Birth Stones vs. Zodiac Stones (February 7, 2012)

There’s a difference between
birth stones and zodiac stones. So birth- stones, you know, we’re mostly familiar
with. They go by the month and they’re all a little bit different. You know, things
like Ruby, Diamond, Emerald, and Sapphire. And birth stones were actually created in the
1920’s by the American Jewelers Association. It has a means of stimulating the American populus to buy these
very expensive gemstones. Which is pretty interesting. Whereas zodiac stones are a little bit more accurate. Now Zodiac stones typically have a correspondence to the
planet that rules over our zodiac sign, and they don’t go by the exact
month – but they actually go by the dates of the zodiac signs. And you’ll find that
there is quite a bit of overlap between birth stones and zodiac stones because the
American Jewelers Associaton created the birth stones. They wanted to create the
appearance that there really was a historical connection there. So they did
pull a lot of the same stones from the zodiac stones, but you’ll see they’ve
replaced several with much more expensive versions.

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