Blind People Describe Beauty | Blind People Describe | Cut

– One of my friends was
like, oh, you could totally
date a fat girl, ’cause you
know, it doesn’t matter.
And I’m like, well I mean I have to be
attracted to someone.
– My name is Mac Potts.
I was born blind.
– I am Cindy, and I’m
currently totally blind.
– I was sighted most my life,
and just the last nine years
I’ve lived a blind life.
– I think there’s a perception
amongst sighted people
that blind people don’t
give a shit about what
other people look like
because we can’t see them.
– I think I’m pretty shallow,
just like everyone else.
– People tell me all the time that I am,
and you know, I am thin, and
I know that I have nice hair,
partly because my hair is soft.
So, I know that I am
attractive, but I wouldn’t
know it to compare it
to if I could suddenly
see myself in a mirror.
– Appearances is very
important, and I try to
be very presentable.
– I still live in the world
that everyone else lives in.
I pick up on all the
ways that we’re shallow.
And I’m okay with that, right.
I don’t wanna be some saintly person
just because, like, blindness has turned
me into a saint.
That’s a lie.
– I guess other senses kick in.
Just the tenderness,
the smoothness, the…
I guess you could say, the shape.
– It’s little things.
It’s like a sound, or a scent, or a touch.
And it all builds into
this generalized thing.
– Sometimes I’ll hold
onto their elbow like,
if we’re walking together,
and so you can sometimes tell
from little things.
Or if you kind of give a small
hug at the end of the night.
– There might be times where
I might give someone a hug,
and be like, that feels like
she might have a nice figure,
but I’m not going to
like, feel her up because
that’s not appropriate.
– I’m single.
Through our conversational
cues, you can pick up
if someone goes to the gym.
Yeah. I know; eventually
people are gonna tell me
they go to the gym.
– That’s a Hollywood myth.
Actually feeling someone’s face;
that’s a silly thing to do.
– I would be very uncomfortable if someone
touched my face.
I don’t care if they’re blind.
I don’t know where your hands have been,
so that’s gross.
– People tell me all the time.
Oh wow, you got lucky; she’s
gorgeous, she’s a looker,
she’s cute, she’s a hot one.
– I’ve had people influence me
like, this person’s super hot, or meh.
– Just from their reaction
of like, oh, he looks good,
or something like that.
I was kinda like, okay, he’s good.
I think I was not really super concerned
at someone describing
individual features, but more
the affirmation from my
friends that someone was cute.
I wanna be seen with attractive people.
– It does make me feel more validated.
Like, oh yeah, you know,
I’m making you jealous now.
Obviously, you’re looking at
her like, oh, don’t you wish…
Don’t you wish she was yours?
But no, she’s mine.
– I mean, I experienced
in my partner, like I know
how I think about, visualize,
have a representation of her.
You know, I see that in my mind.
It’s kinda like,
when you know something.
And for me, I experience
things through touch
and through, like I was saying,
like sensation and stuff.
– One of the first intimate
things I did with her
was take her hand and, I
liked how it, you know,
fit with mine.
– I don’t look at it as visual beauty,
I receive it as what they
project to me; their heart.
– I don’t think vision
really plays that big
of a role in beauty.
I think it’s the whole experience.


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