Bivvy Camp in Glencoe Under the Milky Way

look at that view! Doesn’t get much better
than that, for those of you who watch the old steaming boots vlog, you’ll know from this view behind me, exactly where I am
and I’m in Glencoe and I am on one of my favorite hills in Glencoe, there’s the sun coming out, oh it’s beautiful,
the light is fantastic it’s just appearring, you’re not seeing the camera
but it’s just stunning anyway it’s a Saturday last weekend , if you watched
the vlog last weekend you would have seen I was running late on the
Saturday night for a night under the stars and it’s just due to family
commitments on my side I can’t leave till at least four thirtyy so I’ve got
about half an hour until sunset I’m about half way a third to half way up
the hill don’t have to go too far and I’m hoping to get a bivvy spot not
facing this way which is where you would usually try and bivvy but I want a view
north tonight and hopefully later on that will become apparent why it’s
absolutely glorious it’s starting you know that all the foliage is starting to
turn that rustic brown way but we are Autumn now, but I’m gonna
shut up because I need get up here before it gets dark
again fingers crossed I can get a pitch before before the head torch comes on
unlike last week so less talking let’s get walking………. I really
was fighting time today and I didn’t have much time to sto and take
photographs which is a real shame because the views a the is point were js
spectacular looking down Glencoe past Buachaille Etive Mor and Stob Dearg. As I
got higher up the sun was lowering and the light was becoming fantastic it was a
photographers a dream! and I did eventually stop to take a few snaps all be it was on the iPhone ,,,,,it was just magical as you’ll soon see…….. Well its absolutely glorious
, don’t know if you can make out on the camera but behind me the sun shining through , it backlit with some crespicular rayscoming through and what a sight i is, now unfortunately my my Sony
which I’ve broken butis still functional is buried way down in my bag so I’ll just
take some pictures with the iPhone of this but I really hope
you can make this out on the camera I’m probably just a silhouette at the moment
but that is stunning what a view what a place to have that
sort of weather happening and behind me all the the hills over Rannoch have gone deep red ,and the clouds gone red so not far from the place I want to be
the top of this hill or the ridge I’m gonna drop over there so I need to get
cracked on, it’s gonna get dark soon I soon reached the crest
of the hill and I was on the top of the ridge and as I mentioned that was
heading over to the northern side of the hill so I could get that view north and
that was just fantastic the clouds over Ben Nevis and the Mamores were still
like lovely deep pink and purple as the lowring Sun lit the under under side of the clouds , it was absolutely beautiful but again I couldn’t really stop to enjoy it
and take pictures I had to I had to find a suitable spot to get my Bivvy bag set up
and I found a great wee spot which had a good enough view north but I also
enjoyed views down the length of Glencoe I could also see the Buachaille
behind me it wasn’t a bad spot to spend the night well it’s dusk now and it’s beautiful
what a wee spot I’ve got here usually as I said I usually camp on the other side because
the views are better but I want a view north tonight although there is quite a bit of
cloud cover at the moment which means the reason I’m here we can North may be
a may not matter anyway it’s beautiful looking and I can still see down Glencoe there and you can see behind me that The Buachaille standing proud over the head of Glen Etive and Glence over there you’ll not be able to see it behind me
I’ve got the black water reservoir and this is where the devil staircase comes
up drops down towards Kinlochleven and what have you, what spot there’s a couple of
deer I startled when I came over here and there’s no wind at the moment it’s
lovely so i’m bivvying again i think this might
be the last bivvy that i do have really gotten to this report back again and
this is just as I said before this Bivvy bag is just a cheap one from an army
surplus store and when I was away with the Ray last weekend the
compensation was unbelievable , it didn’t stop me sleeping but it was certainly
damp in the morning, anyway we’ll enjoy the last rays of light and then hope I can
sleep under the stars again fantastic it’s lovely it’s just a bit dark now you
can probably see behind me Buachaille Etive Mor it really is this is lovely
there’s no wind at the moment the forecast is for the wind to pick up
hopefully that will move some of these clouds away at the moment there’s
no chance of any stars but I was checking the Met Office and it says 7:30
no and it was suggested by but may in the skies should be clear but I’ve been
perfectly honest with you so quickly it’s going to clear and it’s nearly I
don’t know not half an hour with pitch dark but you might still be able to make
out the silhouette of Buachaille Etive Mor behind me or Stob Dearg of Buachaille Etive Mor and that’s providing I’m not sure which sequences of vlogs will
come out but you may already have seen and the Bivvy I did on the top of that which was fantastic and I never got a starry night that evening so
that was made up for last week with Ray, who knows but that was fantastic
good only only hope but I was gonna have a wonder about here and yeah probably
get some I’ve got a sandwich I’ve not brought any a jet boil also don’t like
just just to reduce the faff so it’s just a sandwich to name so I’m just going to
enjoy the last last wee bit of light before it gets pitch black well I’ve been waiting for a good
couple hours it’s about 21.30 now and you’ll not be able to see in the
camera but the skys starting to clear me I can see some stars sparkling above me
there’s still a bit of cloud over there to the north so I’m hoping that it’s gonna
clear but I just spent the last few hours well had to bite to eat , cecked my phone! its
great got full signal here and I’ve been taking some pictures down the Glen and
I could see from those pictures on the horizon that the cloud was starting to
shifty eastwards and there was a clear band just starting to move in so I think
