Black Holes Explained – From Birth to Death

Black holes are one of the strangest things in existence. They don’t seem to make any sense at all. Where do they come from… …and what happens if you fall into one? Stars are incredibly massive collections of mostly hydrogen atoms that collapsed from enormous gas cloud under their own gravity. In their core, nuclear fusion crushes hydrogen atoms into helium releasing a tremendous amount of energy This energy, in the form of radiation, pushes against gravity, maintaining a delicate balance between the two forces. As long as there is fusion in the core, a star remains stable enough. But for stars with way more mass then our own sun the heat and pressure at the core allow them to fuse heavier elements until they reach iron. Unlike all the elements that went before, the fusion process that creates iron doesn’t generate any energy. Iron builds up at the center of the star until it reaches a critical amount and the balance between radiation and gravity is suddenly broken. The core collapses. Within a fraction of a second, the star implodes. Moving at about the quarter of the speed of light, feeding even more mass into the core. It’s at this very moment that all the heavier elements in the universe are created, as the star dies, in a super nova explosion. This produces either a neutron star, or if the star is massive enough, the entire mass of the core collapses into a black hole. If you looked at a black hole, what you’d really be seeing is the event horizon. Anything that crosses the event horizon needs to be travelling faster than the speed of light to escape. In other words, its impossible. So we just see a black sphere reflecting nothing. But if the event horizon is the black part, what is the “hole” part of the black hole? The singularity. We’re not sure what it is exactly. A singularity may be indefinitely dense, meaning all its mass is concentrated into a single point in space, with no surface or volume, or something completely different. Right now, we just don’t know. its like a “dividing by zero”error. By the way, black holes do not suck things up like a vacuum cleaner, If we were to swap the sun for an equally massive black hole, nothing much would change for earth, except that we would freeze to death, of course. what would happen to you if you fell into a black hole? The experience of time is different around black holes, from the outside, you seem to slow down as you approach the event horizon, so time passes slower for you. at some point, you would appear to freeze in time, slowly turn red, and disapear. While from your perspective, you can watch the rest of the universe in fast forward, kind of like seeing into the future. Right now, we don’t know what happens next, but we think it could be one of two things: One, you die a quick death. A black hole curves space so much, that once you cross the event horizon, there is only one possible direction. you can take this – literally – inside the event horizon, you can only go in one direction. Its like being in a really tight alley that closes behind you after each step. The mass of a black hole is so concentrated, at some point even tiny distances of a few centimeters, would means that gravity acts with millions of times more force on different parts of your body. Your cells get torn apart, as your body stretches more and more, until you are a hot stream of plasma, one atom wide. Two, you die a very quick death. Very soon after you cross the event horizon, you would hit a firewall and be terminated in an instant. Neither of these options are particularly pleasant. How soon you would die depends on the mass of the black hole. A smaller black hole would kill you before you even enter its event horizon, while you probably could travel inside a super size massive black hole for quite a while. As a rule of thumb, the further away from the singularity you are, the longer you live. Black holes come in different sizes. There are stellar mass black holes, with a few times the mass of sun, and the diameter of an asteroid. And then there are the super massive black holes, which are found at the heart of every galaxy, and have been feeding for billions of years. Currently, the largest super massive black hole known, is S5 0014+81. 40 billion times the mass of our sun. It is 236.7 billion kilometers in diameter, which is 47 times the distance from the sun to Pluto. As powerful as black holes are, they will eventually evaporate through a process called Hawking radiation. To understand how this works, we have to look at empty space. Empty space is not really empty, but filled with virtual particles popping into existence and annihilating each other again. When this happens right on the edge of a black hole, one of the virtual particles will be drawn into the black hole, and the other will escape and become a real particle. So the black hole is losing energy. This happens incredibly slowly at first, and gets faster as the black hole becomes smaller. When it arrives at the mass of a large asteroid, its radiating at room temperature. When it has the mass of a mountain, it radiates with about the heat of our sun. and in the last second of its life, the black hole radiates away with the energy of billions of nuclear bombs in a huge explosion. But this process is incredibly slow, The biggest black holes we know, might take up a googol year to evaporate. This is so long that when the last black hole radiates away, nobody will be around to witness it. The universe will have become uninhabitable, long before then. This is not the end of our story, there are loads more interesting ideas about black holes, we’ll explore them in part 2.

