ll treat you to a candy
You’ll have the orange one,
and I’ll have the green one
What’s your name?
Hoi Yee
You listen, as long as I’m alive,
I’m gonna nail you
I’ve got a tumor
In my brain
Can it be cured?
No idea
That means you’re gonna be fine
Back to work when you finish
One after another, hands on the stairs!
Don’t run! Stop…
Stand still!
Tell me!
Get down, over there!
Get down!
Chung has seen a doctor
The doctor says he has cancer
In the brain
Tell him not to worry
We’ll fix things for him
You go undercover.
After that, you’d get promoted fast
I’m not afraid of going undercover
You want me to hang out with Wong Po,
but it’s no good messing with him
Once I get near him,
there’s no turning back
Wong Po is a nut case
All of you have had a taste of him.
We’re not afraid.
If we could,
we’ll be glad to do it ourselves
Why bother to be a cop if
you’re so afraid. Be a baker
I’m sure I can find someone
who is willing to do this
I’m sure you can’t
Kid, don’t be so cocky!
For a cop, death is not the worst thing
The worst thing is
to be bullied by the bad guys
Trust me,
I won’t let anything happen to my men
What now?
You’re retiring in two days.
Why do you have to give me a hard time?
Let’s not talk about that
Inspector Ma is coming.
Talk to him about
the hand-over of your team
I have to go. I’ve got work to do
You don’t talk to me
about your work anymore
You’ll know when it is done
I know without your telling me
You’ve been at war
with Wong Po for years.
Can you manage to get him?
He is getting bigger,
while you get more screwed-up than ever
Please, don’t make any trouble
before you retire
Should I stop working before I retire?
Are you not waiting
for your retirement as well?
Show me some respect.
I’m your boss after all!
Since I respect my job,
I can’t spare any respect for you
Did you see our new boss?
He used to be real cool.
He bashed a suspect into a halfwit
with one single punch
Bullshit! Bluffing!
It’s true
Put on a good show,
to celebrate my retirement
Police! Freeze!
Police! Stand still!
Is everything all right?
Everything’s fine
Come over to help me
Ourjoint was wiped out by the cops
We’ve lost both the stuff and the money
The same cops again?
Well, what are you up to?
Something happened?
It’s a sunny day. Let’s get a tan
I didn’t bring my swimming trunks
None of us did. Welcome to our team.
My men are not bad
Who is the most able?
Everyone of them is able
Words are empty.
You’ll get to know them
Dad, he threw the ball into the sea!
My goddaughter
Her parents were killed by Wong Po
You know about that case three years ago
She was so scared
that she couldn’t remember a thing
I want to take care of her,
but time is running out
Nothing is for certain
You won’t understand until the last day
Look at him. He seems conceited
Don’t say that, he’s going to be our boss
Boss? Boss my foot?
You’re gonna work under him?
Don’t tell Chung,
we’re going to
take care of his little girl
Wah, the day after tomorrow
will be Father’s Day
What kind of present, do you think,
my daughter will give me?
Your wife and daughter
left more than 10 years ago
My daughter is back
She called me this morning,
asking to see the night after tomorrow
In two days, this will be your turf
There’re so many blocks in this division.
I can’t manage them all
The important thing is
to know who is the toughest
Then, you go after him
Everybody knows you can fight
It’s only hearsay
Wong Po says…
he’s the boss here after midnight
I’ve heard about it
Hey! What’re you doing?
What’s going on? Stop!
What’s up?
It was you who threw the bottle. Right?
Back off! Back off!
Officer, is throwing bottles a crime?
Stand still!
Frisking me? Stop that!
What’s this?
Get up!
Take off your shoes
Take them off
Your socks too
Get up
Get up
Take one step backwards
Take one step backwards
One more step
Start skipping
I say skip!
Skip my ass!
Stand still!
Want to pull an impressive act?
Fatso, you’ll be dealing with me,
starting tomorrow
Fine, I’m looking forward to that
Trust me.
I won’t let anything happen to my men
What do you want?
To report a crime
Go downstairs!
A murder case
I was shooting the lagoon monster…
and had accidentally taped a murder
Give me that!
Hold on! Don’t move!
A kid brought in this tape.
There are some very clear shots
Bring that bastard Wong Po in
What for? He didn’t kill the man
Erase the part of the gunshot.
People can’t tell from the rest
Lok, go get that prick
You take care of the boy
who brought in the tape
No problem
Call the uniformed for support
and arrest Wong Po
How about Inspector Ma?
Should we inform him?
Hiding something from me?
Take a look at this yourself
Officially, you won’t be
not on duty till tomorrow.
You don’t have to go
Let’s go
Give me a chance to pick up more.
I’m coming with you
Is there another copy of the tape?
No, no…
No. So many tapes here. No?
Don’t take my tapes. They are mine.
I saw that man killing the guy.
I could be a witness if you want
It wasn’t that man who did it.