that’s was allowing the stars to appear here there’s still some cloud over the hills
over to the north so I’m hoping that’s going to clear as well so maybe take some take
some more shots play a bit with the camera before hitting the sack but it’s
it’s quite nice there’s no wind here it’s lovely I think the winds to pick
up as I said earlier through the name I just really hope but what I’m really
hoping for is some Aurora, last night there was a strong storm and the the
forecast suggested it might last into tonight and have been here too many
times there although too much short of a hold OTO actual but it’s not going to
happen but you never know i liberate the camera and if it clears to the north and
mate you never know I might get lucky and get some shorts and fight I think
one of the first teams that camped up here I got a faint I had water first
time I’d seen it Wow robbers I went or camp many moons ago house it was good
fun so I’m gonna door around put the camera off I have video would and switch
it to taking some photographs and see if I can get some shorts of the stars or
spent a few hours taking pictures but the cloud wasn’t cluding enough together
clear clear sky for the starry shots and there’s a few shots over there you can
see somebody’s headlight and the top of Ben Nevis and what have you, so yeah after
after playing about for a while I think I decided it was time to hit the hay and
get wrapped up into my Bivvy bag and my sleeping bag that is its 2.30 and as you can see, I am in my Bivvy bag and its lovely actually that’s hardly any anyone any noise or
for some friends it was a retail yeah aerodrome but the body died but just on
the about 100 meters in there on the ridge of the moon and when I showed my
head torch over I just saw about 50 or 60 psi is looking at me well maybe not
that many that maybe see 20 or 30 we’re all sitting it’s obviously a herd of deer
yes yeah sad time for the knee and they’re just keeping a steady eye and me
every time I look over these piers eyes watering it’s a bit disconcerting I
thought it could be but like the VA Houdini’s Star Wars because you can’t
see anything apart from these old alright
something you may know what torn the veil of people were thinking what the
hell is he talking about so I’m ready to go sleep now I’m gonna
keep my camera next to me just in case I wake up and this guy’s clearest there’s
been no Aurora there’s too much cloud in the sky every now and again the the stars come on oh yeah it’s still a bit
too much clooud for the little bit you know what it’s really been agrand wee
evening so I’m gonna set the alarm nice and early and yes see what happens at sunrise and
then head back down the road so for the moment – night night…….. one of the major
advantages of bivvying out is that well you’re sleeping outside and
after about half an hour I woke up and I looked above me and the skies had
cleared and they were really starry so I pulled myself it was my warm sleeping
bag and got the tripod set up and took some pictures and it was just
magnificent I was offered a good fewers enjoying the Milky Way and the stars after spending much of the night taking
pictures of the starry skies and gazing skyward eventually fell into a deep
sleep and started to wake early in the morning t fin that the cloud had come
in and there wasn’t going to be much of a sunrise that’s a seven o’clock sunrise
I think sunrise is a bit no actually but as forecast , in fact the forecast got it spot on there’s a, well I dont know if you can see that
just a big cloud is clearly a big cloud covering the whole sky surprisingly
enough ….. I suppose a bit of an update , I am not sure if you will have just seen
some pictures or not but what are they I think just before I went to bed
initially I thought I bit the camera and I said that was a wee bit of cloud and the
stars were coming in going it wasn’t too bad anyway just after that ten minutes
after that I was lying in the bed and one of the advantages of being in
the bivvy actually had I been in the tent they were to go back to the tent
and wouldn’t been able to see the sky and we slept it would all cannot dose in
yeah doesn’t see that many stars but my god never got another oh there was no
water last night at all but the cloud completely cleared there was no moon
which I knew about and the sky was amazing I thought why she was good but
tonight are the Milky Way was right above me and I actually was stretching
right over down towards claim cool and over to be cool which is over there so I
took some photographs I’m wait and see it’s very hard to see if this cover on
the back of the camera screen witzy I’m really hoping that you’ve seen some more
if not if you’ve not seen them up to the screen now up I’m just gonna snow but by god it was a starry night It was lovely anyway, at the moment I can see the cloud it down over he Mamores and is covering the top of The Buachaille
starting to get a bit cloudy so there’s no point hanging about we’ll
have some breakfast in bed isten beard lovely and then I’m gonna
wanna get crack thunder sir there’s a Bivvy bag this as I said before so it’s
the cheap one it’s actually there’s no condensation in it today it’s actually
worked quite good so slight quit well Quinn join these buddies other thing
this might be the last one I think I’m gonna go back to the T in the next thing
just would wake up once or twice quit cold because I got shot Elizabeth II and
I move around and expose myself to the wooden door called gates and it can be
quick also able to shop get some breakfast and start thinking about
heading back off the hole must also see it get healed or Stags
all night they’ve been bailing but let me too bad hey some food let’s do a
final piece to camera there and the battery dies so perfect even that’s
booth bodies and that I’m recordin oh hey what we’ve seen was yeah just struck
camp no and yeah everything with the owner suspense which been fantastic
absolutely beautiful that respective of the cloudy skies it’s warm it’s just
still quite atmospheric I’m glad I’m on the summer of benek release because it’s
clearly up there yeah what have you taper head back to the car and get into
the woods so I’m told me Eckstein Stacey from there and thanks for watching
great let’s go you

