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Ohhh! That looks like a black hole. Oh no, I shouldn’t be here. But, I am not gonna go before I
tell you about Black Holes. Come with me, Zoom in! A black hole is formed when the core of
a star collapses and the star explodes. Therefore, we can say that
a black hole is born.. ..when a star dies. When a massive star reaches
the end of its life,..’s core starts running out of fuel. The core is no longer able to hold the
star back, resulting in it’s collapse. This gives birth to a mini black hole. With gravity running wild inside it,.. ..the black hole starts eating up
everything that’s left of the star. And, it all happens in mili-seconds,.. ..even before the star can realise
what’s happening to it, it explodes. The explosion releases a
tremendous amount of energy,.. ..even more than our Sun can
produce in its entire lifetime! Whoooaa! Isn’t that crazy?! Hmm, let me tell you a secret! You could turn into a black hole! Yup! The computer you’re using, me or
anything around you that has matter,.. ..has a Schwarzschild Radius,.. ..also called the Gravitational Radius. Which is the radius of the tiny sphere,.. ..into which if a mass of an object
is compressed to fit in,.. ..its escape speed would be
equal to the speed of light. Which is way too much! But chances of you turning
into a black hole are rare.. ..because of the tiny size of
your Schwarszchild Radius. Stuff that gets too close to a
black hole gets sucked in.. ..because of the super
humungous gravitational pull. So, nothing can escape a black hole,
not even light! Hey, have you ever wondered what
would happen if two black holes collided? Chances are, that they might become
one big massive black hole. Or probably put up a fight and send
one of them hurtling away. The bigger the mightier! Hhaha! Trivia Time! Time runs differently near and
inside a black hole.. ..and this has to do a lot with gravity. The nearest black hole to Eath is
1600 light years away! Don’t worry friends, that’s too long a time.. ..but you make sure, you don’t take that long
to tune in next time for more fun facts. This is me Zooming Out!

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