It was the fat guy!
Really? It was the fat guy!
Fat guy?
Are you clear? The fat guy!
Wong Po!
You are suspected to
be involved in a murder case.
You are now under arrest
You again?
Today is my son’s one month’s birthday.
Don’t make any trouble.
Today is the memorial day
of one of my men
Follow me down to the station
The fat guy shot the man!
The fat guy shot the man…
The fat guy…
You are nuts!
The fat guy shot the man…
Is this a studio?
You think you are an artist?
They have the right
to detain you for 48 hours
Give me the phone
You can’t make any phone call.
Ask your lawyer to do that for you
Take it, if you dare!
Hi, honey! Hello?
You can’t pick me up?
Are you all right?
Baby is one month old today,
and it’s your first father’s day
You cannot come?
Let me talk to the baby
Dad wants to talk to you
Precious, daddy misses you
Honey, you’re all right, aren’t you?
Take the baby home and wait for me there
I want to get out today
I’ll think of something
Lok, let us handle that
Tell Wah that we’ve got that guy
Now that we have taken Wong Po in,
there will be chaos
Officially, you’d be on duty tomorrow.
Don’t bother with this now
Starting tomorrow,
I’ll work with you on this case
Did he tell you what he was going to do?
He won’t even tell me;
can’t expect him to tell you
These guys are too impetuous.
It’s not good.
You should try restraining them a bit
Remember! Charge him if you’ve
got evidence. If not, let him go.
Trying to run away
Go to hell!
Don’t hit me
Keep fighting!
I’ll shoot you!
Are you out of your mind?
That guy got my man killed
And you killed him for that.
Can a cop do whatever he pleases?
We didn’t see anything
We only saw how you let
the suspect fall to his death
You want to frame me? Right?
He’s one of us!
You ever treated me as one of you?
So what? We’re not buddies
Do we have to tell you everything?
What do you want?
This is none of your business.
Why did you come?
You don’t even trust your own men
You want to frame Wong Po
If that man didn’t die,
Wong Po would go scot-free
I’d like to get Wong Po too,
but not the way you do it
I, myself, am responsible for this
I only have one wish, that is,
to put Wong Po behind bars
You want to take it all on yourself?
Do you want to put all of us in jail
And let that bastard go scot-free?
Do you know what is right
and what is wrong?
You are definitely in the wrong!
Why did you smash the suspect so hard
that he turned into a half-wit?
Because you knew he had ruined many
people’s lives; and it served him right!
That time,
the whole police force was behind you
You tell me.
What is right and what is wrong?
There’s no turning back now
Turn a blind eye to this.
I won’t give you any trouble
Strike! Strike… Punch him!
Duck! Duck…
Cover yourself!
Kick! Kick… and cover yourself!
Strike! Strike!
You know how many men can a gun kill?
Eat shit!
Strike! Strike…
Don’t strike! Kick! Kick…
Kick him! Kick!
I’ve won!
And you suck big time!
One more game
Come on, one more game…
You’re a loser
You say you’re gonna beat me every week
You say you’d try harder
and play a better game every week
But you lose every time you come back
A born loser
I’m not as gifted as you
You have to duck when people punch you
Every week…
Don’t spend it all at once
You say you’d try harder every week
But you lose every week
See you next week
Try harder next week
I killed that man,
and I’ve come to turn myself in.
Arrest me, jerk!
Shut your trap!
I did it. Take me in
Arrest me! Why don’t you arrest me?
All you cops listen,
I am responsible for the case
What did you do?
Shut up!
File all their reports!
Who told you you could use the phone?
Give me the phone!
Give it to me!
Let go! Let go!
Get the keys!
After tonight, you are done for
You assholes won’t get out
of this station alive
We don’t have enough evidence
to charge Wong Po
Go get some evidence to nail him
We haven’t recovered the gun
that killed Ah Wai
Get me a Chinese Tokarev pistol.
Fire a shot and take the bullet case
Replace it with the one
in the property room
I’ll do it
This is Ah Lok
You’ve got guns?
Chinese Tok. How long does it take?
Waiting for his reply
Dad, happy Father’s Day
Thank you
I can’t come so soon
OK, I’ll be there
You’ll wait for me, no matter what
All right, I’ll call you again, sweetie
Fine, goodbye
I’m sorry
Godfather, you’ve finished work?
Godfather is still working
Why don’t you take
a day off on Father’s Day?
I can’t. I simply can’t.
Where’s your old man?
I consider mine dead as well
Wait for me
Don’t be late then
They have a gun. I’ll go get it
I’ll come with you
Happy Father’s Day
Master Po, we’ve got the kid
who reported the case
He’s got a copy of the videotape
Jack, are you there yet?
My family is in Brazil.
I haven’t seen them for a long time
How long have you been in the force?
Seven years
Inspector Ma, have you ever
thought of leaving the force?