  • Another superb video, I've seen the Milky Way after staying in Glencoe Village a few years ago, love your channel Murray.

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    When there is no light pollution from towns and cityโ€™s you see so many more stars .

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    Food for thought. Do you inform mountain rescue or any authorities when overnighting?

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  • You should check out a portable sky tracker,( I use the ioptron skyguider pro ). There are others.
    They take milky way shots to a whole new level there light, easy to set up and you will get around 4/5 mins exposures each and at a much lower iso.

  • Fabulous again Murray. I used to have a double hooped goretex bivvy from a brand called mountain range. It was utterly brilliant, spacious for a bivy too. I wish they still made them as they were unsurpassed compared to anything else Iโ€™ve ever seen, almost tent like, but bombproof and no condensation. The company went defunct unfortunately.

  • Brilliant Murray ๐Ÿ‘ The shots you got at night was absolutely fantastic..I'm now guessing Glencoe is your favourite go to place and I don't blame you..I've just come back from here
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  • Iโ€™ve just discovered your channel and felt I needed to comment. What fantastic video production. You make it really easy to watch. My main walking hunting ground has been Snowdonia, peaks and lakes, but I now think I need to venture further north! You have a great way of narrating the videos and obviously spend a lot of time on your camera work. Iโ€™m going to work my way through your videos. Can I ask what you are using for audio? Separate voice recorder or wireless link to the cam?

  • Great video. Were you not worried about the deer walking on you? Camped in a wee spot by the river years ago and some hill ponies got far too close for comfort and caught in a guy line. Was worried it was going to panic and trample me.Felt i hardly slept a wink all night. Think I would have been very nervous in a bivvy with stags around. Well done.

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  • There is no marked way on the top of the hill, but I think it is easy to go. You have the downmat outside the bivouac sack, I would be afraid that it would fly away.

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