  • so many people on the internet wondering If supernovas are stronger/same/create black holes without knowing they are opposite, like HOW?… black holes are unnovas… they aren't created by super novas they are created by the same process but more massive stars


    –Chapter 81, verse 15-18
    So verily, I swear by the stars that are veiled(Have blackness/hidden from our eyes). And by the sweeping stars that move swiftly and hide themselves. And by the night as it departs; And by the dawn as it brightens.

    The holy Quran mentions the black holes by its very specific characteristics, these are :
    1 – They are running stars.
    2 – They are veiled or receded.
    3 – They are sweeping stars.
    4 – They are dark as night and at same time bright as day.

    –Chapter 56, verse 75-77
    Then I(God) swear by the places where stars fall/drop. And indeed, this is a great evidence if/when you will know. That this Quran is a very noble book(Sayings of God, signs for those who read & Research).

    1-The place where stars drops.

  • Only my innner never dying selfliving light, I let him believe his ideas while we transformed his waves and ftequencies in body of men on earth in many bodies

  • Did
    Did you say
    S-Super Massive Black Hole?
    Matt Bellamy starts playing in the background

    Where's the 5 percent of people who understand that?

  • Btw, to explain WHY you can’t escape a black hole once u pass the Event Horizon, think of it like this:
    You know that a black hole distorts space-time. We can see this in how it bends the path of light traveling around it, allowing us to see both the front and parts of the back. Once inside the Event Horizon, space-time is so distorted that even moving away from the singularity brings you closer to it. It’s not that your rocket isn’t going fast enough, it’s that even going backwards brings you closer to your demise.
    Aren’t black holes so amazing and beautiful?
    🙂 black holes are better than people.

  • If you replaced the sun with a black hole it would destroy everything. You should really check your facts before you go make a video that is just going to mislead people.

  • The information from black holes never die! It just goes to sleep as we all do! it is taken away physically but lives on spiritually! it lives on through sound! Just because there is nothing around to measure/observe this information spiritually does not mean it does not exist! It is sleep until a measuring device comes along and observes it!

  • Question!!! If u know when the back hole is gonna die how come nobody knows when the planet earth is gonna come to the end or “smart” people know it just don’t tell the rest of the peeps?

  • If a blackhole came from a star then the blackhole in the center of our galaxy was a SUPERRRR GIANT star ang turned into a blackhole?!

  • Oh please. Everybody knows at the center of every black hole is a little man with a flash light looking for a circuit breaker.

  • Oh-ho,i guess when a black hole start killing me,i guess i'll wear on many clothes so i die not so fast

  • There's something very beautiful about the idea that entering into a black hole might grant you the ability to watch the entire life of the universe pass before you..

  • But, that mass and those atoms don’t just disappear. At some point, they would have to be pulled back together by gravity, so I see black holes as more of a reset button than any sort of end of the universe forever.

  • powerful than sun !? No wonder indian worship kalachakra ( dark matter / shiva )
    Sanskrit says there is something inside blackhole its not the end it is beyond the end 🙂
    ना आदि उसका ना अंत उसका ❗
    ना जीवन उसका ना मरन उसका ❗
    वहि शुन्य वहि एकाई ❗
    जिसके बितर बसा शिवाय ❗
    "No beginning nor the end"
    No birth nor the death
    he's nothing and everything
    "One who holds everything inside him is shivaay"

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  • I found a movie on my dad's bookshelf labeled Penetrating Black Holes, it wasn't what I thought it was.