From the first day I became a cop,
I’ve never thought of quitting
My daughter is leaving tomorrow
She wants to see me and
it doesn’t happen everyday
If I don’t see her today…
I’m afraid I won’t have
the chance again in my life
It’s all about fate.
No exception for father and daughter
Even if you have the chance,
you can’t fight your fate.
One can’t really complain
Do you think it’ll be
all right to go out now?
If they draw their swords,
you draw your gun
If they draw their guns,
together we have two guns
If you really want to go,
I’ll go with you
7,000 is not enough.
We want 70,000
You want to play with me?
Do you want the gun or not?
They’re the only ones who’ve got a gun
And they are also the only ones
not connected with Wong Po
I’ll go get the money
Give this to your big boss
Ask him, if you have any question
“Chung, Wai is coming with me
to Statue Square to see my daughter”
“I’ll be right back”
Say hello to Daddy
I’m still working. I’ll be back soon
Chan Kwok Chung!
Can’t find him, Sir
Keep on searching
Uncle Ba, have you seen Chan Kwok Chung?
I haven’t seen him, Sir
Police! Stop!
I told you to stop!
Ah Lok got whacked
They blew my cover,
and I can’t get out of the station now
Wah and Sum are in Statue Square
Go now to help them out
Let’s do a personality quiz?
If you have only one more day to live
what would you do?
I want to spend it with you
and your mom very much
If you plan to spend it
with someone you love,
you are a sentimental person
If you…
I really want to spend it with you
Let me finish first
If you want to try your luck
by staking everything,
you are a person who doesn’t keep
his place and goes beyond his bounds
If you decide to spend the time as usual,
without telling anyone,
you have a very strong personality
They don’t have your answer here
Are you still mad with me?
Mad? I don’t think about it now
And you should stop thinking too much.
It won’t help
Just be happy and smile
Brother Chung, I don’t know
if you are doing the right thing
But I trust you
Mom, this is Wah
What is it?
How is he? Still in the hospital?
Is he still alive?
You always want him to die
He passed away last month
It doesn’t matter
who’s right or who’s wrong…
You don’t have anyone
to fight with anymore
If you want to pay
your last respects, go ahead
Nothing else? That’s it
Here’s a gift for you
What is it?
You always want me to tell you.
Take a guess
Try to think what I would
give you for Father’s Day
Bye See you
Take it easy. Speak slowly, Wah
Wah, hang in there, Wah
I took Wong Po’s money…
Chung has been covering
us for a long time
I want to help Chung raise the kid
The money… is in the trunk of Lok’s car
We are no good… no good…
Inspector Ma… We’ve wronged the force
We’ve wronged Chung…
Where is Chung? Where is he?
Chung… Give Chung the money…
Chung… Chung
They took Wong Po’s money
in order to help you raise your daughter
You know why I want to help you?
My father was a cop
I grew up in the police quarters
I watched my father march everyday
And I followed his steps in the balcony
From then on,
I made up my mind to be a cop
One time, my father was handling
a case of smuggling illegal firearms
and he was surrounded by
a gang of outlaws
He got more than 30 shots,
all in his limbs
He died after two hours of struggling
As for the gang, none of them was caught
My father was very superstitious
He said something about me…
“Thy life is governed by
the Ruinous Star.
Be thou a soldier,
and ill fate will befall thee”
With his last breath,
he told me not to be a cop
I don’t believe in fate
I only believe there are things
only the police could handle
All three of them were good cops
So are you
I’ll go and get the money
from the station
We’ll then go and
give it back to Wong Po together
I’ll wait for you here
Kwun, do you know
that they tried to frame Wong Po?
I know
You gave the force a bad name!
All that we’ve done, we’ve done it
for the reputation of the force
Did you do anything for us?
Did anybody notice,
when they had done theirjob well?
Wong Po has evidence now.
I can’t pretend as
if nothing has happened
My men got killed,
and I can’t pretend as
if nothing has happened either
Chan Kwok Chung,
give me back my money,
and I’ll call it quits
God is fair
There would be
consequences for all mistakes
I’ll pay you back on behalf of my men
How could you kill, without your gun?
I’m bringing you the thing you want
If Chung is still alive, let him go
I don’t know how much longer
he could hang in there
I’ll go down to meet him
I’m all right
Hello? Honey…
Are you all right?
It’s so noisy at your end?
Honey, both the baby and I
miss you very much
Do you want to talk to the baby?
Are you all right, honey?
I’m fine. I still have something in hand.
I’ll be back soon
The baby and I are just downstairs.
We’ll come up
Don’t! Wait for me downstairs
You don’t intend to let me down?
You shouldn’t come.
We were asking for it
I only want to gain back
some respect for my men
My men are not bad
Who is the most able?
Every one of them is able
Words are empty.
You’ll get to know them
My goddaughter
Her parents were killed by Wong Po
I want to take care of her,
but time is running out


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