  • Wait,,, as gravity increases time slows down , and the gravity of the black hole is so much , that it ends up almost freezing time , so u won't die fast , and might take hours to die with respect to u , but with respect to a person really far away u will die in fraction of seconds

  • I enjoy clicking like button even when I don't understand anything."you will hit a firewall and you will be terminated instantly"

  • You will not see the universe in fast forward when you cross the event horizon. Most light will be blueshifted to hell before it gets to you.

    Also, your part about hawking radiation is plain wrong/horribly simplified.

    As per usual, everything is horribly simplified to the point of being wrong, watch pbs spacetime instead ✨

  • What if when you died, you wake up in an alien body holding a bong and a nearby figure asks you "How was it?"

  • The black hole is the sun itself we are facing the behind of the black hole it pushing earth away no danger man. The behind is swallowing matiers only one risk is meteors considering it as… a mercy. Its about 5 years to cross from the behind to the moon view but still the moon is far from the sun and still burning you can't walk on the moon tho and yet the moon is bigger than earth far from earth it mass is our ventilation the moon is rotating on itself and the outside is fire and water this why we have these stars I don't what the hell they are we can't circling by 1000 of galaxies or suns whatever you see bright at night are not like earth bu yes planets because the galaxy as we described them are flat as an audio disk. There's no black hole around we would never exist weren't among nebulous buddy the planet Mars is a galaxy or a sun but yes it has water no fire without humidity and something like earth probably exists if there is a lucky companion like the moon.

  • If you fall in a black hole you will survive??

    Thats why the time Frozen for persons looking you out of the black hole so reality is becoming faster and faster until a really massive time is passing and the black hole disappear itself but you will become atoms at the same time

  • * honestly what the freeeeeek did the bird do to deverve to be used in an experiment for a black hole*
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  • It's not impossible to travel faster than speed of light. Our Universe is being created faster than speed of light. And quantum entanglement tells us that if particles are changing shape by measuring them. It could be that the first particle is sending information to the second. If this is true then information can travel way faster than light.

  • The universe is not that ruthless to let you experience a vaporization of a black hole or the UltraMassive black hole Ton-618

  • Not so strange to Billy Meier and ET

    Quetzal: …In every galaxy, a black hole exists at its center …this compressed matter, of course, also generates a powerful gravitational field, by which tremendous masses of matter are attracted and drawn into the “black hole,” i.e. into the compression-body, by what means this slowly but steadily grows and becomes larger. This growing, of course, also means that the gravitational field continues to become stronger and further-reaching. In your galaxy, which you call the Milky Way, the gravitational field extends far beyond 100,000 light-years in diameter. From this, it can also be recognized that a galaxy first emerges from an existing “black hole”. Through its gravitational field, it draws, i.e. tears, very far-off nebulae, gases, dust particles, suns, and planets, as well as meteors, comets, and asteroids, etc. into its spell, and then, everything within many light-years of distance begins to rotate around this “black hole,” from which a galaxy is ultimately formed, whose entire mass rotates at tremendous speed – in a bar-shaped, spiral-shaped, or any other form – around the center, even around the “black hole”.

    Official Contact Report 236, Thursday, April 26, 1990

    Billy: …black holes draw in all kinds of matter that are attainable for them, along with tremendous amounts of information. Nevertheless, all the matter and information can’t be completely imprisoned in a black hole but will be partially ejected again, from which new stars, etc. then develop. And if I remember correctly, black holes eventually explode again, from which then – through the tremendous forces, energies, and masses of matter – new galaxies originate. You also said, when I asked about it once, that other dimensions couldn’t be penetrated and time traveling couldn’t be carried out through black holes. Is this right as such?

    Ptaah: Yes, your explanation is correct.

  • Largest black hole is at the centre of TON 618 galaxy, which is 66 billion times more massive than the sun

  • How can anyone know what happens inside a black hole how can anyone say time passes different over there we never got even close to a black hole it's many many light years away so I just don't get it

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